UiPath and airSlate Team Up to Accelerate the Growth of Small Businesses as Fully Automated Businesses

UiPath & airSlate | May 17, 2022

UiPath and airSlate Team Up
UiPath and airSlate announced a partnership to empower individuals and small businesses to create, innovate, and automate to digitally transform their organizations to run faster, easier, and more efficiently. UiPath is a leading enterprise automation software company, and airSlate is a fast-growing automation company.

More than 10,000 organizations, including many of the world's major enterprises and government bodies, have used the UiPath automation platform. Together, the two organizations think they can increase the possibilities available to small businesses seeking to become totally automated.

Both UiPath and airSlate think there is a tremendous possibility to eliminate menial tasks and supplement small company employees with software robots that increase customer service and staff satisfaction.

This partnership with airSlate will help UiPath's objective to develop a new layer in the business IT stack - the automation layer, which will sit on top of current systems and infrastructure and automate tedious human tasks.

 "Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy. airSlate's impressive and efficient marketing model can rapidly attract global businesses worldwide. Through our collaboration, we will be able to enhance the automation potential for fast growing businesses, providing capabilities that can help smaller companies become large, more successful enterprises faster."

-Dhruv Asher, UiPath Senior Vice President for Alliances and Business Development

This week, airSlate developed and released a new connection with UiPath that enables users to include automated document workflows into their UiPath operations.
  • Generate documents and forms using data from UiPath and several other systems
  • Send documents via automated procedures for signature and approval
  • Collect information and return it to UiPath


Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. They're the ones creating jobs, driving innovation, and building our communities. But in today's fast-paced, digital world, it can be tough for these businesses to stay competitive."

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