TeamingPro Teams With SAIC to Serve as a Small Business Network Acceleration Technology Partner

TeamingPro | November 03, 2021

TeamingPro today announced that it has teamed with Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), a premier Fortune 500® technology integrator, to help SAIC accelerate growth within its small business network. TeamingPro is a technology platform designed to help companies within the government services market connect, partner, and grow.

"Strong small business partnerships with both suppliers and subcontractors are critical to serving SAIC's customers in the federal marketplace," said Rita Brooks, Small Business Program Director at SAIC. "We are proud of our longstanding commitment to partnering with small businesses in the government services space and look forward to working with TeamingPro to continue to strengthen and grow our small business network."

Small businesses play an essential role in the federal contracting ecosystem, strengthening the supply chain and supporting dynamic customer requirements across the government. TeamingPro was founded to help increase the number of small businesses participating in the federal market with technology solutions that simplify and improve how established firms identify and partner with sub-contractors.

"When a small business new to the government services market can work with a large and dynamic business like SAIC, they have a trusted partner to help navigate the complex hurdles that success within the federal market requires. TeamingPro is helping more small business owners connect with firms like SAIC that offer robust small business mentorship programs to help diversify and increase the number of small businesses serving government customers."

Tim Hagerty, president and CEO, TeamingPro

TeamingPro's innovative technology platform helps federal contractors discover and connect with the right companies serving the federal market. With a built-in CRM, TeamingPro is designed to simplify and improve the tracking, organization, and growth of profitable teaming relationships. The user-friendly, subscription-based service delivers simple search functionality to help companies quickly vet potential teaming partners using both public and private data. Standardized outreach and tracking tools powered by automation help reduce the time and expense required to grow a company's partner network. Quick reporting tools help prime contractors better report on small business relationships.

SAIC's Small Business Program, led by Rita Brooks, is dedicated to identifying and partnering with a variety of diverse businesses across the country, including small disadvantaged, women-owned, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) firms and historically black colleges and universities (HBCU)/minority serving institutions (MSI).

About TeamingPro
TeamingPro is a subscription-based technology platform designed to help companies discover and connect with the right partners in the federal market to accelerate growth of profitable business relationships. The technology company helps small businesses enter the federal contracting space by connecting with prime contractors and facilitates established companies as they grow their small business network.


Expanding your business overseas? Have international clients? Either way, understanding each region’s varying business etiquette is key to closing a successful deal or working with a global client.

Other News

Switcher, Inc. Launches Shopify Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses to Drive Video Commerce Sales through Shoppable Livestreams

Switcher, Inc. | June 10, 2022

Switcher, Inc. (Switcher), a leading content creation and video production software company trusted by customers across the globe, announced the launch of Cartr by Switcher Studio, a Shopify app that seamlessly integrates Shopify products with Switcher Studio’s iOS app to create branded shoppable livestreams on Facebook. This unique solution enables customers to easily add products to their online shopping cart by simply commenting on the livestream. Once a customer has selected an item from the livestream, Cartr, a chatbot, will deploy and request specifics in terms of size, color, and quantity. This technology takes video from a marketing tactic to a sales strategy and creates a new revenue stream for small and mid-sized businesses. Since the company’s founding in 2014, Switcher Studio has been helping small businesses and individuals create, edit, and share video content in a professional, polished manner without the need to invest in expensive technology and equipment. As live selling continues to grow in popularity, small and mid-sized businesses are looking for ways to tap into this new sales channel to not only drive revenue but expand their customer base by reaching new audiences on social media. “Our goal at Switcher is to change the way video gets made and empower small and mid-sized businesses to take ownership of creating video that drives sales, With live selling expected to generate $35 billion in sales by 2024, we wanted to create a video commerce solution that generates revenue, creates repeat buyers, and empowers small business owners to have the tools they need to compete with national and international brands.” -Nick Mattingly, CEO and Co-Founder, Switcher Studio Cartr simplifies the live selling process by allowing businesses to connect Switcher to their Shopify store to effortlessly manage inventory for their shoppable streams and deliver a seamless customer experience every time an in-stream purchase is made. Small and mid-sized businesses that use Cartr will benefit from: Selling live from iOS devices: Retailers can create branded shoppable livestreams for Facebook with just a few taps on their iPhone or iPad in the Switcher iOS app. No complicated technology or technical experts are needed. Simplifying Facebook Live shopping: Viewers can quickly and easily express their interest in a product right on Facebook during a livestream by commenting to add it to their cart in real time. Cartr helps customers finalize their orders via Facebook DM and then directs shoppers to the businesses’ secure checkout page within their Shopify store, allowing the customer relationship to stay between the buyer and seller. Streamlining inventory management: Retailers will decide which Shopify product collections they’d like to promote during their Facebook livestream, and Cartr and Shopify will manage inventory in one location, eliminating the hassle of multiple product catalogs. “Our business has been live selling since early 2021, We have been amazed by how easy the new Cartr app in Shopify makes live selling for boutique owners like us. Cartr makes it quicker to set up and integrate product collections from Shopify, with products magically showing up when we are ready to go live! When viewers comment on our Facebook Live Shopping events, the Cartr chatbot makes checkout so simple. We expect our customer base and sales to grow even further with Cartr. Live selling is a new sales channel that we are excited to continue investing in.” -Britney Renbarger, Owner of Pink Tag. Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform developed for entrepreneurs to start, manage, or grow their businesses. Shopify serves creators and merchants in more than 175 countries and provides the building blocks needed to succeed in video commerce. To utilize the Cartr chatbot and create collections of products to use in your videos, businesses will need to have an existing Shopify store and install the Cartr plugin from the Shopify app store. Merchants will then start streaming live video to their Facebook Business Page using the companion app, Switcher Studio. The Switcher Studio iOS app can be accessed from the Apple App Store. Businesses will need an iOS device (iPhone or iPad). For additional support or resources, please visit the Switcher Studio Help Center. To see a live demo of Cartr by Switcher Studio, tune into Switcher’s Facebook and YouTube livestream on June 7, 2022, at 1 p.m. EDT. About Switcher, Inc. and Switcher Studio Founded in 2014, Switcher, Inc. helps creators and businesses produce videos more easily and affordably through its multicamera production software, Switcher Studio. Switcher Studio lets users sync multiple iOS devices to capture video content from many perspectives—to tell stories, showcase products, and more. And its real-time video editing features to ensure that content is dynamic and polished. Plus, Switcher's integrations with streaming platforms and video conferencing tools allow creators and brands to reach their communities nearly anywhere. The tech startup, based in Louisville, Kentucky, and Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, employs 40+ team members. For more information, visit or download the Switcher Studio app.

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Exela Technologies launches ExelaPay™ to provide payment acquiring and processing services, acquires Corduro®

Exela Technologies | March 15, 2022

Exela Technologies, Inc. (“Exela” or “the Company”), a global business process automation (BPA) leader, announced today its launch of ExelaPay, entering the market as a 3rd party payment processor with the acquisition of all operating assets of Corduro, Inc., an omni-channel, full-stack processing, commerce, and engagement platform. Corduro delivers integrated payments, pay-by-link, intelligent routing, and digital wallet capabilities, enabling any size organization to transform their business into a seamless commerce solution to reach customers anywhere, anytime. Corduro provides scalable payment processing and business management solutions for SAAS, franchises, billers, merchants, and ISV’s. Its customers include one of the largest networks of hospitals in the country and both large enterprises and SMBs across healthcare, retail, education and NPOs. Corduro was founded in 2008 by Robert Ziegler, who will lead the ExelaPay business unit, a seasoned payments executive with multiple patents and over 22 years in technology and payments. “I’m excited to be part of the Exela family and the Company’s digital payments expansion,” said Robert Ziegler, “By combining the Corduro platform with XBP, we can offer an end-to-end emerging payment network, bridging client’s existing investments with the future of our omni-channel payment solutions, increasing client engagement and driving digital transformation.” The acquisition of Corduro provides Exela with essential technology and talent to provide payment acquiring and processing services across Exela’s XBP network. ExelaPay can now insource processing fees across any transaction type, including capturing a significant portion of credit card fees with market rates based on a percentage of the transaction value. “We are excited to expand our XBP capabilities with the acquisition of Corduro and the launch of ExelaPay. We can now serve as a complete payment processing solution, providing the lowest total transaction cost for any payment type when customers consolidate to us as a one-stop-shop. And for Exela, capturing a greater share of processing fees within the trillions of dollars of payments we touch could have monumental impact to our revenue model.” Matt Brown, global head of business strategy at Exela Technologies About Exela Technologies Exela Technologies is a business process automation (BPA) leader, leveraging a global footprint and proprietary technology to provide digital transformation solutions enhancing quality, productivity, and end-user experience. With decades of experience operating mission-critical processes, Exela serves a growing roster of more than 4,000 customers throughout 50 countries, including 60% of the Fortune® 100. Utilizing foundational technologies spanning information management, workflow automation, and integrated communications, Exela’s software and services include multi-industry, departmental solution suites addressing finance and accounting, human capital management, and legal management, as well as industry-specific solutions for banking, healthcare, insurance, and the public sector. Through cloud-enabled platforms, built on a configurable stack of automation modules, and over 17,000 employees operating in 23 countries, Exela rapidly deploys integrated technology and operations as an end-to-end digital journey partner. About Corduro Corduro combines Square’s mobile device and cardcase capabilities with the reach of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Corduro’s enterprise platform provides a complete Payments as a Service (PaaS) framework, supporting mobile, online and point of sale (POS) terminals. Unlike Square, which is designed for small merchants and casual use, Corduro takes a mobile first approach that provides enterprise grade support for organizations of all sizes anywhere in the world, giving Corduro a huge addressable market.

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SetSchedule Announces New Innovative App Tools for Small Businesses

SetSchedule | December 18, 2021

SetSchedule, a technology company that has had great success in the real estate business development space, is releasing an update to its app. This update will add onto the app’s current features, and is set to be a place where entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can network, market their business, and collaborate on projects with other professionals from any industry. “I’m extremely excited to challenge and disrupt an industry of social networks that produce a lot of garbage content and non valuable connections for professionals. Tie that with the newly created software as a service tools, I believe SetSchedule is positioned to grow very fast and support solopreneurs in a totally new innovative way." CEO Roy Dekel, SetSchedule Features such as “Ask the Pro” allows users to ask questions geared towards certain professions to connect qualified professionals. By having users select areas of professional expertise this will connect users with experts that are outside of their personal network. The “Broadcast” feature is meant for users to conduct digital marketing locally by selecting a geographic area and geo targeted location, connecting solopreneurs with their target audience.. The Irvine based company has experienced rapid growth, going from under 50 to over 200 employees, winning numerous awards, and has been featured on the INC 5000 for three consecutive years. About SetSchedule: SetSchedule is an American technology company which disrupts the real estate industry by leveraging SAAS and consumer cloud communication products, artificial intelligence, and autonomous business flow applications to eliminate the struggle behind establishing a connection. SetSchedule's goal is to innovate the real estate industry with cutting-edge tools that allow for better connections, easier communication and stronger relationships between consumers and their local experts.

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Mibanco Uses FICO Platform to Expand Microlending and Help Customers

Mibanco | March 21, 2022

Mibanco, the largest microfinance bank in both Peru and Latin America, has used FICO Platform’s Decisions Capability to boost its lending capacity and respond quickly to changing market conditions during the pandemic. The transformational project has reduced the time taken to put policy into production by 90 percent and cut annual IT development expenditure by 20 percent, allowing Mibanco to better serve thousands of its customers. “Mibanco’s goal is to expand access to credit for the unbanked or credit invisible,” said Sebastián Valera, risk transformation manager at Mibanco. “Annually we grant about 1.6 million loans worth about USD$3.7B to hundreds of thousands of people. These loans are often life-changing, allowing individuals to build businesses, access housing and education. We were seeking a tool with predictive analytic qualities that would accelerate and increase approvals, while qualifying consumers better, even the unbanked ones. FICO had the strongest offering that filled the brief.” Prior to the implementation, the entire credit flow, including the policies and various scores, was developed within the bank's core system. This meant when any lending changes were needed, software development within the core was required. “It could take anywhere between 3 to 12 months whenever credit risk wanted to make a change,” said Valera. “Requests went to IT, meetings were held, changes were prioritized by committee, technical documents prepared, development, testing and so on. As a result, we were lacking the agility we wanted and failing to extend microcredit to the largest number of consumers possible.” Mibanco needed to adopt a solution to make more precise, value-based decisions at the origination stage, enabling them to grow more profitable portfolios while managing customer-level risk. Mibanco implemented FICO’s technology in two stages. The first was to enable FICO® Platform - Decision Modeler to be connected directly to the core system, where the flow would be maintained. The second was to replace the core credit flow, used FICO® Originations Solution which is powered by FICO Platform. Over just six months, FICO worked with the Mibanco team to examine, adjust and migrate all the policies programmed into FICO Platform. Group policies were also added that could not be programmed in the past and by January 2020, 28 policies were put into production just as COVID-19 started to spread around the world. When the pandemic arrived, Mibanco was able to react quickly by having a highly flexible originations solution in place. The risk team rescheduled and froze repayments for USD$2.4 billion in loans to 720,000 borrowers and assisted approximately 267,000 customers with USD$785M of credit through government-sponsored programs to the MyPe segment (micros and small companies). Additionally, COVID forced Mibanco to adjust credit policies and the different scores it uses. Thanks to FICO Platform, Mibanco can make quick changes and assist its customers while ensuring that risk keeps within the company’s guidelines. “Lenders want to expand their market to include more new borrowers, but this segment of applicants poses a significant challenge to a lender’s ability to assess character, credit risk and verify the credit destination. Mibanco has modernized its ability to originate loans by harnessing the analytic and predictive power of FICO Platform. Financial inclusion has been a foundational area of focus for FICO and a key part of our ethos. We get great satisfaction out of helping lenders like Mibanco expand their offering to hundreds of thousands and bring them into the financial system.” Nikhil Behl chief marketing officer at FICO “Mibanco did a great job optimizing their decisioning process to drive more automation,” said Armando Junior, general manager, risk and compliance at Dock and one of the FICO Decisions Awards judges. “With an increased adoption of advance technology in microfinancing, lenders can reduce the operational costs and expand lending to thousands more people and at the same time grow their own revenue and opportunities in the market.” About Mibanco Mibanco is the leading microfinance financial institution in Latin America and the second largest player worldwide. In Peru, Mibanco has 23 years of experience working with the purpose of transforming people's lives, committed to their financial inclusion and progress. It has a loan portfolio of more than USD 3 billion, close to 1.6 million customers and more than 300 points of service throughout Peru. About FICO FICO powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 200 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and growth for businesses in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, health care, retail and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in more than 120 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to helping people get credit, to ensuring that millions of airplanes and rental cars are in the right place at the right time.

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Expanding your business overseas? Have international clients? Either way, understanding each region’s varying business etiquette is key to closing a successful deal or working with a global client.