Survey Finds Pandemic to Affect Small Businesses over the next 12-16 Months

Veem | May 13, 2020

  • Eighty-one percent of small U.S. companies surveyed by Veem expect the new coronavirus pandemic to affect their business over the next 12-16 months.

  • Of the 690 firms surveyed, 65% said they had either submitted an application for the federal aid or planned to do so in the near future.

  • The Small Business Administration has so far approved more than 2.5 million loans totaling $536 billion.

Eighty-one percent of small U.S. companies surveyed by Veem, a global payments network, expect the new coronavirus pandemic to affect their business over the next 12-16 months, and nearly 90% are bracing for an economic slowdown, the company said Monday.

San Francisco-based Veem, which helped thousands of small companies apply for loans under the federal government’s $660 billion emergency Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), said small businesses were moving quickly to adapt to the changing climate.

Of the 690 firms surveyed, 65% said they had either submitted an application for the federal aid or planned to do so in the near future, Veem said in its first report on the sentiment among small to mid-sized businesses.

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The Small Business Administration has so far approved more than 2.5 million loans totaling $536 billion, it said Friday.

The U.S. economy - the largest in the world - has been particularly hard hit by widespread shutdowns aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. U.S. government data on Friday showed the unemployment rate surging to 14.7% last month. The White House said joblessness could hit 20% in May.

The crisis was having a mixed impact on small businesses, said Veem chief executive Marwan Forzley, with some companies struggling to survive, while others benefited as their businesses were deemed essential or they switched to working online.

When you look at the data, there’s surprising resiliency with these small and mid-sized businesses. Despite all the uncertainty, they’re trying to make changes in their businesses, to ... either benefit from the situation or repurpose their business so that they’re not as badly impacted

- Marwan Forzley, Chief Executive, Veem.

Nearly 70% of the companies surveyed cited some uncertainty about the U.S. economy in 2020, and 55% said they had already experienced some significant impact to revenue.

About 30% of the companies were more optimistic, suggesting that some industries were better positioned to thrive in the current environment, Forzley said, citing online retailers and other e-commerce businesses.

More than half of the companies reported moderate to high supply-chain disruptions as a result of factory shutdowns, border restrictions and industry-wide furloughs, and more than one third said they were now setting up regional supply chains or rapidly pivoting their supply chain to make needed supplies.

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Nearly one-quarter of the companies were investing in new technology or aligning their information technology systems.

Liquidity remained a “key pain point”, the survey showed, with 52% of companies cutting operational costs and 59% applying for loans, the survey showed. Only 13% said they had not taken any measures to prepare for a slowdown.

Nearly 54% of the companies said they were freezing hiring and 23% were downsizing staff, but nearly 18% said they planned to increase staff training and support.

About Veem

Veem is a global payments network trusted by small businesses around the world. We let businesses pay their vendors, suppliers and contractors anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-use service. Using our proprietary multi-rail technology, businesses can send or receive money in a click, track their payments end-to-end, and even connect to their favorite accounting software – Quickbooks, Xero, or NetSuite.


The value of social media depends on how effectively you interact with your customers online. Spewing out marketing messages will turn customers away. Building your brand through conversation, exclusive content, and contests, on the other hand, will encourage customers to engage with you and will solidify your brand’s worth in their minds.

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Foxquilt | April 20, 2022

Foxquilt, a leading North American insurtech focused on empowering small businesses with customized insurance products uniquely matched to their needs, announced the launch of a new eCommerce insurance product. Business owners will be able to secure coverage tailored to their specific needs, entirely online, on their own time and at better prices than they are used to. Foxquilt's eCommerce product is evolving insurance to meet the needs of the modern small business owner by providing an easy, all-online solution specifically designed to help new and existing e-commerce business owners quickly access insurance and fulfill compliance needs. Until now, the average eCommerce business was met with trepidation if US sales volumes were high or if they were a dropshipper who sold products from overseas. Foxquilt's new offering provides reliable coverage no matter the percent of US sales or where the products come from. Not to mention the improved affordability of this product, starting at $500 annually. The pandemic vastly accelerated the rise of eCommerce as the primary channel for shopping, and businesses have evolved to meet this new need. As such, more small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to eCommerce and online marketplaces to meet customers where they are, changing the landscape in direct-to-consumer buying behaviors. With this shift, large eCommerce marketplaces such as Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon, now require sellers to purchase their own insurance policies. "Innovating insurance solutions for our small business customers has always been the epitome of our business at Foxquilt. That's why we're proud to introduce this new product offering to ensure that eCommerce business owners can secure insurance online and on-demand while protecting them from exposures where they trade." Mark Morissette, CEO and Co-founder of Foxquilt Foxquilt affords small business owners in over 500 professions to quote, buy and instantly receive their business insurance online. This is more efficient and cost-effective than other solutions available in the market. The company is committed to building technology that empowers small business owners, enabling them to have more control of their insurance buying experience, instead of being restricted to long wait times, extensive paperwork and a lack of autonomy. Foxquilt's business insurance products are specifically built to support business owners' entire insurance journey online, while providing a tailored, customized product. The platform is complemented by unique data and machine learning underwriting infrastructure, that suggests coverages based on a user's individual profile. As a North American insurance provider, Foxquilt is looking forward to launching the eCommerce product within the US later this year. Foxquilt also has leading partnerships and is excited to expand this roster with eCommerce marketplaces and online stores to provide top-quality coverage and a slick experience. About Foxquilt Foxquilt is a leading North American Insurance technology company focused on providing small businesses insurance. Foxquilt develops, underwrites and distributes a complete line of its own commercial insurance products in the United States and Canada. The company uses a combination of data analytics and artificial intelligence to recommend the best insurance coverage and price to meet the individual needs of its small business customers.

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BayFirst Financial Corp. Launches LoanBud, a Nationwide Lender Focused on Serving the Self-Employed

LoanBud | April 21, 2022

BayFirst Financial Corp. announced that First Home Bank (d/b/a BayFirst Bank), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has launched LoanBud, a lending division designed specifically to serve self-employed homebuyers and small business owners across the U.S. LoanBud provides the option to qualify for a mortgage loan without tax returns and underwrites each self-employed borrower's income before providing a pre-approval letter. LoanBud also offers government-backed Small Business Administration (SBA) loans up to $5 million – making it a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners looking to get the home and business financing they require. This division is the first of its kind for the Bank as it combines both residential and small business lending services, creating synergy between two typically separate lines of business. “As a nationwide lender focused on assisting those facing unnecessary challenges in their pursuit of financing, we are proud to now provide a comprehensive solution for self-employed individuals looking to buy a home or grow their business,” said Anthony N. Leo, CEO of BayFirst. “When it comes to residential mortgages, lenders don't thoroughly review self-employment income documentation up front and many self-employed homebuyers who receive a pre-approval letter are later denied a mortgage. As the future of work changes, more homebuyers are being impacted by lenders who base mortgage approval on tax returns only. LoanBud is proud to serve as a residential mortgage lender that gives self-employed homebuyers the tools and resources to make smart homebuying decisions and secure a mortgage, while also supporting their businesses through SBA lending.” More than one in three workers, 53 million people, are part of America’s independent workforce, according to a study from UpWork. In a new survey from LoanBud conducted by Pollfish, 53% of self-employed home buyers reported having trouble securing mortgage approval because of tax return requirements, with 63% saying they wished lenders offered additional qualification options. In addition, half of the survey respondents received pre-approval from a lender based on self-employment income information that was later denied. “LoanBud is solving two major problems for self-employed homebuyers seeking a mortgage. First, we offer the option to qualify using bank statements or 1099s instead of tax returns. Second, whether they use tax returns or alternative documentation, we underwrite each applicant’s income up front, giving our customers confidence that their loan will close once they find a home to purchase.” Burke Purcell, Director of LoanBud Business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs face unique challenges seeking approval for a home loan because most banks still qualify people based on the net income reported on tax returns after deductions and write-offs. LoanBud offers more mortgage options, including qualifying using bank statements or 1099s instead of tax returns. Its lenders are trained to understand the income of self-employed borrowers seeking assistance with buying a home or obtaining a small business loan, saving them time and money. The launch of LoanBud further solidifies First Home Bank’s commitment to serving every member of the community as it positions the Bank to better support a wide range – and growing number – of self-employed professionals who might otherwise be denied access to the capital they need to realize the dream of home and business ownership. About LoanBud LoanBud is a division of First Home Bank. LoanBud’s mission is to become the number one lender in the country for self-employed people by providing mortgages and SBA-backed loans to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. About BayFirst Financial Corp. BayFirst Financial Corp. (f/k/a First Home Bancorp, Inc.) is a registered bank holding company which commenced operations on September 1, 2000. Its primary source of income is from its wholly owned subsidiary, First Home Bank d/b/a BayFirst Bank, which commenced business operations on February 12, 1999. First Home Bank is a Federal Reserve member and a state-chartered banking institution. The Bank operates seven full-service office locations, 23 mortgage loan production offices and is in the top 25 by dollar volume and by number of units originated nationwide through the second quarter ended March 31, 2022, of SBA's 2022 fiscal year. BayFirst Financial Corp., through the Bank, offers a broad range of commercial and consumer banking services including various types of deposit accounts and loans for businesses and individuals. As of December 31, 2021, BayFirst Financial Corp. had $917.10 million in total assets.

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Crossroads Systems to Acquire Leading Small Business Lender, Fountainhead

Crossroads Systems Inc. | December 17, 2021

Crossroads Systems, Inc., a holding company focused on investing in businesses that promote economic vitality and community development, announced today that it has reached an agreement in principle to acquire Fountainhead, a leading national, non-bank, direct commercial lender specializing in business financing for small to midsize businesses. Founded by some of the most experienced and accomplished Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders in the industry, Fountainhead finances the growth of small business borrowers, in addition to working with referral partners at community banks, credit unions, and others through their industry-leading referral program. The Fountainhead team has collectively been involved in financing over $28 billion in total projects throughout their careers by providing SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and low loan-to-value (LTV) conventional loans across all 50 states and US territories. Fountainhead's SBA products provide capital to deserving small businesses through the SBA 7(a) program. Additionally, their SBA 504 and conventional loan programs provide low leveraged loan opportunities with up to 65% LTV first lien commercial real estate loans on owner-occupied/operated properties. Over the past nearly two years, Fountainhead has also operated at the forefront of providing aid to support America's small businesses through the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) effort. Since the inception of the program, Fountainhead has closed and funded nearly 300,000 PPP loans, becoming the nation's sixth most active PPP lender in 2021 alone. "Our acquisition of Fountainhead, a national SBA and major PPP lender, allows us to further diversify our small business product mix and offer more financing solutions to even more deserving businesses across the country. This combination, when added to our existing partnerships with Enhanced Capital Group and Rise Line Business Credit, two other leading nationwide lending firms, will enable us to capture additional SBA loan business which fit perfectly within our growing pipeline of small business opportunities. On behalf of our entire organization, I'd like to formally welcome Fountainhead to the Crossroads family." Eric Donnelly, CEO of Crossroads Fountainhead Founder and CEO, Chris Hurn added: "We could not have found a better partner to help us expand our mission of providing the smartest, fastest financing possible to owners of every well-run small to mid-sized business in America. We're looking forward to working alongside the Crossroads team over the coming months and years to make that a reality." This agreement was unanimously approved by the members of both Crossroads' and Fountainhead's Boards of Directors. The deal remains subject to the consent of and final approval by the SBA and is expected to close in the first half of 2022. Additional terms have not been disclosed. Fountainhead is one of only 14 nonbank lenders approved to make SBA 7(a) loans under its Small Business Lending Company (SBLC) license. Additionally, Fountainhead has one of SBA's Preferred Lender Partner (PLP) designations, which roughly 10% of participating SBA lenders earn. The PLP is the highest level of approval and status that a lender can hold, offering full delegation of lending authority. About Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads Systems, Inc. is a holding company focused on investing in businesses that promote economic vitality and community development. Crossroads' subsidiary, Capital Plus Financial (CPF), is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Certified B-Corp, which supports Hispanic homeownership with a long-term, fixed-rate single-family mortgage product. About Fountainhead Fountainhead SBF and Fountainhead Commercial Capital (collectively, "Fountainhead") is a nationwide, non-bank, direct lender specializing in the SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and low LTV (<65%) conventional commercial real estate loans.

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TECHNOLOGY Announces Acquisition of Grove Technologies | June 23, 2022, a leading managed IT services provider, announced today the acquisition of Grove Technologies, a high-performing IT Service Provider based in the DC Metro Area. Founded by Jon Brown in 2014, Grove has grown to be a staple name in providing services to Apple-integrated and cybersecurity-focused small businesses. “Partnering with Jon Brown and the Grove Technologies Team will improve our ability to bring Interlaced’s world-class IT services to innovative and fast-growing SMBs in the DC Market. We’re excited about the strong Mac-focus and cybersecurity expertise the Grove team brings to the table. I look forward to seeing our combined capabilities serving both Grove and Interlaced clients, current and future,” -Jeff Gaines, President of Grove will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand with close collaboration and mutual support with Interlaced. This acquisition serves to deepen the technical and non-technical capabilities available to both Grove and Interlaced clients across the country. Jon Brown, Founder of Grove, will remain on staff and continue to oversee the DC Market, and the rest of the team at Grove Technologies will remain in their current roles servicing Grove’s innovative group of clients. This new partnership is going to help us continue to grow and provide world-class IT support services to our clients. We’re really excited to be backed by such a well established team and brand that can help take Grove Technologies to the next level, said Brown. About Interlaced Interlaced was founded in 2009 with the goal of transforming how small businesses leverage Apple Technology. Since then, Interlaced has grown into a modern MSP, adding capabilities and expertise in both Apple and PC management, project management, cloud, security, and mobile device management. In 2018, Interlaced joined the Evergreen Services Group portfolio and joined the Executech Family of Companies in November of 2019. In October of 2021, Interlaced acquired Three18 Inc., a Los Angeles based MSP. The acquisition of Grove Technologies represents the second acquisition Interlaced has completed in recent months. To learn more about Interlaced, visit About Grove Grove Technologies was started in 2014 out of a desire to provide amazing Apple-focused IT support services to the Washington DC area. What set Grove apart early on was its client-focused approach to IT support, offering outsourced IT made easy. Grove’s approach to IT is to match the right technology solutions for our clients’ needs. In 2020 Channel Futures ranked Grove Technologies the #17th best IT Service Provider nationwide and in 2021, Grove was ranked #6 on its IT Companies to watch via the Channel Futures NextGen 101 list. To learn more about Grove Technologies and our core offerings check out our website at

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The value of social media depends on how effectively you interact with your customers online. Spewing out marketing messages will turn customers away. Building your brand through conversation, exclusive content, and contests, on the other hand, will encourage customers to engage with you and will solidify your brand’s worth in their minds.