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Rogers for Business Launches New Solutions for Small Businesses

Today, Rogers for Business is introducing Advantage MobilityTM and Advantage SecurityTM, two new answers for small and medium-sized endeavors (SMEs), intended to give extra network and security highlights when they need it most. With the current climate driving a higher interest for availability arrangements, more SMEs than any other time in recent memory are hoping to build their interests in innovation, with 70% of small businesses overviewed revealing that the pandemic has quickened the requirement for their business to go advanced.

“Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our country, and the pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on these companies. With these Advantage solutions, Rogers for Business is leveraging our diverse set of assets to be there for Canadian SMEs through their digital transformation,” says Dean Prevost, President, Connected Home and Rogers for Business. “Providing intuitive solutions that are easy to deploy will promote technology adoption among small businesses and give them the tools to drive innovation and grow their business.”

Connectivity and security solutions to keep SMEs moving

Advantage MobilityTM keeps groups associated and beneficial with an Unlimited Data plan and Rogers Business InternetTM. This arrangement offers adaptability and unsurprising expenses with no overage information charges on Canada's generally trusted and most solid remote network.2 Additionally, this group incorporates Rogers Business Internet with all day, every day specialized help from committed business trained professionals.

Advantage SecurityTM is a cloud-based arrangement that permits small and medium-sized businesses to guard their organization from dangers while offering the capacity to redo network access and channel the kinds of Internet content clients can burn-through. With digital assaults on the ascent in Canada, small and medium-sized businesses are frequently the objective. Advantage SecurityTM likewise accompanies Virtual Private Network (VPN) availability that permits distant representatives to get to business documents securely over a protected association, which has demonstrated to be basic as numerous Canadians keep on working distantly.

Canadian SMEs have since quite a while ago put innovation top on their rundown of territories to improve, and COVID has quickened that need for interest in innovation and availability. Businesses of all sizes require to guarantee that they're incorporating network and security into their arranging, to be ready for the unforeseen. As SMEs look forward, unmistakably they should adjust to an advancing computerized scene, with the availability and security that workers, accomplices and clients need.

About Rogers

Rogers is a proud Canadian company dedicated to making more possible for Canadians each and every day. Our founder, Ted Rogers, purchased his first radio station, CHFI, in 1960. We have grown to become a leading technology, sports and media company that strives to provide the very best in wireless, residential, sports, and media to Canadians and Canadian businesses. Our shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI).


Other News

Tarci's New Dynamic Data Suite Transforms Foodservice SMB Strategies

Tarci | September 15, 2023

Tarci, a leading continuous intelligence platform that generates dynamic SMB data, has recently introduced the Tarci for Foodservice data suite. This cutting-edge new series of dynamic data modules is crafted to empower enterprises that cater to SMBs in the food service sector with insights to optimize their sales, marketing, risk management, and client retention strategies. By integrating precise and up-to-date SMB profiles with industry-specific data-driven insights, Tarci provides invaluable support to food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, enabling them to proactively identify both opportunities and potential risks among their current and prospective clients. Within the Tarci for Foodservice suite, the following data modules are presently available: Restaurant with Emerging Needs: New and emerging SMBs engaged in preparing food for immediate consumption. Food & Beverage Retailers: New and emerging specialty food, grocery, and convenience retailers. Licensed Establishments: New and growing SMBs that offer alcohol for on-premise consumption. SMBs with Refreshment Needs: Growing SMBs with 50 or more on-site employees who may be interested in enhancing workplace experiences by offering refreshment perks. Foodservice Risk Management: Enhanced credit term decisions by augmenting existing SMB profiles with business stability, growth, or decline indicators. Tarci's continuous intelligence engine draws from a diverse array of external data sources to craft dynamic SMB profiles, which are updated on a weekly basis. What sets Tarci apart is its proactive approach; it not only monitors these profiles for changes but also analyzes them for emerging trends. This distinctive methodology in parsing and interpreting SMB data accurately mirrors the dynamic nature of the marketplace. With Tarci, clients can seize opportunities and respond to changes in real-time. Tarci's Co-Founder and CEO, Leetal Gruper, commented, With the launch of Tarci for Foodservice, we address the churn challenges in the Foodservice industry. Our real-time insights and dynamic data modules empower businesses to adapt, thrive, and build lasting client relationships with the right SMBs, offering stability and growth in an industry where change is constant. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] About Tarci Tarci is a prominent, continuous intelligence platform that generates dynamic SMB data. Employing a cutting-edge continuous intelligence engine, Tarci consistently collects, analyzes, and translates an extensive array of signals sourced from diverse outlets, effectively transforming vast datasets into actionable insights. The company's impact is felt prominently across customer-facing teams within Fortune 200 corporations, spanning leading financial institutions, insurance entities, and enterprises catering to small and mid-size businesses. Tarci garners support from esteemed backers, including Sound Ventures, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and strategic investors.

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Fingercheck Strengthens Small Business Processes at IncredibleBank

Fingercheck | October 12, 2023

Fingercheck, a prominent automated payroll and HR solutions provider has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with IncredibleBank to fundamentally transform the landscape for small businesses. Through this collaborative effort, Fingercheck is poised to grant small businesses seamless access to its leading platform, offering invaluable guidance throughout their growth journey. This partnership introduces modern payroll and HR solutions for business owners, including the introduction of 'Pay On-Demand,' a product that offers earned wage access for improved financial flexibility. As a strategic ally of IncredibleBank, Fingercheck occupies a unique position in enhancing the payroll, HR, and employee management processes for IncredibleBank's small business clientele. Leveraging its extensive experience in servicing over 5,000 businesses, Fingercheck brings to the table a wealth of knowledge as a mature fintech company, providing an intuitive user interface and robust functionality. The Fingercheck-IncredibleBank partnership represents a significant milestone in reshaping the financial services landscape for small businesses. By pooling their expertise, these two industry leaders are charting the course for a new era marked by seamless and efficient payroll, HR, and banking solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of small and medium-sized businesses. About Fingercheck Fingercheck is a leading firm at the forefront of providing payroll and HR solutions, with a core mission of simplifying the lives of small business owners. The company alleviates the stress and time-consuming tasks associated with payroll and HR management, including tax compliance. Leveraging advanced AI and automation technology, Fingercheck streamlines processes, saving valuable time and resources so that small businesses can direct their energies toward growth. Furthermore, the company's team is dedicated to delivering top-tier support, taking the time to comprehend each business's unique needs and providing tailored solutions to expedite internal processes, making them both efficient and precise. About IncredibleBank IncredibleBank, initially established in 1967 as River Valley Bank with a single location in Rothschild, WI, has since expanded to 15 locations across Wisconsin and Michigan, with a new branch set to open in Florida in 2023. The bank has deep roots in community banking and has been recognized as one of America's Most Innovative Banks by the Independent Community Bankers of America. IncredibleBank is committed to staying at the forefront of banking technology, with the primary goal of offering the best and simplest banking experience for customers nationwide.

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Cultivate Advisors Launches Free Online Tool to Measure the Value, Health, and Exit Readiness of Small Businesses

Business Wire | October 17, 2023

Cultivate Advisors, one of North America's largest small business advisory firms, launched a new, free online tool to assess the value, health, and exit readiness of small businesses. Business Value & Health Assessment evaluates six key areas of a company, from financials to productivity, identifying the 20 most vital value drivers that make up its current worth, while revealing opportunities and gaps that impact valuation. "One thing we've learned advising thousands of entrepreneurs is that when you build a company with an exit in mind, you not only maximize its value, but it also becomes much easier to run," said Cultivate Advisors CEO Casey Clark. "Most businesses don't know their current value," noted Raincatcher CEO Jason Thomas. "Cultivate’s Business Value & Health Assessment pulls back the curtain on a business's worth and, more importantly, what its potential value would be if the owner focused on a few key areas. It's changing the game on how owners can quickly identify ways to grow and build equity in their businesses." Taking 15 minutes, owners answer questions on their enterprise's financials, sales, marketing, leadership, recruiting, and productivity. Once completed, they receive a 25-page comprehensive report on its current worth and potential value, pulled from a database of more than 77,000 recent U.S. public and private M&A transactions. Analysis includes a value multiplier per industry and a complete health assessment with value acceleration strategies. A two-hour free consultation with an advisor from Cultivate, specializing in the business's challenges, is available to review findings and create a detailed 5-year roadmap to growth, scalability, and exit-readiness. According to the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), nearly 50% of all business exits are involuntary and forced by dramatic external factors, and 79% have no plan. "Knowing your company's value is a number all owners should have. More critical is understanding the path to a higher valuation and what makes that number grow or fall," said EPI President Scott Snider. "Cultivate's new tool lets owners easily understand where their company is today and where it could go by showcasing its strengths, risks, and value gap, allowing them to make immediate adjustments that bring higher profits short-term and increased value long-term. It's a great starting point for anyone interested in building a stronger company." "We love that Cultivate Advisors leads with value when they work with owners," said Newity SVP of Business Services Frank Dowie. "This tool uncovers one of the biggest blind spots for any owner: What their business is currently worth and what it could be worth by simply pulling a few important levers." ABOUT CULTIVATE ADVISORS Cultivate Advisors, an affiliate of Cultivate Brands, the business and financial operations advising powerhouse comprised of Cultivate Advisors, Breakwater Accounting, and Performance Platform, is one of North America's largest small business skill development and coaching firms. Built with a team of entrepreneurial-minded advisors with firsthand experience running successful companies, Cultivate has helped thousands of owners in 160+ industries scale, grow, and become exit-ready, with those working with the firm 12+ months growing on average 43% in top-line revenue and 65% in bottom-line profit year-over-year. In 2023, Cultivate made the Inc. 5000 for the fifth consecutive year and Inc.’s Best Workplaces list. CEO Casey Clark was also recognized with the American Business Awards’ Gold Stevie for Best Entrepreneur.

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Nav Revolutionizes SMB Finance with Innovative Platform and Card

Nav Technologies, Inc. | September 13, 2023

On September 12, 2023, Nav, a leading fintech company specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), unveiled its latest offerings, Nav Prime, along with the Nav Prime Card for small businesses. For Nav, the launch of Nav Prime represents a natural evolution of its financial health platform. Nav distinguishes itself by being the only platform that provides small businesses with a transparent overview of their financing options and pre-qualification insights before they apply. By consolidating credit and financial data from SMBs, Nav aligns their financing eligibility with its network, which comprises over 160 diverse financial products and providers. In this year alone, Nav has facilitated access to financing and funding for more than 100,000 small businesses. Nav Prime emerges as a fully integrated financial management solution tailored for contemporary small businesses. Covering aspects from cash flow monitoring to business credit reporting, banking, deposits, and business card solutions, Nav Prime empowers businesses to streamline both their financial management and enhancement efforts, all within a single platform. Furthermore, the introduction of Nav Prime includes an industry-first innovation, the Nav Prime Card, a business credit-building charge card specifically designed for the SMB sector. Notably, the Nav Prime Card boasts no annual fees and does not necessitate a personal guarantee, thereby preserving users' personal credit ratings. This innovative card also reports spending activities to all three major commercial credit bureaus, allowing users to potentially boost their business credit scores by simply utilizing the card for everyday expenditures. Another distinctive feature of the Nav Prime Card is its flexibility in linking to any pre-existing business checking account of the user's choice, including Nav's own. This sets it apart from other corporate card and expense management fintech solutions that have previously targeted the SMB market. With Nav Prime, Nav has established itself as the singular destination where businesses can enhance their financing eligibility, evaluate the impacts of their actions, and seamlessly access their most advantageous financial options—all within a unified platform. Nav provides invaluable data and insights crucial to a business owner's financial well-being, including their borrowing capacity. For the first time, SMBs gain transparency into their best financing choices and rates, facilitating informed decisions about lenders and funding types that align with their specific business needs. Greg Ott, Chief Executive Officer at Nav, commented, Small business owners have been left in the dark in terms of knowing how lenders see their business. Nav Prime and the unique Nav Prime charge card gives owners a new tool to improve their business' financial qualifications by making their everyday transactions help build their business credit score, and ultimately lead to better working capital options. [Source: PR Newswire] Historically, the fintech industry has often overlooked small businesses, or they have been catered to solely in favorable, low-interest-rate environments. Recent interest rate hikes have prompted several fintech companies to withdraw abruptly from the small business sector, placing the survival of these Main Street businesses at risk. Many of these businesses possess strong creditworthiness with substantial revenue and cash reserves. Nav addresses this gap by empowering small business borrowers to view the same information that lenders see before they seek financing opportunities. This not only improves the likelihood of loan approvals but also reduces the risk of negatively impacting their business credit ratings with major commercial credit bureaus, such as Experian and Equifax. About Nav Nav is a leading fintech company specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses. It is uniquely positioned as the sole platform that seamlessly integrates financial and credit data to offer small businesses clear insights, expert guidance, and streamlined access to an extensive portfolio of over 100 diverse financing options. The company holds a remarkable track record of assisting over 2 million small businesses in enhancing their financial health and securing vital funding. It leverages authentic business data to precisely align qualifications, empowering small business proprietors to effortlessly identify the most suitable loans, credit cards, banking solutions, and other essential business services tailored to their precise requirements. Nav's exceptional financial health platform provides an integrated view of cash flow and credit insights alongside personalized financing choices, serving as the exclusive destination where small business owners can ascertain their pre-qualification status before initiating the application process.

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