PrestigPEO Announces Acquisition of Advantage Personnel Resources, LLC

PrestigPEO Announces Acquisition of Advantage Personnel
PrestigePEO, the leading professional employer organization (PEOs), announced the acquisition of Advantage Personnel Resources, LLC (APR). APR, a PEO serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout Florida and Georgia, offers various human resources services, payroll administration, employee benefits, and workers' compensation around the clock.

With more than 20 years of history, Gainesville, Fla.-based APR employs a team of seasoned experts with extensive HR and business administration knowledge to support its small business clientele. This deep understanding of SMBs personnel needs, an in-depth business operational expertise and a strong PEO broker network positions APR well within PrestigePEO's growing family of brands.

PrestigePEO and APR offer a plethora of essential HR benefits and alternatives to health insurance brokers and their clients. PrestigePEO and APR will work together to maintain the same high levels of client assistance and support while building new partnerships throughout the broker community.

As a result of the APR acquisition, PrestigePEO will be able to place additional emphasis on serving SMBs throughout the southern U.S., including Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. Furthermore, PrestigePEO brings APR and its clients with state-of-the-art technology and processes, providing them access to a wide range of services such as employee benefits from national insurance carriers, dedicated HR support teams, 401k alternatives and other offerings.

APR is PrestigePEO's third acquisition in the last 18 months. Before APR, PrestigePEO extended its service and support offerings and geographic reach by acquiring two more renowned PEOs, PathGoal Employer Services of Raleigh, N.C., and Sunrise, Florida-based StaffLink Outsourcing in August 2021 and January 2022, respectively.

About PrestigePEO

Founded in 1998, PrestigePEO helps small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) simplify HR by providing end-to-end support for payroll administration, employee benefits management, workers' compliance, HR guidance, and more. PrestigePEO offers a full spectrum of HR services and solutions to help SMBs minimize employee benefit costs and administrative workloads and manage critical HR functions by merging the power of industry-leading customer service with innovative technology options. It is the recipient of Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), a PEO company's highest level of accreditation and gold standard for PEO best practices and financial reliability.


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Lenders Cooperative Unveils Game-Changing Offer for ABA Members

Lenders Cooperative | October 09, 2023

Lenders Cooperative has recently introduced an exceptional benefit exclusively for members of the American Bankers Association, designed to transform small business lending. In response to the evolving requirements of financial institutions nationwide, Lenders Cooperative has unveiled an advanced Loan Origination System (LOS) specifically tailored for small business lending, encompassing both Conventional and SBA lending. This dynamic workflow platform has been instrumental in empowering community and regional banks across the country over the past few years, equipping them with the automation and efficiencies needed to compete effectively in today's dynamic lending landscape. ABA members are entitled to substantial cost savings on the cutting-edge Small Business Loan Origination System (LOS) paired with the Turnkey Back Office Labor Solution (LSP). Lenders Cooperative extends the privilege of no implementation fees and per-unit pricing to ABA members for both the LOS and LSP offerings. Key highlights of Lenders Cooperative's LOS and LSP offerings for ABA members encompass: Cutting-edge LOS Platform for Small Business Lending: Crafted with small business lending as its primary focus, the LOS platform ensures that financial institutions can efficiently oversee the entire loan origination process. Its user-friendly interface and robust data analytics capabilities make it a valuable tool for bankers seeking to deliver exceptional service to their small business clients while streamlining internal operations. Furthermore, fifteen distinct third-party vendors, each contributing to the execution of essential workflow tasks, have already been integrated, enabling banks to implement and go live with minimal development resources. No Platform Implementation Fees and Per Unit Pricing for ABA Members: ABA Members stand to save significant amounts on implementation expenses and can enjoy per unit pricing, ensuring a swift return on investment with the very first loan processed. Support for Conventional & SBA Loan Products: The platform offers comprehensive support for both Conventional and SBA Loans, accommodating a wide range of lending needs. This flexibility empowers banks to cater to businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Comprehensive 1071 Reporting Package: With the imminent 1071 regulatory requirements, the platform includes a complete 1071 Package, ensuring that banks remain compliant with upcoming mandates and alleviating the reporting burden on financial institutions. Turnkey Back Office Labor Solution: In addition to the LOS, banks will also benefit from a turnkey back-office labor partnership capable of providing invaluable assistance in loan processing. This staff augmentation model enables banks to scale their business lines without incurring additional personnel costs. For the next 12 months, every ABA member contracting with Lenders Cooperative's Loan Origination System will have the full implementation and setup fee waived. This exclusive offering underscores the unwavering commitment of both ABA and Lenders Cooperative to support and empower ABA members as they navigate the evolving landscape of small business lending. About Lenders Cooperative Lenders Cooperative comprises a community of over 140 forward-thinking banking institutions. These institutions harness best-in-class loan origination software in conjunction with shared services encompassing credit underwriting, SBA LSP support, bank operations, and white-labeled call center assistance. The Cooperative's offerings, crafted and upheld by seasoned bankers, provide clients access to a profound knowledge repository, the opportunity to exchange optimal methodologies and direct involvement in steering the advancement and execution of innovative technologies.

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Small Retailers Boost Profits with Sustainable Return Strategies

Software Advice | November 07, 2023

Small and midsize retail businesses (SMBs) are grappling with a challenging confluence of factors: a rise in product returns and escalating consumer demands for eco-friendly practices. Establishing a sustainable returns process has become paramount for recouping expenses and retaining customers. According to Software Advice's 2023 Retail Returns and Sustainability Strategies Survey, a remarkable 93% of SMB retailers place sustainability at the forefront of their approach to managing customer returns, with 58% identifying inventory cost optimization as a tangible advantage of their existing returns procedures. To enhance their returns strategies, SMBs have adopted a diverse set of tactics, including logistics and packaging: A noteworthy 59% of SMB retailers are now utilizing environmentally friendly logistics, up from 43% in the previous year. The percentage of SMB retailers collaborating with third-party specialists to handle product returns has surged to 49%, a substantial increase from the 31% reported in 2022. Right-sized packaging is embraced by 63% of these businesses, and 55% opt for recyclable or reusable shipping containers. Smaller retailers are increasingly acknowledging the potential of returned products, if properly assessed, can be resold or recycled, thus reducing waste and recuperating some of the lost sales. In fact, recycling is deemed a top action in managing returned items by 51% of retail SMBs, followed closely by repackaging and refurbishing. Thanks to these measures, 35% state that they can recover over half of the cost of a returned product. In addition to cost recovery, an efficient and eco-conscious returns process can boost a retailer's market standing. This year, 41% of retail SMBs report that their current returns process has heightened their competitiveness in the marketplace. An impressive 64% note a substantial increase in customer satisfaction stemming from their current returns process, a significant uptick from the 35% reported in 2022. However, while sustainability endeavors are closely linked to customer satisfaction, 63% of SMB retailers concede that their company's actions do not align with their public messaging—a notable increase from the 46% recorded in 2022. To avert the disparity between actual efforts and messaging, it is crucial to effectively monitor the reverse logistics process. Leveraging technology such as point-of-sale systems, inventory management software, and business intelligence tools can furnish the transparency necessary to ensure alignment. About Software Advice Software Advice, established in 2005, simplifies the software procurement process by providing personalized guidance and industry-specific insights to help buyers identify the most suitable software solutions in as little as 15 minutes, all at no cost. The company has assisted over 950,000 businesses in finding the right software to meet their unique needs. With a repository of over 2 million verified user reviews, Software Advice empowers individuals to make confident technology decisions.

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Cloudinary Empowers SMBs with AI-Enhanced Digital Asset Management

Cloudinary | September 22, 2023

Cloudinary, a renowned image and video platform, has recently unveiled an addition to its asset management suite with the launch of Cloudinary Nexus. This digital asset management (DAM) solution is explicitly tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Available immediately, Cloudinary Nexus offers both free and premium options. This AI-powered solution empowers SMBs and teams with enterprise-grade capabilities, making it effortless for them to connect, explore, and optimize their digital assets, all while streamlining their branding efforts with minimal time and complexity. Drawing upon the strengths of Cloudinary's acclaimed DAM solution designed for enterprise clientele, known as Cloudinary Assets, Nexus equips smaller brands with the ability to automate essential yet time-consuming tasks associated with asset management. Nexus incorporates advanced AI functionalities and automation to handle tasks like metadata tagging and file format and size optimization. This ensures that teams can dedicate more of their time to more rewarding and high-impact activities. Nexus places significant emphasis on user-friendliness and accessibility, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of teams and individuals. With features such as generative AI, Studio, collections, smart search, and auto-tagging, Nexus equips users with all the tools necessary to unlock the full potential of their images and videos. It enables users to: Instantly Prepare Images and Videos: Users can effortlessly adapt designs, resize, and fine-tune assets in bulk within seconds. The inclusion of subject-aware AI enables the generation of new assets, while readily available creative presets facilitate the creation of multiple variations from a single master asset. Transform User-Generated Content into Brand-Ready Assets: AI and automation simplify the task of moderating, managing, and approving user uploads, requiring minimal to no effort. Facilitate Seamless and Effective Collaboration: By controlling file visibility through custom user roles and permissions, Nexus enhances productivity. Users can collaborate seamlessly with other contributors, teams, and partners, simplifying asset handovers. Instantly Organize and Discover Assets: The automatic addition of tags and metadata, including colors, faces, and objects, improves asset discoverability. An AI-driven visual search feature provides highly accurate and personalized search results. Effortless Setup: Nexus offers easy visual content import and integration with existing storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox, ensuring a smooth transition. About Cloudinary Cloudinary is a leading image and video technology platform that empowers the world's most engaging brands to deliver transformative visual experiences on a global scale. Consisting of a user base of over 1.5 million and serving more than 10,000 esteemed customers, including Bleacher Report, Apartment Therapy, Bombas, NBC, Grubhub, Mediavine, Paul Smith, Minted, and Peloton, Cloudinary is the trusted choice for bringing campaigns, applications, and websites to life. With unrivaled image and video APIs, supported by cutting-edge AI and patented technology, Cloudinary provides brands with a singular source of truth to effectively manage, transform, optimize, and seamlessly deliver visual experiences at scale.

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Fingercheck Strengthens Small Business Processes at IncredibleBank

Fingercheck | October 12, 2023

Fingercheck, a prominent automated payroll and HR solutions provider has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with IncredibleBank to fundamentally transform the landscape for small businesses. Through this collaborative effort, Fingercheck is poised to grant small businesses seamless access to its leading platform, offering invaluable guidance throughout their growth journey. This partnership introduces modern payroll and HR solutions for business owners, including the introduction of 'Pay On-Demand,' a product that offers earned wage access for improved financial flexibility. As a strategic ally of IncredibleBank, Fingercheck occupies a unique position in enhancing the payroll, HR, and employee management processes for IncredibleBank's small business clientele. Leveraging its extensive experience in servicing over 5,000 businesses, Fingercheck brings to the table a wealth of knowledge as a mature fintech company, providing an intuitive user interface and robust functionality. The Fingercheck-IncredibleBank partnership represents a significant milestone in reshaping the financial services landscape for small businesses. By pooling their expertise, these two industry leaders are charting the course for a new era marked by seamless and efficient payroll, HR, and banking solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of small and medium-sized businesses. About Fingercheck Fingercheck is a leading firm at the forefront of providing payroll and HR solutions, with a core mission of simplifying the lives of small business owners. The company alleviates the stress and time-consuming tasks associated with payroll and HR management, including tax compliance. Leveraging advanced AI and automation technology, Fingercheck streamlines processes, saving valuable time and resources so that small businesses can direct their energies toward growth. Furthermore, the company's team is dedicated to delivering top-tier support, taking the time to comprehend each business's unique needs and providing tailored solutions to expedite internal processes, making them both efficient and precise. About IncredibleBank IncredibleBank, initially established in 1967 as River Valley Bank with a single location in Rothschild, WI, has since expanded to 15 locations across Wisconsin and Michigan, with a new branch set to open in Florida in 2023. The bank has deep roots in community banking and has been recognized as one of America's Most Innovative Banks by the Independent Community Bankers of America. IncredibleBank is committed to staying at the forefront of banking technology, with the primary goal of offering the best and simplest banking experience for customers nationwide.

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