Panoply by SQream Announces Launch of Flex Connector to Easily Consolidate Business Data

Panoply by SQream Announces Launch of Flex Connector to

SQream, the number one data analytics acceleration platform for massive data sets, announced today that their no-code ELT and analytics platform Panoply has launched 'Flex Connector,' a custom API data pipeline built to connect with almost every API service. This provides flexibility to users' data stack and decreases cost and complexity by eliminating the need for third-party tools in many use cases. The Flex Connector makes it easier than ever for users to collect all of their business data - from CRMs, user applications, and other tools - into one single source.

Previously, Panoply users have had access to all of Panoply's pre-built managed data connectors (now called Snap Connectors), which enable users to connect to many popular data sources and begin syncing their data in just a few clicks.

With the Flex Connector, users can sync data from nearly any API service, open to both GET and POST methods with raw or graphQL inputs. This opens the Panoply platform up to a multitude of additional data sources that don't have a Snap Connector. The addition better facilitates the analytics process and enables greater flexibility within the platform by supporting other key data source connections including RestAPI and GraphQL, thus covering the full spectrum of data sources necessary for seamless data warehouse setup. Within minutes, even non-technical users can start syncing data. This makes data warehouse vendor selection easier by providing a more comprehensive platform and gives companies with multiple data sources looking for data warehousing and ELT a more cost-effective solution, particularly those who use proprietary or uncommon systems that aren't included in many popular ELT tools.

"This exciting launch of Flex Connector allows our customers to build out their data analytics even faster and more efficiently. Complete and comprehensive data is key to meaningful business insights," said Ittai Bareket, GM of SQream Americas and Panoply. "While other ELT tools in the industry connect a number of data sources, Flex Connector users can connect to any data source with a RestAPI using GET, POST or GraphQL API calls—, essentially allowing Panoply to connect to nearly any data source on the market."

The new feature will now be accessible to anyone within the Panoply platform. On the Lite tier, customers will have self-service access to build and manage their own Flex connectors. On other tiers, the Panoply support team will provide support and management of Flex Connectors. Fine-tuning data through the ETL process greatly benefits both small and large-scale businesses, and the integration of Flex alongside Snap Connectors to the Panoply platform ensures that this process is scalable, efficient and cost effective.

About Panoply by SQream

Panoply offers managed data warehousing and data connectors that help users unlock business intelligence without the pain of complex pipeline management or time-consuming data warehouse configuration. It is a product line of SQream, a data analytics company that makes it possible to ask bigger questions of extremely large, complicated data sets. With no off-limits questions, analysts get unprecedented new insights at exceptional speed. With SQream, you can finally ask those bigger questions – on prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. This is why organizations ranging from fast-growth startups to Fortune 100s all rely on SQream. Ask bigger.™


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