LegalZoom Curates Network of Small Business Service Providers, Inc. | November 08, 2021, Inc., a leading online platform for legal, compliance and tax solutions, has developed a curated, robust partner ecosystem of complementary, best-in-class services that provide small businesses with the right tools and services to manage and grow their business.

Research conducted by LegalZoom shows that at the time of formation, among many vital services, 91% of new small businesses do not have payroll; 85% need payment processing solution; and 85% need a business banking account. As a trusted advocate for its customers, the LegalZoom partner ecosystem makes it easier for small business owners to select the right services for their particular needs at the appropriate time. Recent small business service providers that have partnered with LegalZoom on this initiative include Brex, Intuit QuickBooks and Square.

“As the leading provider of business formation services, LegalZoom is typically the first resource its small business customers interact with,” said LegalZoom CEO Dan Wernikoff. “Given our unique position at business formation, our customers come to trust us, and look to us for guidance beyond legal services. To meet these needs, we are partnering with premier small business brands that make it faster and easier for small businesses to discover the services they need to run their businesses."

Currently, through LegalZoom’s partners, small business owners can gain access, significant discounts and the ability to sign-up through a simplified process to:

  • Brex: Business accounts, with access to FDIC insurance through partner banks, and a linked credit card that allows business owners to build business credit with no personal guarantee, no fees, and no interest. With a focus on e-commerce small businesses, Brex offers best-in-market cash back, higher limits and flexible float terms, and instant access to capital needed to grow. Brex also offers free ACH, wires, and checks.
  • Intuit QuickBooks: Access to the QuickBooks suite of market-leading accounting, payroll and payments products that help small businesses grow.
  • Square: Best-in-class point-of-sale (POS) payments and versatile operations management tools for merchants of all types and sizes.

In addition to LegalZoom customers receiving preferential pricing on the partners’ services, in many cases the partner platform will provide a simplified sign-up to LegalZoom’s legal, compliance and tax solutions to their customers.

“The partners in our ecosystem were hand-picked because they share our commitment to help small business grow and thrive. They focus on the customer-first, have complementary business models and value partnerships as a critical business growth lever. That’s what makes this ecosystem a win-win-win for LegalZoom, our partners, and small business owners.”

Kathy Tsitovich, chief partnerships officer at LegalZoom

LegalZoom will continue to expand its partnership ecosystem to provide small business owners easy and seamless ways to obtain essential business services. 

About LegalZoom
LegalZoom is a leading online platform for legal and compliance solutions in the United States that is on a mission to democratize law. LegalZoom operates across all 50 states and over 3,000 counties in the United States and has more than 20 years of experience navigating complex regulations and simplifying the legal and compliance process for its customers. Driven by its core value that every business deserves the full protection of the legal system and a simple way to stay compliant with it, LegalZoom helps its customers form and protect their businesses, their ideas and families. In 2020, 10% of all new LLCs and 5% of all new corporations in the United States were formed through LegalZoom, enabling small business owners to apply their energy and passion to their businesses instead of the legal and regulatory complexity required to operate them. In addition to business formations, LegalZoom offers ongoing compliance and tax advice, trademark and copyright filings and estate planning documents to protect small businesses and the families that create them.


Business Plan: How to write a business plan for a small business. How to write a business plan for a small business. how to write a business plan step by step. If you are new you business you must need a Business Plan to get success in your business.

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Tailwind Acquires, Adding AI Capability to Help Marketers Break Writer's Block + Write Better Copy

Tailwind | March 31, 2022

Tailwind, a leading small business marketing software platform, has acquired, a software platform that helps marketers generate custom replies and content with AI, in order to expand its team, products and customer base. joins Tailwind as the company's 6th acquisition to-date. Tailwind is backed by Pilot Growth Equity out of San Francisco and New York. As the Tailwind team explored opportunities to help users create AI-driven marketing copy, Replier surfaced as a strong partnership candidate. However, as the two teams came to know each other better, they recognized an opportunity to create greater value for small businesses by joining forces. "Tailwind is committed to helping small business owners accomplish their marketing effectively and easily." Tailwind Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Maloney "The copywriting power of is truly remarkable. We can't wait to incorporate that functionality across the Tailwind marketing system to empower our members to put their best foot forward in all of their content." Replier's vision to help small businesses generate high-quality customized content using AI-driven technology complements Tailwind's strategy to make world-class marketing easy for everyone. With this shared vision Tailwind will be one step closer to offering a complete marketing suite that helps small business owners take control of their marketing in less time. "For a company whose members are as diverse as ours, being able to tailor AI to the specific needs of each customer's brand is critical - but also a meaningful technical challenge," says Will Washburn, Tailwind VP of Engineering. "The team had made great strides in that direction and we're excited to work together to fully realize that vision." About Tailwind Launched in 2015, Tailwind is a leading small business marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs, creators, sellers and marketers plan, create and execute world-class marketing campaigns across digital marketing platforms including Email marketing, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind is rapidly shifting the status quo that marketers should expect from marketing software by integrating what would normally be separate stand alone tools into one cohesive system, with the goal of enabling small businesses to be effective omni-channel marketers within their unique needs.

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Slice Adds Remodeling Contractors to Small Business General Liability Insurance Coverage

Slice | April 04, 2022

Slice Labs Inc. (Slice), a technology company with the first on-demand insurance platform, announced the addition of remodeling contractors to the covered classes under the AERO Insurance brand. Agents can now quote, bind and issue for 70 different classes in 42 states + D.C. In the fall of 2021, Slice and Appalachian Underwriters partnered on the development and distribution of Contractors General Liability Insurance via the new brand AERO Insurance. Data from the first quarter of 2022 continues to show tremendous growth with 46% month-over-month growth. “With remodelers being such a large group of the contractors industry, we’re very pleased to offer coverage. Not only do we want agents to have the best digital experience, we want them to be able to have access to the widest set of coverage, including hard to place coverage.” Tim Atta, founder and CEO of Slice Labs About Slice Labs Slice Labs Inc. is building the future of insurance by enabling insurers, MGAs, and technology platforms to build intelligent and intuitive, on-demand digital insurance products via Slice’s cloud-based platform. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in New York City, Slice has been consistently recognized as an insurance and technology leader by industry publications, awards, and Tier 1 publications. About Appalachian Underwriters, Inc Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. (AUI) offers a leading insurance wholesale brokerage outlet for agents looking to bring their clients a broad selection of quality products. AUI is a Nationwide MGA that specializes in Workers'​ Compensation, Commercial Specialty, and Personal Lines products. The company also offers a brokerage unit that expands their product offering beyond their Managed Programs and allows them to place large specialized risks. AUI’s “one–stop” approach affords the convenience of dealing with one sales and administration staff, while gaining access to a wide range of high quality companies. Appalachian Underwriters is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acrisure.

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New digital growth partnership to spotlight ecommerce success for UK startups

Outfund, Diginius | June 14, 2021

The UK’s largest ecommerce investor and a leading digital insights specialist have joined forces to help accelerate business transition online. And the news comes at a time when firms across all sectors are seeking to capitalise on the rapid growth of online sales and marketing, with the UK e-commerce market projected to reach over £80.67bn in 2021. Upstart Outfund has partnered with Diginius, a London-based technology company, who specialise in digital marketing and ecommerce solutions, which has already acquired big brand attention with the likes of Dreams, Thomas Lyte and Skinny Dip onboard. And with the latest ONS figures for April indicating a strong continued demand for online sales, the new venture seems well placed to solidify business’ reputation in an increasingly competitive ecommerce sphere: “We’re delighted to be joining forces with Outfund,” said Diginius CEO Nate Burke. “Today’s digital market is booming, but it’s an ever more saturated landscape that needs to deliver a unique differentiator and a genuine chance for skilled startups to succeed. “What this partnership enables is for firms to not only to get the financial support they need, but also the real-time insight and perspective on which marketplaces are performing successfully, and which present the most avenues for growth, all tailored to the individual needs of the client and their sector.” Outfund, which has already helped deliver growth for the likes of Onto and The Vegan Kind, two firms in increasingly popular spheres of electric car and vegan food subscriptions, recently announced an £100m commitment to ecommerce and subscription-based firms over the next 12 months. The business has already raised over £37m, delivering a service that helps online businesses accelerate their online activities without giving away equity. And with Diginius partnership now sealed, Outfund CEO Daniel Lipinski believes more firms can look to make their mark on the ecommerce landscape: “Outfund and Diginius both provide critical services for e-commerce and SaaS companies - funding and PPC/analytics respectively. “Whilst almost all businesses will require these services throughout their existence, in most instances it is done so in isolation. “Through our partnership with Diginius, we are combining our funding with their analytics expertise so that these areas work synonymously, with the ultimate goal of driving our shared client’s growth to new heights.” With data integration and support across all major marketing and advertising platforms, Diginius empowers organisations to achieve maximum impact from their online sales and activities. For more information, visit Further details on Outfund can be found at

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River City Federal Credit Union Enhances Small Business Lending for Financially Underserved, Supported by Compliance Systems, Hawthorn River and IMM

Compliance Systems | May 11, 2022

Compliance Systems, the financial industry’s leading provider of modern digital and dynamic compliance documentation, announced that River City Federal Credit Union has selected Compliance Systems to automate and streamline its lending processes with embedded compliance. Compliance Systems is working with Hawthorn River and IMM to provide the credit union with a digital-first banking platform at no cost for its employees and members, including local businesses and community organizations.San Antonio, TX-based River City FCU is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and is a designated Juntos Avanzamos credit union. The organization is committed to providing safe, affordable financial services and products to everyone, including communities that have been historically underserved and are financially vulnerable. During the pandemic, River City FCU identified a gap in small-business lending in financially underserved communities and sought to provide a more inclusive process. “Like many financial institutions in our community, we have passed along small business lending opportunities because we didn’t have the compliance capabilities to process loan transactions, As financial institutions increasingly focus on serving the underserved, they must consider investing in technology to address the needs of small businesses. By partnering with Compliance Systems, Hawthorn River and IMM, we are now able to stand behind our mission of 'people helping people,' providing seamless access to loans to the most vulnerable businesses in our community.” -Jeff Ivey, president and CEO of River City FCU. With help from Compliance Systems, the credit union now has the technology to automate compliance processes for business lending, generating documents faster and boosting turnaround rates for quicker funding. In collaboration with Hawthorn River and IMM the credit union is also able to eliminate disjointed technologies and error-prone spreadsheets, get its bankers a more efficient lending solution that addresses complex operational issues, and provide an enhanced, more modern e-signature experience that reinforces members’ trust in their financial institution. “Enabling community financial institutions like River City FCU to help connect financial services to groups who are often underserved is one of the reasons we built our innovative compliance technology. River City FCU is highlighting a need for credit unions to rethink business lending and community engagement, and we are proud to work with them to make our solution available to them at no cost. Credit unions that continue expanding their digital strategies will be the ones to not only maintain a central role in their communities but also build and maintain relationships with members that otherwise may have been left behind,” -Chris Appie, president of Compliance Systems. About IMM For 25 years, IMM has been the premier provider of eSignature and Digital Transaction solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions. Today, more than 1,500 banks and credit unions use IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions across the Institution to elevate consumer experiences while streamlining back-office processes in a comprehensive, end-to-end digital processing environment. About Hawthorn River Hawthorn River is community banking software designed by community bankers. From streamlining the end-to-end lending process to automating specific steps along the way, Hawthorn River helps community banks increase productivity, reduce regulatory risk and elevate the borrower experience. For more information, please visit About Compliance Systems Compliance Systems is the financial industry’s leading provider of digital and dynamic compliance content. Its technology effectively enables deposit, IRA, and loan transactions with configurable content that supports business flexibility and operational efficiency. With more than 29 years’ experience with financial documentation, Compliance Systems supports more than 1,500 banks and credit unions. For more information, please visit

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Business Plan: How to write a business plan for a small business. How to write a business plan for a small business. how to write a business plan step by step. If you are new you business you must need a Business Plan to get success in your business.