In the Spotlight: AlchemyLeads Conjures Up Digital Marketing Success for Clients

smallbiztrends | January 13, 2019

There are so many different aspects of a successful sales strategy. But AlchemyLeads is a digital marketing company that understands the complex nature of selling online. So they offer a wide variety of services for businesses of all sizes. Read more about the company and its services in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. CEO Sean Chaudhary explains the companies main strengths. “Our core competencies include Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads Management, Content Development, Plus full-service Web Design and Development.” Chaudhary says the company has built a reputation for working with all types of businesses. AlchemyLeads works with small, midsized and a few enterprise clients. Chaudhary says happy customers remain the company’s best brand advocates. And they typically generate one new client monthly via referrals. “Our Reviews let it be known!” says Chaudhary.


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EBLUXE HAIR | December 20, 2022

The generosity of one small business has warmed the hearts of many. This holiday season EBLUXE HAIR held their first annual "Nominate a Family in Need" campaign and was able to give back over $1,000 to those within their community. The gratitude we received was priceless, This is something we want to continue in the future, and with the support of sponsors and donations we can have an even greater impact next year. owner Tee Johnson. It is such a good feeling to be able to give back," added Johnson's daughter Sierra. "I know there are individuals who are struggling; it is truly liberating to know that we were able to make their holiday better.We commend this small business owner for their generosity and applaud them for having a giving spirit. Their act of kindness is a reminder of what the holidays are all about. EBLUXE HAIR & EBLUXE CARES The mother-daughter duo behind EBLUXE HAIR continues to provide consumers with Hair Extensions that are like no other and are of the highest caliber. Their recently founded non-profit EBLUXE CARES, is a 501c3 whose mission is to empower teens and cancer thrivers (those living with cancer) to rediscover what it means to live, while learning to celebrate and accept oneself completely.

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