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What Starts A Startup: The Need, The Greed Or The Freedom?

February 17, 2019 / Gaurav Vasishta

Startup dreams are made of amazing ideas and excellent customer experience. Every startup is born with an idea. However, between the journey from that idea to its market success lies the roots of the performance of that startup. Is there a set formula that makes startups work? What is it that drives a startup in its initial run and post its success? Is tapping a customer need the catalyst or gravitating greedily towards more sales or market share the solution. Or is it the qualitative factor of freedom at work that works in their favour? The successful startups are able to identify a need (latent or not) in a customer segment or a market. A need is something which when satisfied leads to a feeling of appreciation in the concerned customer segment. It could be something that makes their lives better. It is not necessary that they are aware of their own needs.