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UENI Extends Support for Small Businesses with Free E-Commerce Services

January 11, 2021 / Ankur Saini

UENI Ltd, the London-based designer of free sites for small businesses reported that it is stretching out its help to business visionaries and small entrepreneurs. From today, January seventh, it will give a multi-item shopping basket, adaptable delivery and assortment choices, and various installment techniques to its free Starter clients to guarantee that each small business can sell their items online effectively. The organization likewise has opened usefulness that empowers small businesses to consequently synchronize their items inventories with Google, Facebook and Instagram. This use huge tech developments in 2020, for example, open admittance to Google Shopping and Facebook Shops, and places this amazing access in the possession of the sole merchant and small entrepreneur.

Web designers ordinarily require the small entrepreneur to assemble the site or e-shop themselves. In contrast to these web designers, UENI offers an interesting option by really fabricating the site for the small businesses, for nothing. Through a blend of innovation and human quality control, UENI's remarkable cycle helps small businesses complete the excursion of getting on the web at scale. Numerous small entrepreneurs report stalling out during the time spent structure a site and subsequently neglecting to get on the web - regardless of whether because of an absence of time, cash or trust in how to do it - which assists with clarifying why upwards of 10 million small businesses in the United States, 33% of every single small business, actually don't have a site.

Christine Telyan, Founder of UENI, stated, "It's clear that the pandemic is going to be with us for some time to come. Small businesses will be particularly hard hit by the lockdowns and restrictions that are required. What will our communities look like as we come out of it? Physical shops will not disappear, but how we shop will have changed forever. If we are not careful, massive consolidation will preserve only the largest retailers and ecommerce platforms. We at UENI believe small businesses are the heart of our communities, and we want to enable as many entrepreneurs as possible to make the transition to digital, and thus secure their future. We believe giving all small business owners this additional access will put in their hands the tools they need to transition their business to the new normal."

About UENI Ltd.

UENI Ltd has been providing free websites to small businesses since 2015. The company brings the benefits of online marketing to small businesses, with over 600,000 customers in 10 countries. By filling out a simple form, any small businesses can obtain a free website built for humans, by humans, which is ready to make sales and accept bookings from day one. UENI also provides curated access to partner services like bank accounts, business loans, insurance and accounting support, to help the small business organize itself and grow.