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TriNet Launches Connect 360 to Serve Small and Medium-Size Businesses

February 11, 2021 / Ankur Saini

TriNet, a main supplier of comprehensive human assets for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), today announced the wide market launch of Connect 360, an inventive HR administration model to address its clients' issues in the present everchanging and advancing business climate.

Connect 360 was made and actualized because of input from TriNet clients, industry information and profound examination. The outcome is an essential business part intended to give TriNet's SMB clients immediate and quick admittance to particular HR specialists, all day, every day visit and customized account the board so they can more readily oversee HR matters with speed, certainty and information.

"The needs of our customers continue to evolve—and this is happening more rapidly than usual in an unpredictable business environment," said TriNet Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Olivier Kohler. "We are committed to putting the customer at the center of all we do and developing the right solutions to address their most pressing needs. With this in mind, we created Connect 360 to offer businesses the agility, velocity and personalization they need as they continue to strive for success in the face of so many challenges."

TriNet launched a beta variant of Connect 360 in November in light of clients' requirement for quicker goal, and immediate and fast admittance to HR arrangements and vital specialists.

"Our beta launch allowed us to gain valuable insights and increase optimization from our customers that allowed us to further refine our service model," said Kohler. "Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of Connect 360 for our valued customers."

About TriNet

TriNet (NYSE: TNET) provides small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from HR complexities, TriNet offers access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. From Main Street to Wall Street, TriNet empowers SMBs to focus on what matters most—growing their business.