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Top Tips for Building Your Small Business Website And Why You Need One

January 09, 2019 / inyourarea

From tradesmen to restaurants, modern small businesses need an online presence to grow. I'll explain why, and how you can create one easily - without touching any code. Small business owners have a lot on their plates on the best of days. Building and maintaining a website for your business may seem like an unnecessary distraction to some people, especially the less technical. But whether you’re a tradesman, small shop or restaurant owner having a website is a vital part of running a modern business and, importantly, for gaining new customers. Don’t worry, especially the non-techies among you, I’ll walk you through some of the reasons why you need a website, how to go about creating one and what tools you can use - to get one live without ever touching a single line of code. To put it bluntly, everyone is online. The economy is digital and, while products and services are often delivered in person, people search online for local services and businesses to use.