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This $29 class could be the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur

June 19, 2019 / Mashable

The comprehensive Entrepreneur Startup Master Class Bundle is a crash course in starting a business, and on sale for just $29 in the Mashable Shop. Besides affordability, one thing most colleges and universities lack is proper education on how to launch your own business - hence why so many brilliant business ideas never see the light of day. In order to turn your million-dollar idea into a reality, you either have to wing it, reach out to other entrepreneurs for advice, or look to the internet for instruction. If you opt for the latter, this Entrepreneur Startup Master Class Bundle has a ton of insight into becoming a successful entrepreneur. All you need is an internet connection and $29. Through eight courses and 20 hours of content, this bundle will take you through the process of launching your own business. You don't want to end up another Shark Tank failure, do you? Right. That's why you'll start with the basics, like how to communicate your idea and pitch it to inve...