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The Ultimate Secrets to Protecting your Business Trademark

July 21, 2019 / Alex Yong

In 2017, people registered an estimated 43.2 million active trademarks at 138 Trademark Offices around the world. And that represents an increase of nearly 10 percent compared to 2016 data. Unfortunately, trademark infringement continues to increase as  well. In a 2018 survey of 352 trademark professionals working in the US and western Europe, 81% said they experienced trademark infringement. So data shows a 74% increase compared to 2017. Small Business Trends emailed Trademark.com to find out where entrepreneurs “go wrong” if infringed upon. And how timeliness is crucial in those situations. Trademark.com says it provides an affordable and user-friendly trademark protection tool. The tool includes handy alert features used by brands of all sizes.