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The A -Z of Dealing with a Customer who Doesn’t Pay

March 27, 2019 / Larry Alton

Under ideal circumstances, all your customers will pay all their bills on time, every time you send one out. You’d be able to plan your cash flow management effectively.  And you’d have plenty of revenue coming in. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. And sooner or later, a client will fail to pay. If one of your customers doesn’t pay their invoice on time, what can you do to resolve the situation? Consider relying on a comprehensive invoice template to guide your invoicing process. The clearer your invoice is, and the easier it is to pay, the more likely your customers will be to pay on time. So, for starters, make sure the terms and due date on the invoice are prominent. And you’ll also want to suggest multiple payment methods. Make those methods as convenient as possible for your customers.