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'Small Business Revolution' producers make a stop in Searcy

January 18, 2019 / Shelby Rose

A show on the streaming platform "Hulu" is hoping to revitalize small towns across America. Thousands of cities applied to be featured on "Small Business Revolution," and Searcy has found themselves in the top 10.It seemed as though every single resident was downtown Thursday evening. They were there to impress producers for the show on their search for the top five. "Each episode is about a different small business and their struggles and how we can help them run their business maybe more efficiently or help with marketing. So for us, the show is kind of one part inspiration, but it's also educational to other business owners," said the show's co-host Amanda Brinkman.For the past 3 seasons, they have invested $500,000 into a small town and watched it transform. To narrow down the choices, producers have been visiting cities in the top 10 over the past month, and it's clear that Searcy residents want to be on that short list."It would be g...