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Small business owners rally to protest tax hikes

June 10, 2019 / RICK DONKERS

More than a hundred small business owners rallied outside City Hall Monday morning in advance of City Council’s emergency meetingThe rally is called “Sorry, Calgary is closing” with business owners saying it’s exactly what they are facing after discovering their large tax bills recently.Half of business property owners in Calgary say they’re seeing double-digit tax increase of more than 10 per cent, while some businesses have seen their tax bill triple or even quadruple this year.Some at the rally held placards calling for Mayor Naheed Nenshi and council to be fired for dithering while businesses decide whether to cut staff or close their doors due to double-digit tax increases. “City council needs to step up, they need to care about us small business,” said Angela O Donahue, owner of Esme Beauty. “We employ a huge amount of people in this city. Our businesses are not credit cards for them.”