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Small Business Owners Outsmart Cybercriminals Here’s How

March 25, 2019 / businesswire

The owners of your favorite diner with the best meatloaf in town, the pet rescue where you adopted Petunia Pie the cat into your family and the store selling those jeans that fit you perfectly all share one thing in common securing their business against the threat of a cyberattack. Education and information can empower small business owners to be more cyber resilient and stay a step ahead of the cyber bad guys. During today’s CyberSecure My Business™ workshop, more than 120 small business owners learned how to recognize cybercriminal activity, react quickly to minimize an attack and recover after a breach. “Many business owners think they aren’t at risk for a cyberattack,” said Lisa Plaggemier, chief evangelist at Infosec. “But because small businesses often lack a comprehensive security plan, the bad guys have figured out they are an easier target for raiding bank accounts or stealing customer credit card numbers.