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Scrappy, small-business attitude can bring team together

May 13, 2019 / DON HARKEY

We have a saying around our office at People Centric Consulting Group. It’s heard when someone on our team is doing something not normally expected as part of their job.For example, we ordered some new desks for our office, and one afternoon our team was sitting on the floor together assembling the desks.The saying is, “hashtag small business,” and it’s spoken with pride.Looking back to when I started working for 3M at the corporate headquarters almost 20 years ago, I was shown to my office space and my supervisor gave me a phone number to call to set up my office. I was a little confused as I looked around. I had a desk, a computer, a chair, a table, shelf and a filing cabinet. It all looked pretty set up to me, but my supervisor insisted that I call, so I did. The voice on the other end told me they would be at my office in an hour.