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People flock to stores for post-holiday sales

December 26, 2018 / Kelly Kennedy

Santa has landed back at the North Pole, and all the gifts have been opened. Now, the return-a-thon begins."The day after Christmas is typically a lot of returns, gifts that maybe weren't the right ones when they got them, and they just come in to exchange usually," said Sephora consultant, Stacy Scott.According to the National Retail Federation, 50% of people plan to take advantage of post-holiday sales in stores.Post-holiday shopper, Heber Peterson, said, "We really like to go after holidays. Things tend to be a little cheaper and on sale, so we were like okay, we will see how good the sales are after Christmas." Gift cards that were received for Christmas also gets shoppers into stores on December 26th."There's a lot of people who are out of town who are still in town for the next couple of days, and they are like, let's go ahead and redeem those gift cards and shop before we have to go home," said Scott.Shoppers say they plan on checking ou...