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Magic Introduces Remote Dedicated Assistants for $10 Per Hour to Support Small Businesses

April 26, 2021 / Anurag Khadkikar

Magic, a people-first remote recruiting service that is revolutionizing the way customers and business leaders get help, today announced the introduction of Magic Dedicated Assistants, which will enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to recruit without the hassle. Magic connects users with skilled and trained remote assistants with expertise specific to a wide range of industries. Magic Assistants are pre-screened and chosen individuals who become valuable members of established teams without the need for a contract or an annual obligation for a fixed hourly rate.

Magic screens hundreds of candidates using a proprietary, multi-step and in-depth screening method to hand-pick a Dedicated Assistant to fulfill each individual's needs within 48 hours of the customer sending an order. A comprehensive questionnaire and assessment test, as well as various interviews and a meet-and-greet call with the customer, are all part of the procedure to ensure that each Dedicated Assistant is a better match. In fact, only 23% of applicants pass the stringent screening and are chosen to be Magic Assistants.

Magic is a mobile, remote workforce consisting of vetted workers with expertise in administration, marketing, sales, and best practices in recruitment. Indeed, almost all Dedicated Assistants have a college degree, with more than 20% coming from the top four universities in the country and 29% coming from the top 20 colleges in the nation, according to Magic data from November 2020 to March 2021. With the opportunity to assign jobs to a competent assistant, dedicated assistants push ROI, save money, and allow users more flexibility to concentrate on high-impact initiatives that will help them expand their companies.

Magic addresses the unique challenges business owners face across industry backgrounds.

Magic Dedicated Assistants have the expertise to meet a myriad of business roles, including:

• Administrative Assistant: Data entry, account management, processing invoices

• Executive Assistant: Handling email, booking appointments

• Sales Assistant: Lead generation, lead qualification

• Marketing Assistant: Social media management, ad campaign management

Dedicated Assistants can be added to Magic's existing remote recruiting options, which include Consumer Classic and Business Classic. Consumer, which debuted in 2015, focuses on text-based personal assistant service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Company Classic has the same round-the-clock access to business-level resources for administrative activities and more. For a more conventional recruiting experience that fosters relationship building and daily assistance for growing small companies or consistent personal assistant needs, Dedicated Assistants is the only offering that ensures access to one individual assistant for about 20-40 hours per week.

About Magic

Magic is a remote recruiting service that is revolutionizing the hiring process for corporate owners and executives. Magic seamlessly connects corporate owners with Dedicated Assistants in 48 hours or less to fulfill the demands of growing small businesses. Magic uses a proprietary screening criterion and method to vet assistants with specializations in sales, marketing, executive roles, and administrative jobs, removing the hassle that is usually associated with the recruiting process. Magic's Dedicated Assistants are the industry's first truly remote, skill-specialized, and contract-free employees for corporate leaders and executives. Magic was founded in 2015, with funding from Y Combinator and Sequoia.