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How this startup is working to be the Uber for co-working spaces

April 02, 2019 / Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

While setting up his first startup, entrepreneur Shyam Sundar Nagarajan would set out for meetings, spending his days at local coffee shops. Soon, he realised that he was shelling out Rs 400-500 a day on food and refreshments at these places between meetings. “I was hesitant to ask if I could use the space until my next meeting,” he recalls. This sparked the idea of GoFloaters - a platform that helps hundreds of freelancers in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore to find plug-and-play workspaces. A former Director at Cognizant and the founder and CEO of fintech startup SMBSure, Shyam says that co-working spaces started out to provide affordable and decent workspaces for freelancers, but now focus on corporates, making them unaffordable for freelancers.