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Foxquilt Releases new online insurance platform for small businesses

February 16, 2021 / Ankur Saini

Insurtech Foxquilt has unveiled another endorsing platform, which permits small entrepreneurs to cite, tie, and straightforwardly buy customized business insurance on the web.

The Foxden platform can promptly cite and give insurance approaches to most small businesses. The underlying dispatch presently gives insurance choices to the accompanying businesses:

• Health & fitness professionals, like personal trainers.
• Home contractors, like interior designers or cleaners.
• Creative entrepreneurs, like freelance writers or photographers.
• Personal coaches & assistants, like life and career coaches.
• Pet services, like dog walkers.

Foxquilt dispatched Foxden as an approach to give small entrepreneurs direct admittance to insurance choices.

“Ecommerce has transformed the way in which business owners transact their affairs; they trade and purchase with customers and suppliers using dynamic Ecommerce trading platforms and as personal consumers, they do the same. Yet somehow, these dynamic platforms don’t exist to allow business owners to access insurance for their operations in the same way,” said Foxquilt co-founder and CEO Mark Morisette.

Morisette added that most business insurance organizations typically just give citation administrations on the web, and will require further correspondence with a merchant or specialist to buy and acquire the last arrangement – a long cycle that leaves proprietors stayed with calling an agent and trusting that numerous transporter guarantors will handle the application before the actual strategy can be gotten.

“We set out to change that by building a platform that provides business owners insurance offerings with savings, tailored for their unique business, in minutes,” the chief executive added.

He likewise said that Foxden was made to "uphold the advanced business client and their particular business," by permitting clients to buy the particular insurance inclusion choices they need.

“Insurance companies provide their small business customers with the same, one-size-fits-all, package because they don’t have the technology to support business owners with a customized insurance product,” he claimed.

“Customers ultimately lose value in their insurance; they end up paying more to subsidize other trades and they aren’t provided with a tailored product that complements what they actually do.”

About Foxquilt

Foxquilt is an Insurance technology company focused on empowering small businesses and B2B networks to save on Small Business insurance. Our Insurance-as-a-Service platform is complemented by a unique data and machine learning underwriting infrastructure. Leveraging innovative technology and creating unique products, we make life easier for business owners.