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Durant sits atop as voting enters final day for Small Business Revolution

February 18, 2019 / kxii

Durant has moved into first place for the Hulu show Small Business Revolution. The city is currently competing against five others in the country for a chance to be featured on the show.It was announced Feb. 12 Durant had made it into the top six. The towns have until Tuesday to get as many online votes as possible to get what's now become a million dollar downtown makeover.If Durant wins the competition, they will be featured on Season 4 of the show and win a $500,000 grant to go towards a downtown makeover."You vote for Durant, Oklahoma. I really would appreciate it," said country music artist Reba McEntire in a video she published to social media Friday.The people working at the shops that would see the most benefit from a victory say the fate of families and the Durant economy is on the line."It's just a relief for business owners, for small town business owners, especially when it's just, you're making it but each month is just barely above water. So...