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Cybersecurity a growing concern for small business

February 04, 2019 / Kevin Bouffard

The key factor in most cybersecurity problems often gets lost in the conversations about hardware, software, phishing and other technobabble.Most cybersecurity problems occur not because of a computer systems breakdown but because of employees unwittingly exposing their company’s systems to malevolent outsiders, said Tom Bowles, CEO of Alltek, a Lakeland company providing information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses. Adding to the security problem is “rogue employees” who deliberately compromise workplace computers.“We’ve pretty much done everything we can do on the technical side,” he added. “We’ve now approached the human element in a more pro-active way.”Kanwal Gagneja, assistant professor of computer science at Florida Polytechnic and an expert in cybersecurity, agreed employees are the unwitting or deliberate factor behind most workplace computer threats.