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America's workers and small business owners need the Secure Act

October 14, 2019 / JOHN CARTER

The American workforce has changed drastically over the past decade – small businesses now account for over 99 percent of businesses in the U.S. and small business employees make up over 40 percent of the American workforce.Just as the workforce has changed, so have the financial needs of Americans and the way that they prepare for retirement. Having access to a workplace retirement plan is a top gauge of retirement preparedness. For many Americans, the workplace is one of the main places where they seek out retirement savings tools. Small business owners wear many hats, and decisions on their employees’ benefits such as health care plans and retirement planning tools are often left solely to them. Offering these benefits may feel too complicated or inaccessible – as such, many business owners do not provide them to their employees. With almost half of the American workforce employed by small businesses, a large portion of the population’s financial futures are ...