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Amazon Launches IP Accelerator to Help Small Businesses

November 27, 2020 / Ankur Saini

Today, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) dispatched Intellectual Property Accelerator (IP Accelerator) in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, making it simpler and more savvy for little and medium-sized organizations (SMBs) to acquire brand names, secure their brands and tackle fake merchandise.

IP Accelerator, which is accessible to any brand selling in Amazon's stores, interfaces business visionaries straightforwardly with a curated organization of European law offices with mastery in IP rights. Participating law offices will charge expenses to SMBs at serious, pre-arranged rates, giving venders certainty and clearness about what amount getting a brand name will cost them. Likewise, SMBs can likewise look for general IP guidance from these law offices as their brands and organizations develop.

Amazon dispatched IP Accelerator explicitly in light of entrepreneurs. Bigger organizations are multiple times more probable than SMBs to enroll their Intellectual Property (IP) rights1. The primary explanation independent company business people don't secure their privileges is a direct result of an absence of information about IP and not knowing where to turn2. The cycle can be muddled, especially for business visionaries in the beginning phases of setting up a business, and Amazon needed to give minimal effort help to all European SMBs, including the more than 150,000 European-put together SMBs selling with respect to Amazon. Selling accomplices keep on representing over half of items Amazon sells in its online stores.