Synchrony Launches New Learning Center to Support Small Businesses

  • Synchrony introduces the Small Business Learning Center, aiding small businesses with credit and financing knowledge.
  • The Learning Center offers flexible courses, expert content, and user-friendly features for effective learning.
  • Synchrony is committed to helping small businesses and has already benefited hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Synchrony, a prominent consumer financing company, has recently introduced the Synchrony Small Business Learning Center—a new digital learning platform designed to empower Synchrony's small business partners in optimizing their operations and fostering more efficient and effective growth. This platform will assist Synchrony's small merchants, dealers, and wellness providers in comprehending the intricacies of credit and financing, integrating these concepts into their business models, harnessing their potential to elevate customer experiences, and ultimately driving increased sales.

The Small Business Learning Center features an array of offerings:

  • A diverse range of industry-specific courses encompassing videos, games, interactive experiences, and various contemporary learning modalities, facilitating small business owners and their teams to acquire knowledge at their preferred pace and in their preferred style.
  • Topics encompassing sales techniques, compliance, employee motivation, cash flow management, vendor management, and customer service.
  • The content is thoughtfully crafted by Synchrony's learning experts, drawing upon the insights of Synchrony's professionals and leaders. The platform consistently introduces fresh content, courses, and tools to keep the learning experience engaging and captivating. Synchrony regularly collaborates with leading learning technology companies to ensure that Synchrony's small businesses have access to the latest learning resources.
  • The user-friendly dashboard highlights essential content and provides curated content recommendations.
  • A new countdown clock feature has been integrated, designed specifically for merchants and dealers, to serve as a visual reminder of impending deadlines for priority or mandatory courses.
  • Simple links to a comprehensive content library, enabling learners to explore all available courses and select their preferred topics and pace for completion.

Furthermore, small merchants and dealers can conveniently access the Learning Center through Business Center, Synchrony's robust online business platform. By consolidating all Synchrony partner financing activities, from application processing to sales transactions, into a single location, this enhancement streamlines operations and saves merchants valuable time. Synchrony's health and wellness partners will continue to access the Learning Center via the Provider Center.

Synchrony's Learning Center represents an expansion of the company's extensive portfolio of innovative, turnkey business tools, which have already empowered hundreds of thousands of small businesses in managing, marketing, and expanding their operations, including:

Synchrony Business Solutions
Synchrony's Pillars Project
Synchrony Connect
Business Schooled
Roadmap to Diversity Toolkit
Financing programs
Digital tools
Advertising Center

Across the United States, small businesses are already experiencing the benefits of Synchrony's offerings. For instance, Day's Jewelers, an employee-owned company with locations in Maine and New Hampshire, has successfully leveraged the Learning Center.

Synchrony has been a trusted provider of financing options to retailers for over 90 years. With a network of more than 460,000 merchant and provider locations and 70 million active accounts, Synchrony's innovative shopping and payment solutions enable businesses to boost sales, foster customer loyalty and offer secure, convenient, and personalized shopping experiences.



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