SparkCognition's Award-Winning Cybersecurity Solution Providing Zero-Day Protection Now Available in Lenovo's Small Business Store

SparkCognition | February 02, 2022

SparkCognition, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions for business, announced its award-winning AI endpoint protection product (EPP) solution, DeepArmor, is now available in the LenovoPRO Small Business Store.

"We are proud to work with Lenovo to bring our AI-enabled cyber solution to a broader range of small business users, helping them to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated zero-day cyber threats," said Vijay Doradla, President at SparkCognition. "The Deep Armor technology, based on advanced machine learning models, can help prevent never before seen cyberattacks, even while working offline, requiring less than four megabytes of space for deployment."

A new cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds, putting businesses at risk of being compromised, shut down, and ransomed. SparkCognition developed DeepArmor as the first line of defense to prevent cyber threats at the edge. Built on proven AI and machine learning (ML) models, rather than rules, heuristics, and specific signatures, DeepArmor helps to prevent malware from accessing sensitive data, taking operational control, and compromising asset integrity, blocking known and new ransomware, trojans, and viruses. Its endpoint protection works both online and off, and installs and activates within minutes, without needing IT support or security skills. 

"Two in five small to mid-sized businesses were impacted by ransomware in 2020, with 43% lacking any type of cybersecurity defense. Extending our AI expertise and trusted and tested cyber solutions to Lenovo's small business customers is just one way we're able to work together to serve businesses in further protecting their endpoints."

Marc Davis, Senior Director of Business Development at SparkCognition

Lenovo is a leading OEM in cybersecurity that takes a secure-by-design approach to embed security features throughout the entire lifecycle across device components, ranging from hardware and below-the-operating-system, all the way to the cloud layers. By working with software providers like SparkCognition, Lenovo is able to offer its customers more solutions to further protect their data privacy, intellectual property, strategic investments, and customers.

About SparkCognition
SparkCognition's award-winning AI solutions allow organizations to predict future outcomes, optimize processes, and prevent cyberattacks. We partner with the world's industry leaders to analyze, optimize, and learn from data, augment human intelligence, drive profitable growth, and achieve operational excellence. Our patented AI, machine learning, and natural language technologies lead the industry in innovation and accelerate digital transformation. Our solutions allow organizations to solve critical challenges—prevent unexpected downtime, maximize asset performance, optimize prices, and ensure worker safety while avoiding zero-day cyberattacks on essential IT and OT infrastructure.


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So what exactly is an SBA loan and how is it different from the traditional financing you would receive from a bank? There are a a few main reasons why SBA financing is the best option for small business owners. As the leading national, non-bank, direct commercial lender in the U.S.A, FountainheadCC specializes in helping owners of small to mid-size businesses finance their growth through our SBA 504, SBA 7(a), and low LTV conventional loan programs.

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Main Street Alliance Partners with Biz2Credit to Expand Small Business Financing

Biz2Credit | February 07, 2023

Main Street Alliance, a non-profit organization that works with small businesses across the U.S. to build an equitable economy, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with a leading online financing resource, Biz2Credit, to provide working capital and other commercial finances to its business owner members across the country. The partnership between Main Street Alliance and Biz2Credit is evidence of MSA's efforts to support small company owners in their numerous hardships. Having equal access to capital can transform the outlook of a community as a whole. Chanda Causer, Executive Director of Main Street Alliance, said, "We are excited about partnering with Biz2Credit to support our members nationwide to help small businesses access capital." She further mentioned, "Biz2Credit is one of the best known, longest established firms in the digital lending space and has been particularly successful in expanding access to capital for small businesses owned by people of color and women." (Source – Globe Newswire) "Biz2Credit will be an important strategic partner for Main Street Alliance as we pursue our efforts to shift the public perception of the economy and local businesses' role in it," Causer added. A pioneer in the fintech industry, Biz2Credit uses the latest technology and its award-winning digital funding platform to connect small business owners with financing options based on each potential customer's unique business profile. All transactions are conducted in a secure, efficient, and price-transparent environment that's fully online. (Source – Globe Newswire) About Biz2Credit Headquarters in New York City, Biz2Credit is dedicated to helping more small businesses obtain financing and assisting business owners in finding the best funding options for each individual project or capital requirement. Biz2Credit uses technology to make business financing simple to understand and simple to access. Within 24 hours of filing an online application, business owners can become eligible.Since its establishment in 2007, Biz2Credit has provided more than $7 billion in funding for small businesses. The organization is expanding its market-leading technology in order to give banks and other financial institutions, investors, and service providers with tailored digital platform solutions.

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Pensa Announce Unveiling New Retail Shelf Facings Optimization Solution

Pensa Systems | December 29, 2022

On December 22, 2022, Pensa Systems, a frontrunner in the field of automated retail shelf intelligence, announced the debut of its facings optimization solution, which will assist consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands in increasing their revenue through enhanced retail shelf facings optimization. The term "shelf facings" refers to the number of a product's units that are visible from the front of a retail shelf. In grocery retail, the rivalry among CPG brands for facings is severe due to their direct correlation to revenue expansion. In the past, facings allocation was established based on rough approximations of relative sales volume and velocity generated from point-of-sale (POS) data that looked backward. Brands often combine POS data with simulated shelf scenarios to estimate how well their products will do on the shelf. However, POS data is notoriously "noisy." For instance, slow product sales represented in POS data could be an indication that a particular product is not selling or that the product is frequently out of stock and unavailable for purchase. Pensa bridges this gap for CPG brands and retailers by offering a continuous view of real products on retail shelves across a wide variety of shops and shelf formats. Pensa applies the concept of pricing elasticity to facings by correlating actual on-shelf product availability with the number of facings per product to determine the ideal number of facings by product and by category to boost revenue without allocating space to one product at the expense of others. Pensa's Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the world's first fully automated shelf intelligence system. The company's AI solution learns to visually recognize and differentiate between products on the shelf, much like a human does. This is better than comparing a single product image against a product image database or scanning the barcode on the bottom of a package. About Pensa Pensa is the market leader in automated retail shelf intelligence, powered by patented powerful AI and computer vision. Pensa provides the source of truth regarding what is happening on the retail shelf in order to prevent stockouts, boost shelf share, optimize product planning, and enhance the customer experience in an omnichannel world. Pensa partners with top CPG brands and retailers internationally, including General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Circle K, to address a trillion-dollar industry "blind spot" at a crucial time.

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AutoStore Launches Pio to Provide SMBs with Best-In-Class Warehouse Automation

AutoStore | January 11, 2023

On January 10, 2023, AutoStore, one of the leading warehouse automation companies in the world, announced the debut of Pio in North America. Pio is a plug-and-play version of AutoStore's popular cube storage technology, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Based on a pay-per-pick service model, Pio enables SMBs, such as retailers of sporting goods, apparel, crafts, and cosmetics, to adopt robotic automation for a relatively cheap investment, thereby helping more businesses obtain access to the world's most advanced automation technology. Mats Hovland Vikse, CEO of AutoStore, said, "We established Pio to make our technology available to smaller businesses," He also added, "Only 15 percent of the world's warehouses are automated, and fulfillment operations at smaller retailers are still largely manual. Pio levels the playing field so that enterprises of all sizes can take advantage of the space and cost efficiencies of automated storage and distribution systems." (Source – Globe Newswire) Retailers pay a fee for each item picked. Software, robots, and ports used in the automation are owned and maintained by Pio. Users simply need to acquire product bins and the robots' running frames. A Pio facility is modular and expandable and works on standard plug-and-play software that integrates with the most prevalent online retail and shipping platforms. In effect, Pio enables small and medium-sized businesses to compete with much larger businesses with minimal capital expenditures, increased staff, and floor space requirements. About AutoStore Founded in 1996, AutoStore is a robot technology company that developed and continues to innovate Cube Storage Automation - the most compact product/inventory storage solution. The company intends to combine software, hardware, and human capabilities to build the future of warehouse management. AutoStore is a multinational corporation with over a thousand systems installed in 46 countries and a variety of sectors. All sales are developed, installed, and supported by a network of authorized system integrators. The company is headquartered in Nedre Vats, Norway, with offices in offices in the United States, Oslo (Norway), the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Singapore

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