Patriot Acknowledged as Top Small Business Payroll Software by Software Advice

Patriot Software, LLC | January 12, 2023 | Read time : 01:07 min

Patriot Acknowledged as Top Small Business Payroll Software by
Patriot Software, a renowned accounting and payroll software vendor, has been recognized as a front-runner for Top Small Business Payroll Software by Software Advice.

Software Advice assists organizations in navigating the software buying journey. Its current FrontRunners report analyses user evaluations and ranks the top-scoring products for small businesses based on usability and customer satisfaction ratings.

Patriot, along with being recognized as Top Small Business Payroll Software, also featured in several other Software Advice front-runners reports throughout 2022, such as Top Payroll for Accountants Software, Top Online Payroll Software, and Top Payroll Software.

"I'm excited to see that Software Advice has recognized our payroll software as a FrontRunner, as so many of our customers have," said Jackie Greenfield, Head of Product Management. He added, "Our product managers work closely with our accountants and small business owners to ensure we keep improving our software with new useful features while keeping it easy to use."
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Patriot's payroll software proclaims an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Software Advice, signifying that Patriot's user-friendly, affordable, and speedy payroll software is a must-have for both business owners and accountants alike.

About Patriot Software

Founded in 1986, Patriot Software, located in Canton, Ohio, offers simple yet powerful online accounting and payroll software to US business owners and their accountants. The company provides on-premises or cloud-based solutions that assist business owners in managing, maintaining, and automating payments. Starting from the basement of a factory as a startup, it eventually grew and spawned four additional companies, now employing over 300 people in the United States of America.


As a small business, keeping your finances separate from your personal is important for both banks and the IRS. Our Commercial Banking Manager has been asked a lot about what a business checking account entails, here are the answers to his top 4 questions asked.


As a small business, keeping your finances separate from your personal is important for both banks and the IRS. Our Commercial Banking Manager has been asked a lot about what a business checking account entails, here are the answers to his top 4 questions asked.

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On 09 January 2023, Oak Valley Community Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oak Valley Bancorp, was recognized as the "Most Active SBA 504 Lending Partner" by Success Capital - Certified Development Corporation and the "Most Loan Guarantees Funded & Largest Total Dollar Aggregate Funded" by Valley Small Business Development Corporation during the most recent Success Capital and Valley Small Business fiscal years. Oak Valley’s team offered $13 million in SBA 504 loans through Success Capital, and it aided the funding of $27 million in total projects, resulting in the creation or retention of approximately 100 small business jobs. Oak Valley Community Bank winning the "Most Active SBA 504 Lending Partner" award marks its 7th consecutive win. In addition, senior vice president and commercial banking officer Jeff Hushaw received the accolade of "Most Active 504 Lender" in 2022, both of which cover lending activity in San Joaquin, Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mariposa, and Calaveras Counties. It is the first time the bank has received the Valley Small Business accolade. The Oak Valley team funded over $3.5 million in Valley Small Business guaranteed loans for the year. The SBA 504 and Valley Small Business lending programs offer loans to develop small businesses. Success Capital offers low down payment and fixed-rate financing via the SBA 504 Loan Program for business owners to purchase or construct facilities for their businesses. Similarly, Valley Small Business facilitates direct lending and guarantees loans to small businesses or family farms to ensure increased access to capital. About Oak Valley Community Bank Headquartered in Oakdale, Oak Valley Community Bank specializes in commercial lending, commercial banking, SBA lending, business banking, small business lending, agricultural lending, treasury management, commercial real estate financing, CRE lending, and Ag Lending, offering its plethora of products to individuals and small businesses. With 30 years of history, it has transformed from a single-branch operation in Oakdale to 18 locations and nearly $2.0 billion in assets.

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LegalZoom and NEXT Partner to Create One-stop-shop for Small Business Insurance

LegalZoom | February 08, 2023

On February 7, 2023, LegalZoom, a leading online legal and compliance solutions platform, and NEXT Insurance, a renowned digital insurtech firm transforming small business insurance, announced a partnership to better assist small business owners in creating and protecting their businesses online. NEXT's best-in-class, fully embedded insurance solution, NEXT Connect, enables small company owners to receive an estimate for small business insurance and obtain a plan that works for them without ever leaving the LegalZoom platform. According to a LegalZoom poll of small company owners, just 9% of entrepreneurs reported having business insurance at the time of business formation. However, obtaining business insurance is essential when establishing a firm to ensure success. From giving benefits to employees to defending a firm from damages to protecting consumers, business insurance is necessary for U.S. enterprises and is sometimes legally mandated. When it comes to partnerships and the goods and services given to small business owners, LegalZoom continues to adopt a technology-forward approach. Thanks to new partners such as Wix and now NEXT Insurance, customers of LegalZoom now have access to a simple, unified experience that allows them to establish, manage, protect, and expand their business without ever leaving Customers looking for small business insurance will have their information automatically entered within NEXT Connect, with their approval, in addition to the embedded experience with the LegalZoom platform, making it simple to explore the insurance alternatives that are suited for them. Furthermore, for those who are still deciding whether to buy insurance but want to learn more, LegalZoom's Business Toolkit includes educational content that might provide crucial insurance information for entrepreneurs. About LegalZoom Founded in 2001, LegalZoom is a leading online business formation and an online platform for legal and compliance solutions in the United States. With a mission to democratize law, it operates in 50 states and over 3,000 counties across the United States, having over 20 years of expertise in navigating complicated legislation and simplifying its clients' legal and compliance processes. Millions of customers trust LegalZoom to officially establish and operate their businesses and protect brands and intellectual property. About NEXT Insurance Founded in 2016, NEXT Insurance is a renowned digital insurtech firm redefining small business insurance with digital, easy, and affordable coverage customized for the self-employed. The company is trusted by over 420K business owners and offers 24/7 access to live certificates of insurance, additional insured, and more with no additional costs. In addition, it is revolutionizing the insurance industry by leveraging machine learning and AI to streamline the purchase process and deliver more affordable coverage.

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HG Insights Adds Small and Midsize Businesses to Flagship Platform

HG Insights | February 24, 2023

On February 23, 2023, HG Insights®, a global leader in Technology Intelligence, announced the enhancement of its flagship platform by introducing the Small Business Data Set, enabling users to gain a broader perspective of their target markets, including both large businesses and small and midsize businesses. This update will help companies to develop comprehensive targeting strategies. Following Platform 2.0 in July 2022, HG's clients have been empowered to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions regarding their markets, and develop effective organizational strategies with increased accuracy and certainty. HG Insights' inclusion of the Small Business Data Set in its platform without any additional charges to customers is a key component of the firm's plan to leverage its offline insights to enable GTM teams to identify new business prospects and facilitate decision-making across various departments within an organization. Some benefits of integrating the Small Business Data Set are: Curated for small business coverage: HG Platform's inclusion of small and midsize businesses is ensured by carefully selecting data from billions of records. Doubling the records: The existing data set on the HG Platform has been updated with 780,000 new small and midsize business records. Additional coverage: The data set comprises information from over 200 countries, 7.4 million global product installations, and 1.1 billion contextual intent signals. Quality data-driven insights: This data has been filtered to remove irrelevant information, enabling customers to develop effective sales strategies for their small and midsize business markets. CTO of HG Insights, Robert Fox, said, "We continue to expand HG Insights' market-leading Technology Intelligence through the most recent addition of our small and midsize business data set." He added, "Building on the value provided through the HG Platform experience, we continue to expand insights for small and midsize companies and unlock value throughout these markets. I am pleased to bring this additional value to our customers as we continue to deliver Technology Intelligence that fuels customer growth." (Source – Businesswire) By integrating the Small Business Data Set, customers can use the HG Platform to identify market opportunities in small and midsize businesses and maximize potential revenue streams. About HG Insights® HG Insights® is a technology intelligence company that provides organizations with data-driven insights to make informed business decisions. It specializes in providing market intelligence and competitive analysis to technology companies to help them identify and target potential customers and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. The company uses advanced data analytics and machine learning technologies to gather and analyze data from various sources, including social media, news articles, and public databases. Its products and services include market intelligence, predictive analytics, technographic data, and consulting services. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, HG Insights serves clients from various industries, including IT, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

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