OPay and Mastercard announce strategic partnership to grow cashless ecosystem and advance digital financial inclusion for millions

OPay & Mastercard | May 19, 2022

OPay and Mastercard announce strategic
Fintech giant OPay and Mastercard today announced a strategic partnership, which marks a significant boost for wider financial inclusion and economic prosperity by opening up digital commerce to millions of people across  Middle East and Africa.

The collaboration enables OPay consumers and merchants in the region - including Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa and the UAE - to engage with brands and businesses anywhere across the globe, thanks to a Mastercard virtual payment solution linked to the OPay eWallet.

This partnership is the latest milestone in Mastercard's emerging market strategy where the technology company is collaborating with growing Fintech's such as OPay to expand access to digital payments, enable multiple lifestyle services, create new pathways to financial inclusion and support the next generation of super-apps. Consumers are increasingly looking for seamless user experiences on a single platform offering easier interactions to complete various day-to-day needs, including sending and receiving money, ordering food and groceries, organizing transport, lending, investing and listing items they wish to sell.

In the initial phase of this partnership, OPay customers will benefit from the Mastercard virtual payment solution linked to their OPay wallets, to shop at well-known global brands for leisure, travel, accommodation, entertainment, streaming services and more. The service is available regardless of whether or not the customer has a bank account. It also allows small business owners to purchase from suppliers abroad and pay with the secure virtual payment solution.

 "At Mastercard, our innovation strategy is rooted in partnerships to support inclusion at scale. Our partnership with OPay demonstrates our commitment to supporting payments providers across the world to create an interconnected global payments ecosystem that benefits an array of consumers with unique needs."

-Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President for Market Development, Mastercard EEMEA

Yahui Zhou, CEO of OPay,said: As the leading fintech in the Middle East and Africa, we are delighted to be partnering with Mastercard as we continue on our journey to promote financial inclusion, helping to open up the global economy to more consumers and businesses across Middle East and Africa.

Since its operations started in 2018, OPay's active users have grown to 15 million in dozens of markets in which it operates. The company processes millions of transactions per day on average. In Nigeria alone, where OPay takes significant market share, users have saved billions of US dollars in the last four years through credit-linked savings accounts from their mobile wallets and small loans from lenders that use its platform.

Plans are in place to launch OPay services in other markets in the next three to five years, significantly driving the growth of digital inclusion and digital commerce, while at the same time widening OPay customer inclusion into the global economy.

Mastercard has made a worldwide commitment to financial inclusion, pledging to bring 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses – with a focus on 25 million women entrepreneurs – into the digital economy by 2025.

About OPay:
OPay is a fast-growing mobile payment fintech company. OPay has achieved significant growth in the past three years and has become one of the largest fintech companies in Africa and Middle East with a decent market share in key markets including Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan among others. OPay offers bespoke services to different clients in order to suit their needs; some of these services include offline payment, online payment, digital wallet service through AI and other fintech innovations. OPay boasts over 15 million registered wallet users, 600,000 merchants nationwide and surpassed $6 billion in monthly transaction value.

About Mastercard
Mastercard (NYSE: MA),, Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry. Our mission is to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential. Our decency quotient, or DQ, drives our culture and everything we do inside and outside of our company. With connections across more than 210 countries and territories, we are building a sustainable world that unlocks priceless possibilities for all.


Small Business Trends is the premier source of information, news and advice covering issues of key importance to the small business market. Small Business Trends appears repeatedly at the top of lists of small business websites.


Small Business Trends is the premier source of information, news and advice covering issues of key importance to the small business market. Small Business Trends appears repeatedly at the top of lists of small business websites.

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Mercato | November 22, 2022

Mercato, the nation's leading eCommerce platform for independent grocers, has announced its new initiative to improve access to healthy foods and foster economic stability in low-income communities. Thriving Communities works with local governments, private funders and non-profits to bring more grocers onto the eGrocery platform so they can digitize their inventory, offer delivery and enable enrollment and utilization of SNAP online.Mercato, the nation's leading eCommerce platform for independent grocers, has announced its new initiative It creates what founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan calls "The Mercato Effect" whereby grocers going online provides residents access to healthy, culturally appropriate foods and the ability to redeem public/private food benefits which in turn creates more jobs, increases grocers' sales and keeps dollars circulating within the community. As the son of an independent grocer in Brooklyn, I know first-hand how critical these independent, local grocers are to the economic and social well-being of their communities," said Brannigan. "They are the lifeline for so many residents to get fresh, healthy, culturally relevant foods without having to travel far or wait weeks to go to the market. By giving local grocers the tools and technologies to operate online, they can increase their own revenue and fuel healthier ecosystems throughout the country. New York City was the first city to partner with Mercato, leveraging Thriving Communities to test a technological pilot that offered subsidized groceries to a cohort of New Yorkers. "The pandemic challenged food security in unprecedented ways, Mercato's innovative work piloting online grocery benefits making healthy, affordable groceries accessible to all New Yorkers, no matter where they live. New York City is proud to innovate with technology and public benefits, and we are thrilled that Mercato recognizes this too." Kate MacKenzie, executive director, New York City Mayor's Office of Food Policy. Getting onto the Mercato platform was game-changing for our store and our shoppers," said Gustavo Rodriguez of Key Food Stadium, located in the Bronx. "Our sales are increasing literally every day, especially fresh produce, and the technology and service Mercato provides enables us to fulfill orders seamlessly and with the same personal attention and care that our shoppers need and deserve. It feels incredible to be feeding and helping low-income residents in our community." Mercato is looking to expand Thriving Communities by finding and collaborating with partners in other cities including Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. About Mercato Mercato is an eCommerce and local delivery platform that provides thousands of independent grocers across the country with the tools and technologies they need to stay competitive in the marketplace. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, it was founded by Bobby Brannigan, the son of a neighborhood grocer in Brooklyn, who saw his father needed to modernize his inventory and delivery systems to stay in business and better serve his shoppers. Since launching in 2015 Mercato has brought more than 1,500 stores across the country onto the platform.

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Amazon Business Launches First Small Business Month to Celebrate and Empower Small Businesses

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Amazon Business today announced the launch of its Small Business Month (SBM), including a series of events, activities, and deals to provide insights and tools for solopreneurs and small business owners to enhance their buying capabilities and scale their businesses. Amazon Business’ SBM is exclusive to small business customers. SBM will kick off with the Small Business Summit on September 8 at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT, a free virtual summit featuring actionable insights from experts, including entrepreneurs turned best-selling authors, top industry experts, and Amazon Business leaders. Small Business Month will also include Small Business Deals Week, from September 12-18, when Amazon Business will offer discounted exclusive pricing promotions for small business customers. Categories of discount promotions include PCs, consumables, office products, home and furniture items, and devices. Amazon Business is also launching the Small Business Grants program, awarding more than $250,000 in business grants to a handful of growing small businesses. Existing Amazon Business customers with annual revenues of $1 million or less can apply for a grant, with one grand-prize winner and a group of finalists and semifinalists receiving monetary grants, Business Prime Memberships, Amazon Web Services credits and training benefits, and more. Applications are due by September 30, and winners will be announced on October 25. For additional information, visit “We are committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive, and Small Business Month is a way to give back and provide the very best customer experience for them.Amazon Business is invested in the success of small business customers. When they grow, we grow, which enables us to increase selection, reduce prices, and add additional features and benefits, all of which are important to small business owners. These entrepreneurs face unique challenges and circumstances, and we’re here to be a partner in their continued success.” Todd Heimes, small business director of Amazon Business One of those entrepreneurs is Jim VanNatta, an Amazon Business customer and owner of Hockinson Market in Brush Prairie, Washington. VanNatta and his wife grew up near the market—a community staple built in 1928—and decided to buy it in the 1990s. However, the 2008 recession hit the business hard, and VanNatta needed to update and pivot. He transformed Hockinson Market into a thriving pizza shop and taproom, bringing his son Justin onboard as co-manager. "I just want to pass on a healthy business to my son,” said VanNatta. “My goal in the next couple of years is to make sure that we’re still doing the right things to make him successful moving forward. With Amazon Business, I’m finding items at significant savings—for example, I recently bought latex gloves for pizzamaking and saved a bundle—and I get things delivered faster with Business Prime.” VanNatta will be speaking as part of the Strategy and Operations track during the Small Business Summit on September 8, which will feature 17 sessions no longer than 20 minutes each on topics such as how to grow, get funding, and create an online presence. Attendees will also get a preview of the soon-to-be launched Amazon Business Small Business Resource Center, an evergreen hub for small business education. Todd Heimes will welcome attendees at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT on September 8 with the announcement of the Small Business Grants program for solopreneurs and small businesses. Some of the additional speakers and sessions include: 5 Ways to Increase Income as a Small Business: Chris Guillebeau, the host of the Side Hustle School podcast and The New York Times best-selling author of The $100 Startup, Side Hustle, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books, will kick off the Summit with a keynote talk. How to Build a Team From the Ground Up in 7 Steps: Jay Steinfeld, founder and former CEO of, will break down the steps and lessons learned to build a team that will help a small business owner maximize growth and profit, and make being a leader a lot simpler. Social Media, Press, and Your Business: Maya Penn, CEO and founder of Maya’s Ideas, started her first business at the age of 8 and has been a media-worthy entrepreneur ever since, adding a published book, You Got This!: Unleash Your Awesomeness, Find Your Path, and Change Your World, to her list of ventures. Maya will cover the fundamentals needed to create a following and a press-worthy story, as well as how to keep the momentum going. Registration is free and open to all entrepreneurs and small business owners at Those unable to attend the summit can complete registration and access to summit content will be sent and available afterward. Amazon Business empowers small business customers by providing easy access to buy from hundreds of thousands of sellers and discounts on over 50 million items with business-only pricing, quantity discounts, and free shipping on eligible orders. Amazon Business also provides flexibility through payment options to earn rewards or enjoy extended payment terms to maximize cash flow while making it convenient to find and purchase from small, diverse, and local businesses through seller certifications. Small business owners can learn more about how Amazon Business is empowering small business owners at and register for an Amazon Business account at About Amazon Business Amazon Business helps millions of customers worldwide—from small businesses, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and government agencies, to large enterprises with global operations—reshape their procurement with cost and time savings, greater productivity, and insightful purchasing analytics. Procurement and business leaders enjoy convenient shipping options on hundreds of millions of supplies across categories like office, IT, janitorial, food service, and professional medical supplies. Customers also have access to a variety of business-tailored features and benefits, including a curated site experience, Business Prime, business-only pricing and selection, single or multi user business accounts, approvals workflow, purchasing system integrations, payment solutions, tax exemptions, dedicated customer support, and more. Amazon Business is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India

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Zyxel Access Point and Security Service Bundle for Small Businesses Protects and Optimizes Connectivity for WiFi Networks

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Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, today announced the bundling of its robust Connect and Protect security service with select Zyxel WiFi access points. Available as a bundled option with Zyxel’s best-selling NWA1123ACv3 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio Ceiling Mount PoE Access Point and NWA110AX 802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, the security service protects small business WiFi networks from cybersecurity threats and optimizes WiFi connectivity for the business and its patrons to improve connectivity and customer satisfaction. Connect and Protect, which filters out any unsafe web content and prevents users from accessing dangerous websites, provides a high level of security for small businesses without the hassle of setting up complex security settings. As an added level of protection for both the business and its customers, the service ensures that users logged onto the network are unable to access the data streams of others, preventing malicious actors from spying on or stealing the information of others. Features and Benefits of Zyxel Connect & Protect: IP Reputation Filter – The cloud-based service accesses an expanding database of malicious IP addresses to block undesirable website content, and prevent data theft and security breaches. Application Visibility with Throttling – Prioritizes bandwidth for business-critical applications, such as mobile POS systems, online streaming, and voice and video calls, to protect core applications and facilitate smooth business operation. Ease-of-Management – The WiFi access points and Connect & Protect security features can be easily deployed and managed from anywhere using Zyxel’s Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. “Wireless networks not only provide the network backbone that enables many small businesses to operate, but wireless access to the internet is increasingly becoming an expectation by their customers and vendors. However, the cyber attacks enabled by unprotected networks can result in serious damage to the business and liabilities to their customers,Deploying Zyxel APs with Connect and Protect enables businesses to leverage an extensive range of security features without the complexity often associated with setting up network security.” Shawn Rogers, Market Development Manager at Zyxel Networks. Connect and Protect (CNP) is available in two licensing options: CNP and CNP+. CNP features the IP reputation filter and CNP+ adds application visibility with bandwidth throttling. CNP and CNP+ licenses are available as bundles with NWA1123ACv3 and NWA110AX access points. CNP is offered as an optional license on WAC500 and WAC500H access points, and CNP+ is offered as an optional license on NWA210AX, WAX510D, WAX610D, WAX630S, and WAX650S access points. About Zyxel: Since their first day in business over 30 years ago, Zyxel has kept business and home users online with a focus on innovation and customer-centric service. In 1989, this was accomplished with analog modems. Today, the company combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for business and home users.

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