Nuula prioritizes small business owners' wellness with new app features

Nuula | May 18, 2022

Nuula prioritizes small business owners
Nuula, a fintech company focused on providing small businesses the tools and the capital they need to succeed, announced an initiative to help small business owners improve their overall mental and physical well-being. In partnership with Walnut, Nuula's new wellness feature gives small business owners access to life insurance, plus meditation programs and online fitness classes, all for as little as $9/month.

Nuula's focus on the entrepreneur's well-being, in addition to business performance, was driven by insights into how personal stress is affecting small business owners, especially with the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent Capital One survey found that 45% of small business owners report that running a business during the pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental well-being, and 42% say they are currently experiencing burnout or have experienced it within the past month.

"For a small business owner and entrepreneur, work and life are inextricably linked, which is why it is so important to provide support for both, Nuula is taking a new approach to small business financial services by focusing not only on the needs of the business but also on the needs of the small business owner."

-Mark Ruddock, CEO at Nuula.

Nuula's new health and wellness feature offers access to guided meditation, sleep guides, and mental focus programs through Headspace Plus and online fitness programs through ClassPass Digital. The programs are paired with $10k-$50k of Life Insurance to give small business owners peace of mind. The new feature sits atop of Nuula's existing portfolio of small business tools, including financial health tracking, cash-flow forecasting, 24/7 credit monitoring, as well as updates on rating and reviews, all available in the Nuula app.

"Nuula is taking a forward-looking approach to the needs of small businesses, by embedding tools that match the holistic needs of its customers, Mental and physical health are paramount to entrepreneurial success. Walnut is proud to help Nuula empower business owners by allowing them to easily access health and wellness offerings within Nuula's existing ecosystem of critical financial tools."

-Derek Szeto, Co-founder and CEO of Walnut

Starting today, Nuula users can sign up for a health and wellness membership that includes group life insurance and subscriptions from ClassPass and Headspace.

About Nuula
Nuula is building the future of small business performance. Launched in 2021, Nuula is a financial services and technology company focused on serving the small to medium-sized business community. Nuula provides real-time data and analytics, allowing businesses to manage their finances, monitor their credit ratings and user reviews, and more. Nuula is an advocate of financial inclusivity and a proud partner to Kiva to create economic and social good. To learn more about Nuula, visit

About Walnut
Founded in 2020, Walnut is a Canadian and US insurtech that has built infrastructure to enable multiple lines of embedded insurance for brokers, employers, and financial services coupled with value added benefits from international brands. Walnut's platform makes insurance simple and convenient – creating greater accessibility for underserved audiences. Learn more about Walnut at



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vcita Unveils Partner Proposition, inTandem, To Enable Organizations to Grow their SMB Offerings

PRnewswire | July 21, 2023

vcita, the all-in-one technology company for SMBs and the companies that support them, has today unveiled inTandem by vcita, a new technology platform designed for organizations that serve the SMB market. inTandem enables SMB service providers to expand their value proposition and provide their SMB clients with best-in-class tools to increase productivity, grow revenues, and manage their finances. inTandem enables organizations to increase SMB engagement, and unlock new revenue opportunities while providing their SMB clients with an all-in-one solution to manage their entire business online. The platform includes all the core components of vcita's leading SMB solution - CRM, scheduling, billing, and marketing - and also allows partners to add additional functionalities of their own using inTandem's rich APIs and applications' framework. "We are excited to embark on a new chapter with inTandem, taking our partnership offering to new heights to enable even more partners to empower the SMB community and help set their small business customers up for success," said Itzik Levy, CEO and Founder at vcita. "inTandem is about working together with our partners towards a common goal and bringing our extensive experience to the table in the joint pursuit of technological excellency. For over 13 years, we have remained committed to providing new value and solutions to the SMB market and serving our partners through collaboration and innovation. With inTandem, we continue to offer the same comprehensive platform, signature service, and ever-growing technology, to enable our partners to better serve their own small business customers." In today's rapidly evolving business environment, it is essential for companies catering to small businesses to maintain a competitive edge and provide outstanding value. By partnering with vcita, they can provide value-adding digital tools and technology, helping to set their SMB clients up for long-term success, while gaining new, recurring revenue opportunities and increasing ARPA, via monthly subscription sales, payment processing fees, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Organizations can make the most of their existing customer base and benefit from better, longer client relationships, reduced churn, and increased perceived value. In addition, the platform provides organizations with a 360 view of their customers, giving them access to valuable data insights to help them better understand and serve their SMB clients. Building on vcita's 13 years of experience growing successful partnerships with companies that serve SMBs, inTandem offers a new approach to working with partners to design, launch, and grow joint solutions tailored to their unique business goals and to help their SMB clients succeed. Organizations can easily integrate their native services and third-party applications into inTandem's business management ecosystem using over 200 APIs and connectors to ensure that partners can offer their clients a wide range of solutions through one digital front door. vcita partners can also monetize the inTandem platform further by enjoying a cut of all application sales through the platform's integrated app marketplace. Partners can work together with vcita to build and develop additional apps, providing SMB clients with added value while opening up untapped sources of aftermarket revenue for providers. vcita's success and professional service teams are also made available to partners to train and enable their sales and marketing teams, provide development and onboarding support, as well as serve as an extension of a partner's business to provide sales and post-sale services to their clients, under the partner's own branding. inTandem is built for a wide range of industries and regions and can be tailored to help all partners serve a wide range of SMB clients. The platform is currently available in 9 languages making it easy for partners to customize their SaaS offerings and grow their reach. vcita is already trusted by world-class partners, including some of the largest North American marketing agencies, leading US-based financial service providers, and European media companies, that are building robust solutions based on this technology. About vcita vcita is an SMB tech company dedicated to helping small and medium businesses thrive in today's digital world by providing them with the tools to manage and grow their business. With vcita's solution, small businesses can manage all aspects of their day-to-day operations and client engagement including scheduling, billing, payment collection, client management, email and SMS marketing. inTandem by vcita is a platform designed to serve the needs of SMB service providers, offering a customizable, white-labeled, platform that allows organizations that serve SMBs to bring their clients all the essential vcita tools under their own brand. With inTandem, partners can deliver great service and value to their SMB customers and unlock new revenue streams, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty. With hundreds of thousands of small business users worldwide and partnerships including marketing agencies, banks, financial service providers, telcos, MSPs, and fintechs, vcita delivers an innovative digital solution uniquely designed to serve the needs of SMBs and the companies that support them. Founded in 2009, vcita employs a team of over 200 professionals in offices in the US and Israel.

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Simply Business Teams Up With Cerity® to Offer Workers' Compensation Coverage to Small Business Customers

PRnewswire | July 13, 2023

Simply Business, LLC, a Boston-based digital insurance company focused on small businesses, announced today an association with Cerity, a provider of digital-first, direct-to-consumer workers' compensation insurance policies. Customers can receive quotes for Cerity's workers' compensation insurance on the Simply Business website, bind their policies online, or connect with a licensed insurance agent, who can help ensure their coverage meets their business's needs. "We are committed to providing small business owners with a wide range of insurance options that cater to their specific needs and preferences," said David Summers, Group CEO of Simply Business. "We're excited to team up with Cerity, who shares our digital-first approach and combines a deep understanding of workers' compensation with expertise in the online insurance purchasing process." Cerity is a subsidiary of Employers Holdings, Inc., a workers' compensation specialist with an over 100-year history. This offering is currently available to small business owners in Washington D.C. and all 46 states where private carriers are eligible to operate. "We are thrilled to team up with Simply Business to meet customers where they want to be: online," said Chris Champlin, Vice President of Digital Sales at Cerity. "By leveraging technology, we have created a digital-first experience that makes it easy for small business owners to get the coverage and peace of mind they need so they can focus on running their business." Simply Business Simply Business is changing the way small business owners find business insurance by offering customers tailored insurance coverage online. The company began in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United States in 2017, naming Boston home. With thousands of customers, Simply Business has become a leader in the space through its commitment to a customer-first model, focusing heavily on simplicity, choice, and value. Cerity Cerity® is a registered trademark of Cerity Services, Inc. Founded with a bold vision to reimagine small business insurance, Cerity empowers business owners to quickly and easily protect their team, their assets, and their livelihood through an online workers' compensation solution. With its digital-first approach, Cerity is transforming the entire process – from purchasing and maintaining coverage to filing a claim – to be simple, fast, and easy. The company's proprietary pricing model produces tailored quotes within seconds and can deliver a new policy in five minutes or less, enabling leaders to get back to what matters most: growing and scaling their operation. Cerity Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employers Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EIG), an industry veteran with over 100 years of experience in workers' compensation. Employers Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates throughout the United States, with the exception of four states that are served exclusively by their state funds. Insurance is offered through Employers Insurance Company of Nevada, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company, and Cerity Insurance Company, all rated A- (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Company. Not all companies do business in all jurisdictions.

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Cowbell Joins AWS Cyber Insurance Partner Initiative

PRnewswire | July 28, 2023

Cowbell, a leading provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), today announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cyber Insurance Partner Initiative. Participation in this initiative demonstrates that Cowbell has deep expertise in serving SME customers with cyber insurance coverage tailored to their unique needs. As an AWS Cyber Insurance Partner, Cowbell's solution has been vetted by AWS for its ability to streamline the quoting process using thorough cyber risk assessments that leverage risk signals from AWS Security Hub. Policyholders will immediately benefit from the wealth of risk management resources bundled with every Cowbell-issued policy. "We are excited to be joining the AWS Cyber Insurance Initiative as a trusted provider of cyber insurance solutions for SME customers," said Jack Kudale, founder and CEO of Cowbell. "This achievement further validates our expertise in helping businesses effectively manage cyber risks and close the insurability gap. We are committed to serving AWS customers by offering tailored cyber insurance coverage and a wealth of risk management resources to protect their businesses." Despite cyber insurance being the fastest growing line of business in recent history, four out of five SMEs are still uninsured or underinsured for cyber. By working with AWS, Cowbell is extending its reach into cloud-first businesses, working with its appointed broker partners to close the insurability gap and deliver cyber risk transfer tailored to the needs of AWS customers in the SME market. AWS enables scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless adoption of cyber insurance coverage, AWS established the AWS Cyber Insurance Partner Initiative to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. About Cowbell Cowbell is a pioneer of Adaptive Cyber Insurance, a leader in providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) coverage adaptable to today's and tomorrow's threats and the advanced warning of cyber risk exposures. In its unique AI-based approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell's continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue in less than 5 minutes. Cowbell is backed by 20 prominent leading global (re)insurance partners and serves SMEs in 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Founded in 2019, Cowbell is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with employees across the U.S., Canada, India, and the U.K.

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