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Lenders Cooperative Integrates Massachusetts Capital Access Program Into Lending Platform To Expand SMB Lending Opportunities

Businesswire | May 11, 2023 | Read time : 03:14 min

Lenders Cooperative Integrates Massachusetts Capital

Lenders Cooperative, a provider of lending solutions for financial institutions, today announced the unique integration of the Massachusetts Capital Access Program (CAP) into the cooperative’s loan origination system (LOS). This integration allows lenders to have a fully turnkey process to accept and originate Mass Capital loans without the need to manage documents and process outside the loan platform.

With nearly 60 banks participating throughout Massachusetts, Lenders Cooperative recognized the need to integrate the CAP program into its LOS to better serve their customers. The Mass CAP program is designed to help the state’s small businesses with 200 or fewer employees obtain term loans and lines of credit from participating banks. Using cash collateral guarantees from a loan loss reserve fund, the program enables banks to confirm loans they might otherwise be unable to grant.

Loans guaranteed through the Mass Capital Access Program may be used to start or expand businesses, or to provide permanent working capital to ensure continued profitable operations. Typical needs for these loans include equipment purchases, start-up costs and real estate acquisitions. The program can also be leveraged for working capital lines of credit.

“With such a large number of our customers in Massachusetts, it only made sense to integrate the CAP program into our LOS,” said Loughlin Cleary, President of Lenders Cooperative. “We are dedicated to helping our clients provide the best loan solutions to their local businesses and communities, and the Mass Capital Access Program is an important tool for this. Our mission is to support small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and this integration is a testament to that commitment, as well as the flexibility we offer to our customers.”

About Lenders Cooperative

Lenders Cooperative is a client-owned cooperative representing a community of over 140 and growing forward-thinking banking institutions leveraging best-in-class loan origination software coupled with shared services, including credit underwriting, SBA LSP support, bank operations and white labeled call center support. With solutions built and supported by veteran bankers, the Cooperative also offers customers a deep knowledge base, the ability to exchange best practices and a direct role in guiding the development and implementation of new technologies.Lenders Cooperative helps community and regional financial institutions think differently on modernizing their lending solutions, improving internal workflow processes, and streamlining back-office operations so they can focus on their real strength - supporting their customers. Visit the Lenders Cooperative community today to join and learn more.



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Tide Helps More SMEs Simplify Accounting With ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Upgrade

Businesswire | August 04, 2023

Tide, the leading digital business financial platform, has today launched its improved Tide Accounting tool, powered by Sage, to help more small businesses meet their accounting needs directly from one place - their bank account.At present SMEs have to connect multiple solutions to their accounting software - their bank account, payments providers, payroll and more. Managing these systems is complex, time-consuming and costly. To address this, Tide Accounting has streamlined the process into one user-friendly experience. Tide members can get paid, manage their bills, track their business performance and file their taxes – all via an embedded accounting service directly from their Tide account.The simple tool, launched last year for cash accounting, has now been upgraded to introduce standard accrual-based accounting. It’s the first solution of its kind embedded in a bank account. Standard accrual-based accounting recognises revenue when it's earned and expenses when they’re incurred. Most businesses in the UK use this method. Adding this service to the platform means Tide solutions are available to many more SMEs.Today’s launch strengthens Tide's mission to save SMEs time and money when running their businesses by adding to the platform’s banking, finance and admin solutions. These already include invoice generation, payment and payroll services and expense cards. In addition, businesses using Tide Accounting can utilise their records to access credit opportunities via the Tide Partner Credit marketplace. Available to existing Tide Members, Tide Accounting supports SMEs across their business journey, bringing together the following features: Get Paid Invoice customers to get paid on time, and spot unpaid invoices. Tide members can automate invoice matching and payment reminders with Invoice Assistant. Manage bills Pay bills at the right time to manage cash flow. Track business performance Keep financials in check to grow the business by reconciling accounts and balancing the books, directly from the Tide app. Members can categorise transactions, adding VAT rates and receipts. File taxes Submit tax returns accurately and securely. This includes automatically generated estimates for sole traders that make it easier to fill in self-assessment tax forms. In addition, members can submit their VAT return via Making Tax Digital with HMRC-compliant software, straight from their Tide account. New members opening a bank account through Tide’s Company Formation service will benefit from a free six-months access to Tide Accounting. Vinay Ramani, Chief Product Officer at Tide, said: “For small business owners, accounting can be very time-consuming and intimidating as they have to move transactions from their bank account to their accounting tools. Tide Accounting introduces accrual-based accounting embedded in a bank account - unlocking real convenience and ease of use without the stress and hassle. And once their accounting is done well - those businesses become more attractive for credit opportunities via the Tide Partner Credit marketplace. In this way our strategy to help a small business with their overall banking, finance and admin needs comes to life.” Neil Watkins, EVP Product at Sage, said: “We know that technology is vital to the creation, survival, and growth of SMEs across all sectors and like Sage, Tide is on a mission to help small business owners get their work done more efficiently by streamlining and simplifying processes. “We are pleased Tide chose Sage Accounting and Compliance as a Service (ACaaS) as a key component of their Tide Accounting offering, enabling small businesses to do their business banking, bookkeeping and accounting in one seamless experience. Today’s newest development to support accrual based accounting will help even more small businesses simplify their money admin, to radically simplify their essential bookkeeping and accounting tasks.” About Tide Tide is the leading provider of UK SME business accounts and one of the fastest-growing FinTechs in the UK. Tide is live in the UK and India with over 500,000 members in the UK and more than 50,000 in India. We’re just getting started! Tide is transforming the business banking market. Our platform not only offers business accounts and related banking services, but also a comprehensive set of highly connected admin tools for businesses, such as full integration with accounting systems (live for our UK members, coming soon to India). Using advanced technology, all solutions are designed with SMEs in mind.

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AT&T Unveils Fast and Reliable Internet Solution for Small Businesses

AT&T | September 22, 2023

AT&T's new fixed wireless home internet service for small businesses promises quick setup and reliable connectivity. AT&T is expanding Internet Air to various locations, including Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. The service offers $55/month pricing with no extra fees, includes security features, and is eligible for financial assistance. AT&T's latest breakthrough, AT&T Internet Air, aims to address the pressing need for consistent and dependable internet connectivity among small business owners. In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the demand for a seamless online presence has never been greater. Yet, achieving strong connectivity remains an enduring challenge for those residing in regions with limited broadband options. This innovation, introduced by AT&T, goes beyond the conventional realm of home Wi-Fi; it is a fixed wireless home internet service. In simpler terms, it delivers home Wi-Fi through AT&T's robust wireless network. Its remarkably swift setup process is what truly sets it apart, especially for small business operators running their businesses from home. In an environment where time equates to money, AT&T guarantees its customers a fully operational Wi-Fi connection in under 15 minutes. Once configured, users can count on a continuous, optimized, and secure internet connection. Traditional internet options have long been a source of frustration for many, particularly in less densely populated areas. Erin Scarborough, President of Broadband and Connectivity Initiatives at AT&T, has emphasized that their team has made it a priority to identify and address these pain points experienced by customers—their solution: AT&T Internet Air. By harnessing the available network capacity in less congested areas, they have established a connection that is both dependable and robust. AT&T has already rolled out this service to its existing copper-based clients, receiving positive feedback. The company's vision is crystal clear: to ensure that the selected locations have the requisite wireless coverage and capacity. This not only guarantees an exceptional in-home experience but also sustains the quality of wireless service for their mobile users. User-friendliness is paramount for small business owners who often handle multiple responsibilities. Upon receiving the AT&T Internet Air package, customers can scan a QR code to access a comprehensive, step-by-step setup guide. Furthermore, the AT&T Smart Home Manager app streamlines the process and even offers a feature to help identify the optimal location for the home's connection. For larger spaces, AT&T provides add-on Wi-Fi extenders to ensure coverage in every corner. Moreover, AT&T recognizes the aesthetic preferences of its users. The device itself features a sleek, modern design that complements any workspace. AT&T Internet Air is steadily expanding its coverage, complementing its top-notch AT&T Fiber offering. New locations now include areas in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and many others, with recent additions in Cleveland-Akron, Orlando/Gainesville, Denver, and Providence-New Bedford. For small business proprietors, budget considerations are of significant importance. AT&T Internet Air employs a transparent pricing strategy that is $55 per month (plus taxes), with no additional charges for overages, equipment, or annual contracts. Additionally, AT&T includes ActiveArmorSM internet security for added online transaction security. The service is also eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers financial assistance to qualifying households. In today's digital age, where an online presence is critical for businesses, AT&T Internet Air presents a promising solution, particularly for small business owners. Its straightforward setup, transparent pricing, and robust connection represent a significant step toward ensuring universally accessible and reliable internet access.

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Innovative Solutions Launches Tailwinds on AWS

PRnewswire | July 27, 2023

Innovative Solutions, a leading provider of cloud services for growing businesses, announced today that it has launched its Tailwinds product on the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) marketplace. Built by Innovative and based upon technologies from both AWS and Anthropic, Tailwinds allows business leaders and software engineers to use generative AI technology within their applications without the complexity, high cost, and time associated with traditional software development. This new tool enables small to midsize businesses to seamlessly adopt AI technologies in their applications. "We're proud to introduce Tailwinds to the market," said Travis Rehl, SVP of Product and Service at Innovative Solutions. "We're pioneering a path to make generative AI accessible and efficient for all businesses, empowering them to enrich their products, services, and workflows without the need for deep AI expertise. Tailwinds is the easy button for building apps with generative AI." Tailwinds includes three components that application developers and product managers can use to accelerate product development using AI technology: (1) a comprehensive, plug-and-play reference architecture, based on Infrastructure as Code; (2) an API library for utilizing Anthropic and AWS's AI technologies; and (3) a serverless environment for testing and sharing use case examples during the development process. Scott Burklund, CIO of Preverity, a company that helps healthcare businesses and technology companies manage, analyze, and model healthcare data, is one of Innovative's first customers on the platform: "Leveraging Tailwinds is a game-changer for us at Preverity. We're thrilled to unlock new opportunities by integrating this Innovative's AI solution into our data analysis processes. With Tailwinds, we'll use AI to support our growth and deliver even more value to our clients." Anthropic, the creators of the generative AI technology named Claude, and Innovative have partnered to support Anthropic's Claud AI technology on AWS, bridging the technology gap for companies looking to leverage generative AI without the hurdles of integrating the technology themselves. Tailwinds is targeted specifically at HealthTech, FinTech, Manufacturing, and SaaS companies. "Innovative Solutions, one of our first Generative AI Partners, has indexed heavily on customer obsession and is focused on guiding our customers along an AI Journey that will deliver them transformational outcomes," said Chris Sullivan, General Manager World Wide System Integrators at AWS. "They have leveraged Amazon Bedrock, and other cutting edge AWS technologies, and brought to market Tailwinds. Like Amazon, Innovative Solutions is democratizing gen Ai, making it accessible to companies without the requirement for deep technical resources and elevated costs. More and more customers will now be able to take advantage of this transformational technology." ABOUT INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Innovative believes that every company will become a technology company. Innovative uses its cloud expertise and technology to help businesses migrate to and manage their IT infrastructure in the cloud. With an army of experts and the Innovative Cloud Runbook utilizing the leading platforms and technologies, Innovative gives businesses of every size the confidence to grow in the cloud.

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