LegalShield’s Enhanced Small Business Service Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs at Launch

LegalShield | February 23, 2022

The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than it has been in decades as more people have decided to create their own business during the pandemic. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 5.4 million new business applications were filed in 2021, surpassing the 2020 record of 4.4 million. At the same time, small business formation requires a significant amount of legal paperwork which can be difficult to navigate alone. Those seeking to start a small business can greatly benefit from a service that’s affordable and provides personal legal support to help to manage every step of the process.

To provide a solution, LegalShield, the leading provider of membership-based legal services and identity theft protection plans, has enhanced its Launch by LegalShield service to simplify the business formation process. From launch phase to growth phase and beyond, professional lawyers seamlessly support and assist aspiring entrepreneurs with all their legal needs.

“Starting a business can be stressful and complicated, especially if you’re doing it alone or relying on a DIY solution. LegalShield supports founders every step of the way with a dedicated law firm as they form their business. Let us take care of all the legal details in launching your business, and then support you with a personal and business legal plan for 90 days so you can focus on making your dreams become a reality.”

Jeff Bell, CEO of PPLSI

Launch by LegalShield’s network of provider lawyers and law firms acts as a concierge service and brings value and support to critical business steps including:
  • Entity formation to review and complete the paperwork needed to successfully form an LLC or corporation including protecting personal assets, opening bank accounts, completing contracts, hiring employees, and securing business licenses and permits. Additionally, to understand how the business will be taxed and advise of any legal liabilities that could result in financial ramifications.
  • Business name check to ensure the chosen business name is legally available and doesn’t infringe on other business registrations.
  • Business startup consultation to discuss business goals and form the LLC.
  • Tax ID/Employer Identification Number (EIN) that allows the IRS to recognize the business for tax reporting. An EIN enables access to open bank accounts and apply for credit under the business’ name.
  • Worry-free filing through the designated lawyer who will prepare, review, approve, and submit all necessary paperwork to form the LLC.
  • Registered agent services are available for purchase to those who need to focus on growing the business and need a trusted source to act as the Registered Agent for the business.

About LegalShield
A trailblazer in the democratization of affordable access to legal advice, counsel, protection, and representation, LegalShield is the world's largest platform for legal, identity, and reputation management services protecting individuals and businesses across North America. Founded in 1972, LegalShield, and its privacy management company, IDShield, has provided individuals, families, businesses, and employers with tools and services needed to affordably live a just and secure life. Through technology and innovation, LegalShield is disrupting the traditional legal system and transforming how and where people receive legal guidance and services, with access to thousands of qualified, trusted attorneys and law firms. 

A champion of equal access to justice and security, PPLSI has provided individuals, families, businesses, and employers with the tools and services needed to live a just and secure life for 50 years. Under PPLSI, our consumer brand, LegalShield, is disrupting the legal services industry by giving everyone the resources and tools to affordably find their justice. We are transforming the traditional way of receiving legal guidance and services and providing qualified, trusted attorneys and law firms in the palm of your hands. Our security brand, IDShield, specializes in privacy and reputation management and protects your online data and information. 


Agriculture Business industry is oldest but always evergreen businesses to start. Here are 24 Great Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas for 2017. These agro businesses you can start with small investment. Hope these ideas will help you to choose the perfect one.


Agriculture Business industry is oldest but always evergreen businesses to start. Here are 24 Great Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas for 2017. These agro businesses you can start with small investment. Hope these ideas will help you to choose the perfect one.

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Swipeclock Officially Launches WorkforceHub for Small Business

Swipeclock | February 03, 2021

Swipeclock, an innovator in small business work tech arrangements, declared the authority dispatch of WorkforceHub, a HR the executives framework purposefully designed for small business managers. Alongside the authority item dispatch, Swipeclock distributed a WorkforceHub site and visual personality. WorkforceHub tends to a hole looked by small businesses attempting to oversee complex, consistently changing work prerequisites. They need labor force the board apparatuses that are nimble, adaptable, responsive and don't disrupt the general flow. WorkforceHub answers the call – associating labor force the board, vital HR and center HR in one center point that develops with the business. "WorkforceHub is built for scaling small businesses," said Coleman Barney, CEO of Swipeclock. "It's flexible, automated workflows keep our customers on track without distracting from the real purpose of their business. We give 30,000+ businesses more of what they need and less of what they don't." Designed by a group of work improvement subject matter experts, WorkforceHub offers an advanced, fresh UI, which conveys fundamental devices that are not difficult to learn and utilize in light of the fact that small business representatives and administrators have significant work to do. Swipeclock assembled its HR answer for help cutting edge managers and pioneers complete crucial assignments – productively and rapidly. A quick an ideal opportunity to esteem is an absolute necessity have for small businesses. The organization's item dispatch and brand development incorporate another logo and a lively imprint that recognizes its dedicated, yet straightforward way to deal with HR. About Swipeclock Swipeclock provides Work Tech solutions designed for the way small businesses work. With a "get in and get work done" friendly and clean user interface, Swipeclock solutions minimize compliance challenges, improve productivity and have the rapid time to value that small businesses need. Swipeclock's flagship product, WorkforceHub, seamlessly connects core human resources, time and labor, benefits management, and talent within one unified solution.

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Weave Introduces New Features to Assist Small Businesses in Streamlining Customer Onboarding

Weave | May 18, 2021

Weave, an all-in-one customer communications platform for small businesses, has announced the release of two new products designed to make it simpler and quicker for businesses to add new customers. Weave users, both new and existing, will now use Digital Forms and Web Assistant. The new additions make it easier for small businesses to schedule appointments and gather necessary information, creating a modern experience for the office and their clients from the first conversation to the first appointment. Digital Forms are entirely personalized, paperless forms that customers and patients can complete at their convenience and on their preferred device, modernizing small business operations while improving the customer experience. Forms are simple to construct and design, and the company owner and staff can monitor when forms have been completed and follow up with patients and customers by text or email. Web Assistant presents a new and pain-free alternative to web chat into the Weave unified communications ecosystem, assisting new and existing customers in scheduling appointments or obtaining personalized responses to fast questions or though the office is busy or closed for the day. The customer can easily request an appointment, and they don't have to think about waiting at their desktop with a tab open for a response or receiving an impersonal chatbot response. Weave's Text Connect tool takes a customer's name and phone number and generates an SMS conversation thread, enabling the busy customer and business owner to talk asynchronously and at their convenience. Customers can close their window and go on to the next thing on their to-do list, assured that they can get an actual response from a real person directly to their phone. The addition of Web Assistant and Digital Forms to Weave's all-in-one communication platform in 2021 is not the only one. With the introduction of Unify earlier this year, Weave extended its offerings to multi-office small businesses, enabling growing businesses to have meaningful customer interactions across various offices while streamlining internal operations and staffing. Weave's emphasis on supporting small business growth takes center stage this week at the free digital Business Growth Summit on May 19, where businesses can learn from comedian and actor Ken Jeong, YouTube phenom Lindsey Stirling, and Weave CEO Roy Banks about how to draw new customers. About Weave Weave is a small business's all-in-one customer communications platform. Weave connects the entire customer journey, from the initial phone call to the final invoice and any touchpoint in between. Weave's software solutions simplify how small businesses attract, communicate with, and engage customers to grow. Weave, the first Utah company to enter Y Combinator, has raised the bar for Utah startup success and work culture. Weave has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in America, and Glassdoor Best Places to Work.

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Trainual Focuses on Small Business Success with the World's First Business Playbook Software

Trainual | September 30, 2021

Trainual , a leading SaaS platform that dramatically boosts small businesses' ability to scale through better onboarding and training, unveiled the world's first business playbook software yesterday during their first annual user conference.The major product upgrade now empowers small businesses to build their playbooks (or how-to guides for running their company) in the same way they naturally work every day. This includes easily documenting and sharing information about their company, people, policies, and processes - allowing small businesses to scale and grow in record time. These fundamentals were born out of Trainual founder Chris Ronzio's latest book: The Business Playbook. "As a small business owner myself, I've experienced firsthand the many challenges of onboarding, training, and scaling fast,To really help small businesses when it comes to transferring knowledge, we needed a product that matched exactly how they operate every day, especially when it comes to documenting processes and onboarding new hires. This next generation of Trainual is truly a reflection of that, of how people learn about a business in real life." -said Chris Ronzio, CEO and founder of Trainual. The all-new Trainual now consists of four key changes, each built specifically with small businesses in mind: New navigation - Trainual's new layout mimics how small businesses naturally operate daily - from a larger picture of their company to how individuals fit in and, finally, to exactly what teams need to know. The new navigation directly reflects this, saving time and ensuring a more organized experience. Org chart - The org chart feature gives an easy-to-digest, visual representation of where each team member fits into the company, who they report to, and who's on what team. Roles & responsibilities - This makes it easy to assign accountability to each team member, eliminates duplicate efforts by clearly showing who does what, and allows teams to link actual Trainual or website content to a responsibility. As a result, these features add a whole new level of context for other team members or new employees. Collections to organize content - Customers can now group their processes into individual categories called "Collections" by team, department, topic - whatever works! Additionally, Trainual launched a brand-new plan called "Build," specifically created and priced for small businesses with 5 employees or less. The company held its first-ever Insider Summit event yesterday, exclusively for Trainual customers, where attendees got a sneak peek at the all-new platform before it went live later that day. About Trainual: Trainual, the world's first business playbook software, transforms the way small businesses onboard, train, and scale their teams. With its affordable and easy-to-use platform, organizations can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get employees up to speed while making every need-to-know instantly accessible from anywhere in the world. Thousands of small businesses in over 180 countries build their business playbooks and grow their teams with Trainual.

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