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Interise and the Urban League Bring NextStage Minority Business Entrepreneur Academy & NextStage Accelerator to Massachusetts Gateway Cities

PRnewswire | May 31, 2023 | Read time : 04:17 min

Interise and the Urban League Bring NextStage Minority

Interise, a national non-profit headquartered in Boston, has partnered with The Urban League of Springfield and Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts to offer NextStage Minority Business Entrepreneur Academy and NextStage Accelerator powered by Interise."We are excited to bring these programs to our small business community as they are the heart of each town and city in the region", said Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Interim CEO & President Dr. Keith Motley.

"NextStage Minority Business Entrepreneur Academy and NextStage Accelerator will provide a welcomed boost to Springfield area minority-owned small business, and we are grateful for this partnership with Interise and Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts," added Urban League of Springfield Consultant/CEO & President Yvette M. Frisby.

The programs will use Interise's StreetWise MBA curriculum with an emphasis on procurement readiness and provide minority-owned small businesses with the knowledge, know-how and networks needed for business growth and expansion."These programs are yet another way to provide much-needed assistance to minority-owned small business owners located in key cities throughout the state of Massachusetts," said Interise CEO Darrell Byers. "We are honored to partner with Urban League of Springfield and Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts on this important initiative."

Nationwide approximately 10 to 18% of small businesses are BIPOC-owned, while less than 1.5% of BIPOC-owned small businesses are successful in securing contracts. Securing long-term contracts provides predictable revenue, a critical success factor for any small business.Historically, Interise companies become-contract ready through StreetWise'MBA' program. Companies that have completed these programs have achieved greater success procuring contracts with an average increase in revenue of 36% and a job creation rate 4x that of the private sector.

Byers added, "We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop a more inclusive economy in Massachusetts by helping BIPOC-owned small businesses secure government and corporate contracts. The Federal Infrastructure Bill alone comprises a total spending of more than $3 trillion over the next five to ten years."

The program will be offered throughout the Commonwealth with a focus on Gateway Cities and is funded through a $3 million earmark from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act in a spending bill signed by former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.The first cohorts began in April in Holyoke, Worcester County and Merrimack Valley and subsequent cohorts will launch in Pittsfield, Fall River, New Bedford, Lynn, and Springfield in the next few weeks. The programs will also launch in Boston and Brockton later this year. NextStage Accelerator will be offered in both English and Spanish while NextStage Minority Business Entrepreneur Academy will be in English only.

About Interise

Interise builds diverse and inclusive local economies through small business development, supporting the growth of minority-owned small businesses and small businesses located in low- and moderate-income communities. Interise contributes to inclusive economic development through its national research on the growth of established small businesses and its award-winning business development programs. As Interise companies grow, they contribute to local job creation and build community wealth. Interise companies historically create new jobs at five times the rate of the private sector and are responsible for the creation of over 30,000 new jobs. Interise partners with government agencies, anchor institutions, and business associations to offer the StreetWise 'MBA'™ program in more than 80 cities nationwide. Strategic Growth Partners include the Kauffman Foundation, the TD Bank Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation and the Prudential Foundation.

About The Urban League of Springfield, Inc.

The Urban League of Springfield, Inc., serves the African American Community in Greater Springfield by advocating for and providing model services that enhance the academic and social development of young people and families, promoting economic self-sufficiency, and fostering racial inclusion and social justice.

About The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (ULEM) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and one of the oldest affiliates within the National Urban League movement. Since 1919, the doors opened to the at-large Boston community and surrounding metropolitan area residents, ULEM has been employing a multi-point strategy to deliver services and programs which aim to increase self-reliance, specifically in the area of workforce and economic development.



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Grow Finance partners with Pismo to issue new Mastercard® credit card for small businesses in Australia

PRnewswire | July 11, 2023

According to the Australian Banking Association, of the 2.6 million businesses in Australia, the majority (98%) are small and medium enterprises (SMEs)*. As the sector accelerates in 2023, it also suffers from an increase in the cost of goods and services, leading to rising inflation and unemployment rates. In this scenario, entrepreneurs are eager for help. Australian company Grow is ready to help them. Grow is a leading lending partner for SME businesses looking to expand, manage cash flow and deal in today's increasingly complex and competitive operating environment. It will launch its first credit card, powered by Pismo. The Grow Mastercard® credit card will be available in market from September. This new offer will give business owners better cash flow, management and capital to help them improve their businesses. Grow has chosen Pismo's all-in-one, public cloud-native financial services platform to support its card-issuing operation. By using a modern and feature-rich platform, it seeks to differentiate itself from other lenders and continue supporting the Australian SME segment, an estimated $410-billion market. "Pismo brings us its extensive expertise in card issuing and payment processing, which includes managing 42 million cards. The Pismo platform enables us to develop our credit card business without building the infrastructure from scratch. While Pismo focuses on the technology, we focus on supporting Aussie SMEs to grow their businesses," says David Verschoor, Executive Director and Co-CEO at Grow. Founded in 2016 in Brazil, Pismo has operations in five continents with 450 employees. It processes 290 million transactions monthly. Pismo provides card issuing infrastructure for Banco Itaú – Latin America's largest bank; BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in the region; NG Cash, a fintech focused on Generation Z; a German fintech N26, the global bank Citi, among others. "Grow has been having a significant impact on the Australian SMEs so far. It will serve these companies even better with their new credit card. We are very proud to announce them as our first Australian client", says Vishal Dalal, CEO (North America, EMEA, APAC) at Pismo. About Grow Finance Limited Grow Finance (Grow) is a leading Australian non-bank business lender. Grow's vision is to support companies to thrive in today's increasingly complex and competitive operating environment. This is achieved by a comprehensive suite of working capital and asset finance products. Grow's is renowned for being agile, innovative, and disruptive, and consistently redefines product classes. Grow was recognised as the #1 fastest-growing company in the 2021 AFR Fast10100! received the #1 Australian and #8 Asia-Pacific high-growth company in the Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2022, and again, was listed in the top 10 in the Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023. About Pismo Pismo is a technology company providing an all-in-one processing platform for banking, payments, and financial markets infrastructure. Large banks, marketplaces, and fintech companies use our cloud-native microservices platform to launch next-generation solutions and move from legacy systems to the most advanced technology in the market. The Pismo cloud-based platform empowers firms to build and launch financial products rapidly, scaling as they grow to have a broader audience while keeping high security and availability standards.

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B20 and C2FO Collaborate on Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

PR News Wire | September 01, 2023

C2FO, the world's on-demand working capital platform, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Business 20 (B20) and inclusion in a major policy paper published at the 2023 B20 meeting in New Delhi, India. The B20 is the official dialogue forum between the global business community and the G20, the key forum for intergovernmental leaders around the globe. The paper addresses the challenges micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) face in accessing working capital and provides global leaders with actionable recommendations for achieving sustainability targets with inclusive long-term employment and economic growth. This initiative was led by the vice-chair of the Business at OECD (BIAC) Finance Committee, Gianluca Riccio, CFA, with guidance from other leaders across the private and public sectors globally. This is the second consecutive year that a major policy paper from the B20 highlights C2FO's platform as a critical solution for the biggest challenges faced by MSMEs and the global economy. "The importance of MSMEs to the global economy cannot be overstated, and it's incredibly important to see both the challenges and solutions being addressed in this global forum," said Alexander "Sandy" Kemper, C2FO's founder and CEO. "We work hand in hand with MSMEs, and increasingly with governments, around the world every day to address the need for working capital to drive economic growth and prosperity, and we've seen the power of solutions, like ours, that work. As the paper's recommendations are incorporated, the global economy will benefit." The paper highlights several global studies that show the pivotal role working capital plays in fostering economic growth and job creation. A recent study from the Bank of Italy suggests that increasing working capital could lead to a boost of 0.5% to 0.7% in economic growth. Similarly, a 2022 McKinsey Global Institute study commissioned by C2FO found that Mexico could experience a 1.1% growth in its gross domestic product (GDP) by implementing a working capital platform on a national scale. According to an International Finance Corporation study, $1 million in funding to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is connected to the creation of 16.3 permanent jobs on average. C2FO's impact on MSMEs goes far beyond research, however. The tangible impact of working capital programs is evident through the $300 billion in funding C2FO has provided to businesses worldwide since its founding, a milestone it achieved in July 2023. In the past three years, more than $25 billion of that low-cost working capital went to nearly 30,000 businesses in 41 countries categorized by the United Nations as "economies in transition." "We are dedicated to solving the challenges MSMEs face in every country," said C2FO's head of India, Basant Kaur. "As a key demonstration of our National Platforms for Working Capital initiative, last year C2FO received approval from the Reserve Bank of India to become an official trade receivables discounting system (TReDS). Our customers and the nearly 200,000 suppliers on our platform in India know that when they partner with C2FO, they are working with a recognized global leader dedicated to creating opportunity for businesses." In addition to C2FO's work with the B20, the company is an active member of the SME Finance Forum. As a member of this global network, C2FO engages in dialogue about policy changes to promote SME financing worldwide. Kemper will speak on Sept. 12 during the organization's premier conference in Mumbai, India, focusing on the role of digital platforms in SME financing. C2FO remains committed to ensuring every business has access to the capital it needs to thrive. To learn more, visit About C2FO C2FO is the world's on-demand working capital platform, providing fast, flexible and equitable access to low-cost capital to nearly 2 million businesses worldwide. Using patented Name Your Rate® technology and a suite of working capital solutions, companies can get paid sooner by the world's largest enterprises — unlocking billions in risk-free capital. With a mission of ensuring that every business has the capital needed to thrive, C2FO has delivered more than $300 billion in funding around the world. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Kansas City, USA, with offices around the globe, C2FO is working to build a better, more inclusive financial system every day.

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AT&T Unveils Fast and Reliable Internet Solution for Small Businesses

AT&T | September 22, 2023

AT&T's new fixed wireless home internet service for small businesses promises quick setup and reliable connectivity. AT&T is expanding Internet Air to various locations, including Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. The service offers $55/month pricing with no extra fees, includes security features, and is eligible for financial assistance. AT&T's latest breakthrough, AT&T Internet Air, aims to address the pressing need for consistent and dependable internet connectivity among small business owners. In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the demand for a seamless online presence has never been greater. Yet, achieving strong connectivity remains an enduring challenge for those residing in regions with limited broadband options. This innovation, introduced by AT&T, goes beyond the conventional realm of home Wi-Fi; it is a fixed wireless home internet service. In simpler terms, it delivers home Wi-Fi through AT&T's robust wireless network. Its remarkably swift setup process is what truly sets it apart, especially for small business operators running their businesses from home. In an environment where time equates to money, AT&T guarantees its customers a fully operational Wi-Fi connection in under 15 minutes. Once configured, users can count on a continuous, optimized, and secure internet connection. Traditional internet options have long been a source of frustration for many, particularly in less densely populated areas. Erin Scarborough, President of Broadband and Connectivity Initiatives at AT&T, has emphasized that their team has made it a priority to identify and address these pain points experienced by customers—their solution: AT&T Internet Air. By harnessing the available network capacity in less congested areas, they have established a connection that is both dependable and robust. AT&T has already rolled out this service to its existing copper-based clients, receiving positive feedback. The company's vision is crystal clear: to ensure that the selected locations have the requisite wireless coverage and capacity. This not only guarantees an exceptional in-home experience but also sustains the quality of wireless service for their mobile users. User-friendliness is paramount for small business owners who often handle multiple responsibilities. Upon receiving the AT&T Internet Air package, customers can scan a QR code to access a comprehensive, step-by-step setup guide. Furthermore, the AT&T Smart Home Manager app streamlines the process and even offers a feature to help identify the optimal location for the home's connection. For larger spaces, AT&T provides add-on Wi-Fi extenders to ensure coverage in every corner. Moreover, AT&T recognizes the aesthetic preferences of its users. The device itself features a sleek, modern design that complements any workspace. AT&T Internet Air is steadily expanding its coverage, complementing its top-notch AT&T Fiber offering. New locations now include areas in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and many others, with recent additions in Cleveland-Akron, Orlando/Gainesville, Denver, and Providence-New Bedford. For small business proprietors, budget considerations are of significant importance. AT&T Internet Air employs a transparent pricing strategy that is $55 per month (plus taxes), with no additional charges for overages, equipment, or annual contracts. Additionally, AT&T includes ActiveArmorSM internet security for added online transaction security. The service is also eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers financial assistance to qualifying households. In today's digital age, where an online presence is critical for businesses, AT&T Internet Air presents a promising solution, particularly for small business owners. Its straightforward setup, transparent pricing, and robust connection represent a significant step toward ensuring universally accessible and reliable internet access.

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