Innovative Solutions Signs Strategic Agreement with AWS

Innovative Solutions | January 04, 2023 | Read time : 01:28 min

Innovative Solutions Signs Strategic Agreement with AWS
Innovative Solutions (Innovative), a leading cloud services provider for emerging enterprises, announced the signing of a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

As a result of this agreement, Innovative Solutions and AWS will closely integrate their sales, marketing, and delivery teams to effectively drive cloud service adoption in the SMB and startup industry segments, with a particular emphasis on software, finance, life sciences, and retail.

The collaboration between Innovative and AWS drives substantial investments in numerous areas to serve the growing demand for AWS products and services among Innovative's 600+ SMB clients and new customers in the United States and Canada. Innovative will extend its migration and modernization practices, manage service offerings, and build new data analytics and machine learning practices to support the advanced stages of its customers' cloud journeys.

Innovative, which further aims to expand its Managed Cloud Services (MCS) business, has swiftly developed as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner by introducing specialized services for organizations desiring to migrate their server infrastructure to AWS and manage a customer's cloud operations. Innovative Solutions intends to accelerate growth and customer satisfaction with this new arrangement by establishing four practice groups - migrations, modernization, data engagements, and machine learning. Each will be accountable for growing the depth, size, agility, and reach to give the best customer experience to Innovative and AWS's joint clients at all stages of their digital transformation.

About Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions is committed to assisting every small to mid-size business in the United States and Canada in leveraging the power of the cloud to promote business growth. Innovative utilizes its cloud experience and technology to assist companies in migrating to and managing their cloud-based IT infrastructure.

About Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS), founded in 2006, delivers critical infrastructure services to organizations through web services. The ultimate benefit of AWS is that businesses no longer need to prepare for and purchase servers and other IT resources. Instead, AWS enables organizations to leverage Amazon's knowledge and economies of scale to access resources as required, delivering results faster and at a reduced cost.


This National #SmallBusinessWeek, we’re highlighting Cajas Cleaners in Austin, Texas  Check out how #FordPro has helped make their business more efficient on and off the road!


This National #SmallBusinessWeek, we’re highlighting Cajas Cleaners in Austin, Texas  Check out how #FordPro has helped make their business more efficient on and off the road!

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Nextdoor Unveils Free Marketing Tools to Promote Neighborhood Small Businesses

Nextdoor | March 13, 2023

Nextdoor has recently unveiled a suite of products designed to assist small businesses in growing in the face of increased economic challenges. This suite of free marketing tools, including events, videos, polls, and unlimited business posts, is aimed at small businesses worldwide, finding new approaches to create genuine connections with a high-intent local audience. The new suite of marketing tools includes a streamlined post composer that allows small businesses to upload engaging content for free as often as they'd like. In addition, the new composer has unlimited access to the following new post formats: Events: Businesses can create and share events to attract new neighbors and increase foot traffic. Events will be promoted on the Discover page for neighbors within a 10-mile radius, as well as in the newsfeeds of the business's neighbors and those who have Faved the business. Polls: Businesses may create polls to learn more about their customers’ requirements and discover what neighbors desire. Polls make it simple for businesses to get data from verified locals. Video: Video content brings businesses to existence by allowing neighbors to see available items or receive a warm welcome from local employees. A survey found that 87% of Nextdoor neighbors are more willing to spend money with a small business if they know anything personal about it, such as its backstory, local history, or individuals who work there. All small business users worldwide can now access events, videos, polls, and limitless business postings. Small companies wishing to attract local clients may create a free Nextdoor business page to take advantage of the new capabilities and engage with their neighbors via unlimited business postings. Nextdoor Advertising is a simple method to spread the word up to 30 miles for eligible businesses wishing to increase their reach. About Nextdoor Nextdoor is a social networking platform that connects people within their local neighborhoods. The platform aims to create more robust and safer communities by providing neighbors with a way to communicate and share information with each other. It offers a variety of features, including a newsfeed, classifieds, and events, and allows users to share recommendations, ask for help, and offer assistance. Additionally, the platform provides tools for local businesses to connect with their community and promote their products or services. With over 10 million registered users in the United States alone, Nextdoor has become a popular way for neighbors to stay connected and informed.

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Barclays Awards $255,000 to Small Businesses in Its Third Annual 'Small Business Big Wins' Promotion

Prnewswire | May 04, 2023

To commemorate National Small Business Week, Barclays US Consumer Bank today announced Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen as the winner of its third annual "Small Business Big Wins" promotion and the recipient of the $60,000 grand prize. The Troy, New York-based restaurant is driven by a passion for food and community and provides authentic Korean food for dine-in, take-out and catering at its local market. Additionally, Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen employs immigrant Americans from all over the world and offers free virtual English classes for adults. Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen received the most nationwide votes – edging out nine other strong finalists – that determined which US-based small business would receive the much-needed financial boost. Barclays received over 14,000 qualifying submissions for this year's promotion, the most the contest has received since launching in 2020. Through essays and photos, these thousands of small businesses across the country shared the challenges of building a business and their unique journeys. Ten finalists were selected and showcased online at for a public voting period that took place April 1-10. "Small businesses were forced to adapt during the pandemic and now face tough economic conditions," said Jill Neilson, Director of US Business Cards at Barclays. "Our annual contest supports and provides capital to small businesses who play a critical role in fueling our economy and providing jobs and services to our communities." The contest is sponsored by the Barclays Business Card team, which supports business owners with its broad range of credit cards that offer business owners rewards for dollars spent on their business needs. Barclays awarded $40,000 to second place winner Dixon Cooperative Market of Dixon, New Mexico; $20,000 to third place winner Beautiful Curly Me of Atlanta, Georgia; and $5,000 to each of the remaining finalists in the top 10. Barclays also awarded 50 participants of the contest $2,000 each through a random drawing, all totaling $255,000 in support of 60 small businesses across the country. "We are incredibly grateful to our supporters in the community who rallied behind us during the voting process," said Jinah Kim, owner of Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen. "A big mission for us is working with immigrants and providing educational programming and professional development. This cash influx from Barclays will enable us to bolster these programs and reach more people in our community." The full list of finalists includes: • Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen – Troy, New York ($60,000): Driven by a passion for food and community, Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen provides authentic Korean food for dine-in, take-out and catering at its local market. Additionally, this small business employs immigrant Americans from all over the world and provides free virtual English classes for adults. • Dixon Cooperative Market – Dixon, New Mexico ($40,000): Founded in 2005, this unique market provides locals with a grocery store that supports local growers and producers. The market also provides educational resources to the community. • Beautiful Curly Me – Atlanta, Georgia ($20,000): Beautiful Curly Me gives every little girl the chance to have a doll that looks like them by creating dolls with braids and curly hair. For every doll sold, one is donated to underserved communities. • Buttermilk Boutique, LLC – Clayton, North Carolina ($5,000): A pasty shop dedicated to memorable luxury sweets and treats for everything from weddings to corporate events. • Good Karma Bikes – San Jose, California ($5,000): A non-profit dedicated to providing bike repair and secondhand sale services to members of the local community in need of aid. • Happy Day Dessert Factory – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ($5,000): An ice cream parlor serving homemade hard ice cream as well as water ice, custard, milkshakes and more. Products are made daily with premium ingredients. • KnoNap – Washington, D.C. ($5,000): A tech startup that makes small, portable tests that enable users to test drinks and cocktails for drugs commonly used to spike drinks. • Mickey's Popcorn – Memphis, Tennessee ($5,000): A snack producer founded by a married team producing small batch gourmet popcorn in flavors inspired by their region. • Rose Sisters Chips – Brooklyn, New York ($5,000): A snack company founded by two sisters using a family recipe that dates back to their Polish-Canadian childhood in Brooklyn. The recipe has been passed down for three generations. • Wowzitude – Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey ($5,000): A travel entertainment company that specializes in virtual tours that cater to seniors and others who might not be able to experience distant locations physically. About Barclays US Consumer Bank Barclays US Consumer Bank is a leading co-branded credit card issuer and financial services partner in the United States that creates highly customized programs to drive customer loyalty and engagement for some of the country's most successful travel, entertainment, retail and affinity institutions.

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PostcardMania Adds New Technology to its Flagship Multichannel Marketing Campaign, Enhancing Online and Offline Integration for Small Businesses

PRnewswire | May 12, 2023

PostcardMania, the $97MM marketing technology firm employing 350 staff in the Tampa Bay, FL area, added two new digital targeting features — geofencing and contextual search retargeting — to its nationally recognized multichannel marketing campaign package, Everywhere Small Business. PostcardMania is one of the few marketing companies in the world capable of delivering complex online and offline-integrated campaigns like Everywhere Small Business without any outsourcing, affording clients superior quality control, shorter turnaround times and competitive cost savings, a driving factor in maximizing return on investment. These integrated solutions are all part of PostcardMania's larger mission to help small businesses get the best results and the highest ROI from their advertising campaigns. Going forward, PostcardMania's contextual search retargeting, to be called Browsed-Content Targeting, enables businesses to reach prospects based on topics they research online. For example, an automotive repair company could display digital ads to people who research "check engine light repair" or "replacing car a/c." Geofencing will undertake the easier-to-understand moniker Visited-Locations Targeting and target prospects in the local area based on the physical locations they visit and how those locations align with intent and purchase behavior. For example, a yoga studio will be able to target health food store visitors, a pharmacy can target visitors to urgent care facilities, and a veterinarian can target dog park visitors. Both new features further enable small businesses to compete on a more level playing field with big brands. These additions to Everywhere Small Business will further enhance the integrated campaigns, which already include targeted direct mail and coordinated ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and YouTube. "We are always testing the most effective marketing techniques and then developing how we can make them affordable to small businesses to level the marketing playing field," said Gendusa. "A robust, fully integrated campaign like Everywhere Small Business used to be something you needed a team to execute. But we've tested it, formulated it and bottled it so that every small business in America can benefit from a single multi-faceted campaign that's proven to generate leads, increase revenue, and put them in the driver seat of their own success." The addition of browsed-content and visited-locations targeting are part of a greater push to expand PostcardMania's direct marketing technology and achieve the best response for their 111,036 small business clients. Just this year, the direct mail marketing firm broke sales records in quarter 1 by reaching over $25 million in revenue — 8% growth over the same quarter last year — and the most revenue in a single month in March. They also have increased their annual marketing budget by more than 20% to $8 million and are on track to reach record revenues of over $110 million for 2023. About PostcardMania PostcardMania is one of the nation's most effective marketing companies specializing in lead generation for small to large-sized businesses. They have been featured on the Inc. 500 and 5,000 lists as well as,, Adweek, Inc. Magazine, and more. PostcardMania offers fully integrated, results-based marketing campaigns that seamlessly bring online and offline channels together.

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