Everlane Equity Partners Invests in demandDrive

Everlane Equity Partners | February 19, 2022

Everlane Equity Partners ("Everlane") today announced a strategic investment in demandDrive, LLC and Data Fuel, LLC (collectively "demandDrive" or the "Company"), a provider of sales development and lead generation services. Everlane is a Boston-based private equity firm focused on partnerships with growing service companies.

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts with approximately 175 employees, demandDrive offers sales and marketing enablement services to its growing client base across the country. The Company specializes in recruiting, training and outsourcing Sales Development Representatives ("SDRs") that generate actionable sales opportunities for clients' in-house sales and marketing resources. demandDrive also delivers high-quality and actionable top-of-funnel leads. demandDrive's strong recruiting pipeline, coupled with its dedicated SDR development process and resources, enables the Company to build successful demand generation programs quickly and cost-effectively for clients.

"We are proud of the organization we've built over the past decade and thankful for all of the support from our clients, management, and team members to get to this point in our Company's evolution. After all the hard work, we still see this as just the beginning, and we're excited for what is ahead for demandDrive in partnership with Everlane."

Lindsay Frey, Co-Founder and President of demandDrive

Dan Paul, Co-Founder and Managing Director added, "We look forward to working with the Everlane team as we continue our strong growth trajectory and commitment to investing in resources and offerings that enable us to deliver the highest level of service to our clients and accelerated growth opportunity for our employees."

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with the demandDrive team," said Evan Horton, Managing Partner at Everlane. "The Company alleviates a major pain point we see across many businesses as it is often harder to justify significant investments in in-house demand generation resources that can take a lot of time to prove out their effectiveness and tend to see a higher level of turnover." Harry Banks, Operating Partner at Everlane emphasized, "Consistent with our other outsourced services investments, we believe this combination of seasoned professionals, technology, and proven processes will provide significant value to the market." Daniel Vetrano, Vice President at Everlane added, "demandDrive operates in a large, fragmented and growing industry that offers significant opportunity to add capabilities via acquisition and broaden the Company's portfolio of services."

About demandDrive
demandDrive provides sales development and demand generation services to clients nationwide. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the Company's offering includes sales and marketing enablement solutions with a specialization in recruiting, training and outsourcing SDRs. The Company has experience servicing clients across a wide variety of end markets and has particular expertise in supporting business-to-business technology companies. 

About Everlane Equity Partners
Everlane Equity Partners is a Boston-based private capital provider focused on equity investments in high-quality companies that are well-positioned for future growth. Everlane utilizes its fully committed capital base and experience investing in small capitalization and middle market companies to accelerate value creation alongside management teams that have meaningful go-forward financial participation in their businesses. Everlane is flexible in its approach, structuring both majority and minority partnerships across primarily services industries such as business, consumer, financial, healthcare, industrial and IT services. 


Numbers don't lie—these ten cities are topping the charts when it comes to the amount of female-owned businesses, according to Small Business Trends, which compiled its list using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 Survey of Small Business Owners.


Numbers don't lie—these ten cities are topping the charts when it comes to the amount of female-owned businesses, according to Small Business Trends, which compiled its list using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 Survey of Small Business Owners.

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Hello Prints | September 06, 2021

Helloprint, Europe’s leading online print marketplace, launches a strategic partnership with Canva, the world’s leading visual communication platform. From today, small businesses and consumers all over Europe can use Canva’s thousands of print templates and vast content library and print the designs directly via the Helloprint platform. “We believe that integrating Canva’s powerful design solution and content library on our European platform is a true game-changer for us as a company and a highly desired solution by our European customers”, said Hans Scheffer, CEO of Helloprint. “The power of print lives by the quality of its designs, and Canva has democratized the way businesses and individuals can create those designs without the need of a professional designer. Adding the Canva design option to our platform will massively contribute to our mission of making ordering print easier, for everyone, everywhere. “We’re very excited to partner up with Helloprint,” said Barry Newstead, Ecosystem and Print Lead, Canva. “We believe the power of our world-class visual communications platform combined with the strengths of Helloprint will bring a unique experience to users across Europe who want to create beautiful designs and print them in the best quality. We’ve worked hard together to provide Helloprint users the best-integrated experience possible, and we can’t wait to see it live.” Design made simple As the world’s fastest-growing visual communications platform, Canva provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, along with access to millions of free, customizable elements. Casual creatives can now design and print everything from marketing collateral to greeting cards, all with just a few clicks on the Helloprint platform. Founded in Australia in 2013, Canva is one of the fastest technology companies in the world and has over 55 million monthly active users. About Helloprint Helloprint is Europe’s leading online print marketplace, operating in 13 European countries and serving over 700.000 European small businesses and consumers. The huge product portfolio of over 100.000 unique products varies from promotional products to clothing, packaging, gifts, sustainable products and many more customized products. A network of hundreds of European producers is taking care of the production of the printed products, while over 30 connected carriers are taking care of the delivery, all chosen via the company’s smart technology. Helloprint has the highest standards in the market when it comes down to quality and delivery and is rated “Excellent” via its Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Score. Helloprint guarantees its customers the quality via their unique “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and the lowest price via its “Lowest Price Guarantee”.

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First Citizens Bank Predicts Positive Long-Term Economic Outlook for Small Businesses

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The 6th yearly First Citizens Bank Small Business Forecast has discovered that notwithstanding broadly acknowledged vulnerabilities because of the Covid pandemic, numerous small entrepreneurs stay hopeful about the monetary standpoint for a few years. Of those surveyed, 66% of respondents are idealistic or extremely hopeful for the drawn out monetary viewpoint, which stays comparable to pre-pandemic notion from 2019 (68%). “This year has been challenging and unpredictable for the world, but our report shows that small business owners have not let the challenges of today impact their positive perception about our economic outlook,” said Doug Sprecher, director of sales strategy at First Citizens Bank. “The small business community shoulders a significant amount of responsibility and has continued to showcase its resiliency year-after-year. Our goal is to leverage this data to better equip business owners with the insights and counsel needed to plan for and achieve greater business performance in 2021 and beyond.” When contrasted with the close term financial certainty, small entrepreneurs are less positive about the conditions for the following a year. Of those studied, 57% announced being certain or extremely positive about the United States' close term monetary conditions. This is a critical decay from 2019, where 66% of respondents felt certain about the quick financial standpoint. Businesses with a background marked by under 10 years (77%), those with in excess of 51 representatives (86%) and entrepreneurs ages 18-34 (89%) are generally certain about their capacity to develop. This year, small entrepreneurs in California demonstrated the steepest decrease in close term monetary certainty with 49% (a 24% abatement from 2019) expressing they were very or to some degree sure. Then again, the standpoint of their partners in Wisconsin (64%) and South Carolina (65%) remained moderately level in year-over-year reaction to approach term monetary conditions, showing a consistent certainty level about small entrepreneurs in these locales.

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Yes Lender Acquires Edge Funder to Build An AI-powered Small Business Funding Portal

Yes Lender | July 07, 2021

Yes Lender recently announced the acquisition of Edge Funder, Inc., a FinTech start-up that is revolutionising entrepreneur access to working capital through its direct-to-merchant funding portal. The portal, which is powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary software, presents multiple funding options to merchants within 60 seconds. Edge Funder also has extensive marketing expertise in driving web traffic and generating quality leads of merchants in need of working capital. The acquisition strengthens Yes Lender's dominant position in the merchant cash advance market has been strengthened by the addition of internal lead generation capabilities and automated, data-driven decisioning. About Yes Lender Yes Lender, which was founded in 2014, is an alternative financing company that provides working capital to small businesses to fuel their growth and sustain their success. Yes Lender is a rapidly expanding company in the fast-paced and dynamic fintech sector. Glenn Forman (CEO), a former McKinsey & Company partner, Bret Dunlap (President), a serial entrepreneur who co-founded multiple technology companies, and Tom Petro (Principal), a serial banking entrepreneur who led the turnaround and IPO of Fox Chase Bank, lead the company. About Edge Funder Edge Funder, Inc. is a fintech start-up that has combined proprietary technology and AI-powered decisioning software in an automated platform that provides a seamless end-to-end user experience (i.e., from application to funding to servicing). Amotz Segal, former director of operations at Yalber, and Kobi Ben Meir, a Forbes council member and speaker, as well as the former marketing and branding director of two fintech brands in the US and UK, founded the company.

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