EnGenius Launches a New Line of Small Business-Oriented Access Points and Switches Called EnGenius Fit

EnGenius Technologies Inc | November 03, 2022 | Read time : 01:45 min

EnGenius Launches a New Line of Small Business-Oriented
EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational networking company, known for delivering future-proof networking solutions for businesses of all sizes, announced the release of a new Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for small businesses called EnGenius Fit. With this launch, the global network equipment manufacturer is bringing hassle-free, enterprise-grade quality products to small and medium-sized businesses. With fast deployment and simplified cloud-based management, small business owners without IT staff will have more time to run their business instead of putting out fires. Small business owners work hard to provide the best service to customers while growing their business. The last thing they need is sub-standard Wi-Fi. Yet many business owners struggle constantly with dropped connections, slow speeds, and data breaches all the while wondering if there's a solution built just for them.

Now there is. EnGenius Fit is unlike any solution that has appeared on the Wi-Fi networking landscape. It's the smartest, most affordable Wi-Fi solution yet for small businesses. Simple and secure, this new family of access points and switches is supported by new, subscription-free EnGenius Fit cloud-based management options built to thoroughly streamline deployment while providing enterprise-grade security and reliability. Anyone can do it. There is no complexity at all—just the visibility, control, and insights that allow customers to make solid business decisions confidently. EnGenius Fit is easy and fast as all network components can be managed effortlessly through a mobile app or web interface no matter the level of network knowledge. For slightly larger companies with an IT staff, EnGenius offers more management options: a local portal ideal for examining deep-level analytics on any device, or a plug-n-play network controller with pre-installed network management software, which allows even junior IT pros to set up a cloud-based or on-premises network management infrastructure. Small business owners will finally have all the tools they need to run an affordable, reliable, secure network. It all comes subscription-free, a feature that EnGenius expects dental offices, law firms, and other small businesses will appreciate. Every time small business owners invest in an upgrade, they expect greater efficiency, more reliability, and all the increased revenues that are bound to pour in from a smoothly functioning network. EnGenius Fit delivers.

About EnGenius
EnGenius Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of pioneering wireless and voice communications. For more than 20 years, EnGenius has delivered best-in-class voice and data solutions that empower mobility, enhance productivity, and embrace simplicity. EnGenius prides itself on providing its customers with the best, most reliable, feature-rich, personalized network solutions to drive their success.


Most companies that are in the market for a new learning management system, or “LMS”, tend to focus on such features as user onboarding options, gamification, and analytics.  


Most companies that are in the market for a new learning management system, or “LMS”, tend to focus on such features as user onboarding options, gamification, and analytics.  

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mdf commerce | January 31, 2023

On January 30, 2023, mdf commerce inc., one of the SaaS leaders in digital commerce technology, announced a collaboration between its ecommerce solution, k-e-commerce, and Acumatica. The products, when combined, provide a full offering to SMB clients and extend the reach of mdf commerce's e-commerce solution. The k-e-commerce ERP-integrated e-commerce platform designed for Acumatica Cloud ERP customers comprises a CMS, cloud hosting, and post-implementation servicing and training. In addition, k-e-commerce assists B2B businesses by providing a PCI Level 1 compliant environment. Vice President of partner solutions at Acumatica, Christian Lindberg, said, "With over 20 years of experience in the B2B ecommerce industry, built specifically for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses, k-ecommerce checks off all the boxes for providing Acumatica Cloud ERP users with a robust and scalable B2B ecommerce platform. The integration to k-ecommerce also means Acumatica customers can maximize the return on their current technological infrastructure." (Source – GlobeNewswire) President of k-e-commerce, powered by mdf commerce, Pascal Cardinal, said, "Acumatica has been the world's fastest growing Cloud ERP company for more than six years. We are proud to support the Acumatica Cloud ERP business by providing the fully integrated ecommerce experience that is key to partners in the channel and end users within the Acumatica ecosystem." He added, "We are excited to introduce the new solution in exclusivity during the Acumatica Summit 2023." (Source – GlobeNewswire) About mdf commerce inc. mdf commerce Inc., previously known as Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc., facilitates the flow of commerce by offering a comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions that optimize and speed up commercial transactions between buyers and sellers. The firm's infrastructure and services enable companies all over the globe to produce billions of dollars in yearly transactions. Its procurement, e-commerce, and e-marketplace solutions are backed by a strong and devoted workforce of over 700 professionals in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Ukraine, and China. About Acumatica Acumatica is among the world's top innovators in cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP). Acumatica ERP provides adaptive cloud and mobile technologies with a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive user licensing model, providing a comprehensive, real-time picture of your company at any time and from any location through its global network of partners. The technology is based on a future-proof platform with an open architecture for quick integrations, scalability, and user-friendliness, allowing it to give unmatched value to small and mid-sized businesses. The company has its headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, and is owned by EQT Partners, one of the world's most prominent investment firms.

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Mercato Announces Launch of Thriving Communities Program, eCommerce Platform Increases Healthy Food Access and Grows Small Businesses

Mercato | November 22, 2022

Mercato, the nation's leading eCommerce platform for independent grocers, has announced its new initiative to improve access to healthy foods and foster economic stability in low-income communities. Thriving Communities works with local governments, private funders and non-profits to bring more grocers onto the eGrocery platform so they can digitize their inventory, offer delivery and enable enrollment and utilization of SNAP online.Mercato, the nation's leading eCommerce platform for independent grocers, has announced its new initiative It creates what founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan calls "The Mercato Effect" whereby grocers going online provides residents access to healthy, culturally appropriate foods and the ability to redeem public/private food benefits which in turn creates more jobs, increases grocers' sales and keeps dollars circulating within the community. As the son of an independent grocer in Brooklyn, I know first-hand how critical these independent, local grocers are to the economic and social well-being of their communities," said Brannigan. "They are the lifeline for so many residents to get fresh, healthy, culturally relevant foods without having to travel far or wait weeks to go to the market. By giving local grocers the tools and technologies to operate online, they can increase their own revenue and fuel healthier ecosystems throughout the country. New York City was the first city to partner with Mercato, leveraging Thriving Communities to test a technological pilot that offered subsidized groceries to a cohort of New Yorkers. "The pandemic challenged food security in unprecedented ways, Mercato's innovative work piloting online grocery benefits making healthy, affordable groceries accessible to all New Yorkers, no matter where they live. New York City is proud to innovate with technology and public benefits, and we are thrilled that Mercato recognizes this too." Kate MacKenzie, executive director, New York City Mayor's Office of Food Policy. Getting onto the Mercato platform was game-changing for our store and our shoppers," said Gustavo Rodriguez of Key Food Stadium, located in the Bronx. "Our sales are increasing literally every day, especially fresh produce, and the technology and service Mercato provides enables us to fulfill orders seamlessly and with the same personal attention and care that our shoppers need and deserve. It feels incredible to be feeding and helping low-income residents in our community." Mercato is looking to expand Thriving Communities by finding and collaborating with partners in other cities including Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. About Mercato Mercato is an eCommerce and local delivery platform that provides thousands of independent grocers across the country with the tools and technologies they need to stay competitive in the marketplace. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, it was founded by Bobby Brannigan, the son of a neighborhood grocer in Brooklyn, who saw his father needed to modernize his inventory and delivery systems to stay in business and better serve his shoppers. Since launching in 2015 Mercato has brought more than 1,500 stores across the country onto the platform.

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Alaska Communications expands fiber internet to Anchorage, Fairbanks and Soldotna

Alaska Communications | December 02, 2022

For Anchorage bed and breakfast owner Kathryn Deal, having slow internet is a matter of having guests or no guests .Oftentimes, the first thing guests ask when they’re checking in is, ‘what’s your Wi-Fi password,’” said Deal. “Even when people are on vacation, they need reliable connectivity. It’s important to my business and my guests. My new fiber service has been a game-changer. Like small business owners, families need fast, reliable and affordable broadband to keep up with today’s demands. That’s why Alaska Communications is delivering the fastest home internet speeds in three communities with Alaska Communications Fiber. Using cutting-edge fiber optic technology, the broadband provider is leading the way in how fiber is delivered to end users. The company’s new broadband internet product is 100% fiber to the premise, delivering ultra-low latency, symmetric 2.5 gigabit per second connectivity directly to homes and businesses. Unlike cable modem networks commonly used to deliver high-speed internet to most urban Alaska homes, fiber-to-the-home greatly simplifies service delivery. Alaska Communications’ fiber-based broadband transmit faster symmetrical internet speeds with lower latency and higher reliability than cable modem providers.Some of our guests are surprised that we have fiber in Alaska – the latest technology,” said Deal. “The future is fiber and that’s our focus, The way people use the internet has fundamentally changed. This means that the way the internet is delivered also needs to change. Faster speeds, lower latency and higher reliability along with more choices – that’s what we’re bringing to our community in Alaska.” Mark Ayers, chief technology officer at Alaska Communications. Select neighborhoods in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Soldotna are eligible for service this year, with additional neighborhoods and communities planned for future years. To check if your home or business is eligible to receive fiber-to-the-home service, About Alaska Communications Alaska Communications, an affiliate of ATN International, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNI), is the leading provider of advanced broadband and managed IT services for businesses and consumers in Alaska. The company operates a highly reliable, advanced statewide data network with the latest technology and the most diverse undersea fiber optic system connecting Alaska to the contiguous U.S.

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