AstroPay launches new capability - Payment Links - for small and medium sized-enterprises

AstroPay | January 18, 2022

AstroPay, the global leader in online payment solutions, today announced the launch of a new capability - Payment Links - for small and medium sized-enterprises (SMEs) in Brazil, enabling business owners to collect online and remote payments by simply sharing the link with their customer, and get paid instantly in an easy and secure way.

Brazil's 18.2 million micro and small companies account for 99% of businesses in the country and were responsible for 70% of employment created since the beginning of last year. With AstroPay's new payment capability, small businesses without a website or online store can continue to serve their customers with an easy online payment solution that suits their needs.

Payment Links enable business owners to create a link and share it with their customers via email or any other electronic means of communication, and customers can pay with an array of local payment methods in their local currency or American dollars. Small business owners and customers can both download and sign up for AstroPay App and get approved instantly to accept and make payments.

"We understand it can be difficult for micro and small businesses to access conventional payment options due to their size and they need solutions that are flexible. At AstroPay, we are committed to improving the day-to-day operations of businesses of all sizes, enabling them to make their customers' experiences as seamless as possible. Our Payment Links capability gives micro and small business owners in Brazil the ability to deliver fast, easy and reliable way of charging their customers. It will help them grow their customer base and we will continue to add more payment options and introduce Payment Links to more customers around the world."

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay

Since its inception in 2009, AstroPay has been building online payment solutions to help businesses grow and empower users with payment options to purchase online on international sites regardless of where they are and their banking status. The company has served Brazilian users for 12 years, providing them with the widest selection of online payment methods. The addition of Payment Links comes at a time of rapid growth for digital payments, not just in Brazil but on a global level.

About AstroPay
Founded in 2009, AstroPay is a pioneer in global payment solutions. It is the payment solution of choice for millions of customers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe who want to make online purchases on international sites, and it also aims to help merchants access markets more easily and securely.

AstroPay has offices in the UK and Latin America, with over 5 million users, 500 merchants, and more than 200 payment methods available globally. It has extensive experience in handling the specificities of different markets, offering an efficient solution to all its customers: merchants, end users, and business partners.


The Xero Small Business Insights programme provides unique, regular, and timely data showing how small businesses are performing and the important role they play in our community. Xero Small Business Insights seeks to shine light on small businesses around the world to help improve understanding amongst governments, researchers, advisors and small businesses themselves.


The Xero Small Business Insights programme provides unique, regular, and timely data showing how small businesses are performing and the important role they play in our community. Xero Small Business Insights seeks to shine light on small businesses around the world to help improve understanding amongst governments, researchers, advisors and small businesses themselves.

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Eastern Bank Announced the Launch of Equity Alliance for Business

Eastern Bank | March 14, 2023

Eastern Bank announced the introduction of the Equity Alliance for Businesses to further accelerate the growth of underrepresented entrepreneurs and business owners as part of its longstanding and profound commitment to promote greater economic inclusion and mobility. Equality Alliance for Business is a unique credit program geared to meet the requirements of diverse business owners who are people of color or women and all their intersectionality, such as the LGBTQIA+, veteran, and disabled communities. It also provides access to additional banking and community services, as well as entrepreneurial thoughts and tools, supplied by a team of diverse bankers with input from leading business support organizations. Eastern Bank is the top SBA lender to Massachusetts's small business community, and as a community bank, it is deeply devoted to assisting small businesses and their vital role in ensuring a thriving local economy. The bank's efforts to address racial inequities and the wealth gap include community development and small business lending, supporting the growth of minority business owners, offering accessible banking services, and strengthening public-private partnerships. Quincy Miller, Vice Chair & President of Eastern Bank, said, "Eastern has a deep and long-held commitment to advancing equity and opportunity for all, and Equity Alliance for Business is yet another step in advancing our commitment to economic inclusion and strengthening our communities." He added, "We understand resources such as specialized credit programs designed to address systemic inequities, specially trained bankers, and financial tools and community partnerships are game-changing in opening up much-needed opportunities of support for entrepreneurs and business owners." (Source – Business Wire) Equity Alliance for Business aims to meet the requirements of business owners with at least 51% ownership by people of color or women or all their intersectionality, including the LGBTQIA+, disabled communities, and veterans, who may not qualify for access to capital under conventional underwriting standards. The ecosystem provides: • Local 1:1 Relationships • Credit Solutions, with a Special Purpose Credit Program • Supplementary Financial Products & Services • Access to Other Tools & Resources About Eastern Bank Eastern Bank, founded in 1818 and headquartered in Boston, has more than 120 branches in Rhode Island, eastern Massachusetts, and southern and coastal New Hampshire. Eastern Bank had almost $23 billion in total assets as of December 31, 2022. Through its Eastern Insurance Group LLC subsidiary and Eastern Wealth Management division, Eastern provides banking, investing, and insurance products and services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Eastern is proud of its outspoken advocacy and community support, which includes charity contributions of $240 million since 1994. Eastern is an inclusive business that employs around 2,100 individuals that respect their relationships with customers, colleagues, and communities.

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Prospera Announced Receiving Funding for Procurement Readiness Program

Prospera USA | February 14, 2023

On February 13, 2023, Prospera, a non-profit economic development organization, announced receiving its first grant from a non-profit organization, The Rockefeller Foundation, to offer procurement-focused training and technical help to small, Hispanic-owned businesses in the Miami and Atlanta metro areas. Grant-funded educational programs will focus on a variety of procurement-related matters, including bidding processes and resources, minority certifications, and access to capital for small businesses with procurement-related needs. The objective is to assist more local entrepreneurs in establishing a solid foundation and increasing their readiness for contracts with government corporations and agencies. While the U.S. government is the largest purchaser of products and services around the globe, Hispanic-owned small companies received only 1.8% of federal agencies' total eligible contracting funds in the fiscal year 2020. Increasing the ability of more marginalized businesses to access federal expenditures through procurement contracts is in line with The Rockefeller Foundation's goals to build assets and economic security for underrepresented working personnel. Augusto Sanabria, Prospera President and CEO, said, "We are thankful for the opportunity this grant from The Rockefeller Foundation provides for Prospera to help move the needle in helping Hispanic-owned businesses secure contracting opportunities in both the public and private sectors." He also added, "Our organization's focus has always been on helping entrepreneurs lay a strong foundation and improve their administrative and operational efficiencies, to increase their chances of succeeding and lasting in business. This time, we will focus on helping small business owners establish a strong foundation and infrastructure to pursue, win, and maximize procurement opportunities." In addition to education programs, Prospera's in-house staff will also offer individual business consulting sessions and one-on-one assistance to look at each participant's progress toward being ready for procurement. As soon as a client is prepared for procurement, the company will work with ecosystem partners in Metro Atlanta and South Florida to put them in touch with the right people and give them the exposure they need to pursue procurement opportunities. About Prospera Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Prospera, a non-profit organization for economic development, has focused on helping Hispanic entrepreneurs start, operate, and grow their businesses by giving them bilingual assistance since 1991. In just the last five years, Prospera has helped small business clients get over $70 million in loans, trained 17,300 entrepreneurs, and assisted consulting clients in creating or keeping over 16,000 jobs. Prospera currently works in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia.

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LuckyTruck Announce Partnership with Simply Business to Offer Insurance Solutions

Simply Business | March 03, 2023

LuckyTruck, the industry-leading insurance and financial services platform provider for small and medium-sized transportation businesses, announced entering into a partnership with Simply Business LLC, a digital insurance company based in Boston that caters to small businesses. Through this partnership, LuckyTruck will offer a full suite of insurance solutions for transportation customers through Simply Business. Vice President of Strategy & Head of Partnerships at LuckyTruck, Aaron Ealy, stated, "Simply Business is the ideal partner for us," He added, "Both of our organizations are centered around bringing simplicity, transparency, and speed to the commercial insurance space through technology. We were able to co-create a digitally-enabled customer journey together." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) "We recognize that the trucking industry has unique risk management and insurance needs, often requiring a dedicated solution, " mentioned David Summers, Group CEO at Simply Business. He further stated, "Partnering with an expert like LuckyTruck enables us to match small business transportation customers with a full suite of products, online and efficiently." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Transportation customers inside the Simply Business ecosystem will have access to all of LuckyTruck's offerings, including the following: • A complete suite of insurance products from a panel of more than ten markets with an emphasis on transportation • Premium financing and integrated digital payment alternatives • Round the clock access to their information, with the option to request endorsements • Instantaneous and self-service access to Certificates of Insurance • Access to other financial products and services About Simply Business Founded in 2000, Simply Business is a leading online business insurance brokerage company that specializes in protecting the small businesses its customers are working hard to build. With more than 900,000 customers around the globe, the company has become a leader in the industry through its commitment to a customer-first model and emphasis on simplicity, choice and value.

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