Abrigo Collaborates with Validis to Speed Up Small Business Lending Process

Abrigo | May 21, 2022

Abrigo Collaborates with Validis
Abrigo, the leader of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for financial institutions, announced an alliance with Validis, a secure data ingestion platform that pulls clients' financial information in real-time, standardized for easy consumption. This partnership will allow financial institutions to extract general ledger data quickly and efficiently. With Validis, banks and credit unions can go from application to spreading financials to deciding on loans without leaving Abrigo's Sageworks loan origination system.

Pulling and uploading financial data severely slows down the small business lending process and can be frustrating for both the lender and the borrower. The newly available integration of Validis' data extraction software solution eliminates the need for repetitive data entry and manual collection of documents by allowing banks and credit unions to create financial statements automatically from up-to-date general ledger data. The Validis integration complements Sageworks' unique Electronic Tax Return Reader to streamline digital processes for even more applicants. This will speed up the lending operation, so borrowers get answers faster, and institutions can assess and book more loans in the same amount of time.

Validis enables borrowers to share their entire financial data history directly from their accounting package in a standardized format, improving insight for financial institutions. Key features include the ability to digitally receive financials in real-time, easily spread customer financial data, and quickly decide if a borrower is creditworthy.

"The Validis integration with Abrigo will further enhance a streamlined platform and provide clients with a powerful alternative to manual data collection, said Abrigo President Jay Blandford. This partnership fits well into our vision to make big things happen and better serve financial institutions.

"We're really pleased to announce our new partnership with Abrigo and integration with their leading Sageworks software, We have a common goal of helping to digitize and streamline the lending process for many U.S. financial institutions. Access to financial data is traditionally a manual and time-consuming process – using Validis will not only help enhance the decisioning process for financial institutions, but it will also equip them with new insights to help manage risk and monitor portfolio performance."

-Paul Thomas, CEO at Validis.

About Abrigo
Abrigo enables U.S. financial institutions to support their communities through technology that fights financial crime, grows loans and deposits, and optimizes risk. Abrigo's platform centralizes the institution's data, creates a digital user experience, ensures compliance, and delivers efficiency for scale and profitable growth. Visit to learn more. Follow Abrigo on social media using @WeAreAbrigo.

About Validis
Validis manages the acquisition and curation of data through a single platform, driving value, business insight, and operational efficiency for some of the world's biggest brands across accounting and financial services. Validis is an intelligent API that accesses and standardizes financial information, powered within an easy-to-use interface. Visit



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Innovative Solutions, a leading provider of cloud services for growing businesses, announced today that it has launched its Tailwinds product on the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) marketplace. Built by Innovative and based upon technologies from both AWS and Anthropic, Tailwinds allows business leaders and software engineers to use generative AI technology within their applications without the complexity, high cost, and time associated with traditional software development. This new tool enables small to midsize businesses to seamlessly adopt AI technologies in their applications. "We're proud to introduce Tailwinds to the market," said Travis Rehl, SVP of Product and Service at Innovative Solutions. "We're pioneering a path to make generative AI accessible and efficient for all businesses, empowering them to enrich their products, services, and workflows without the need for deep AI expertise. Tailwinds is the easy button for building apps with generative AI." Tailwinds includes three components that application developers and product managers can use to accelerate product development using AI technology: (1) a comprehensive, plug-and-play reference architecture, based on Infrastructure as Code; (2) an API library for utilizing Anthropic and AWS's AI technologies; and (3) a serverless environment for testing and sharing use case examples during the development process. Scott Burklund, CIO of Preverity, a company that helps healthcare businesses and technology companies manage, analyze, and model healthcare data, is one of Innovative's first customers on the platform: "Leveraging Tailwinds is a game-changer for us at Preverity. We're thrilled to unlock new opportunities by integrating this Innovative's AI solution into our data analysis processes. With Tailwinds, we'll use AI to support our growth and deliver even more value to our clients." Anthropic, the creators of the generative AI technology named Claude, and Innovative have partnered to support Anthropic's Claud AI technology on AWS, bridging the technology gap for companies looking to leverage generative AI without the hurdles of integrating the technology themselves. Tailwinds is targeted specifically at HealthTech, FinTech, Manufacturing, and SaaS companies. "Innovative Solutions, one of our first Generative AI Partners, has indexed heavily on customer obsession and is focused on guiding our customers along an AI Journey that will deliver them transformational outcomes," said Chris Sullivan, General Manager World Wide System Integrators at AWS. "They have leveraged Amazon Bedrock, and other cutting edge AWS technologies, and brought to market Tailwinds. Like Amazon, Innovative Solutions is democratizing gen Ai, making it accessible to companies without the requirement for deep technical resources and elevated costs. More and more customers will now be able to take advantage of this transformational technology." ABOUT INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Innovative believes that every company will become a technology company. Innovative uses its cloud expertise and technology to help businesses migrate to and manage their IT infrastructure in the cloud. With an army of experts and the Innovative Cloud Runbook utilizing the leading platforms and technologies, Innovative gives businesses of every size the confidence to grow in the cloud.

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AWS to Empower Small Businesses with User-Friendly AI Tools

AWS | September 06, 2023

• Ben Schreiner says AWS is using machine learning expertise to improve AI tool accessibility for SMBs. • AWS is committed to making advanced technology accessible for SMBs and stresses the need for SMBs to pinpoint their business challenges when adopting AI. • SMBs don't necessarily require data scientists for AI tool use; they should focus on data quality and security. Ben Schreiner, the head of innovation for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) at Amazon Web Services (AWS), stated that AWS is leveraging their experience in helping develop its machine learning practices to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of AI tools for SMBs. AWS is dedicated to democratizing access to cutting-edge technology, empowering SMBs to drive innovation in their industries. Schreiner also underscores the crucial step of SMBs identifying their specific business challenges before delving into AI experimentation. The growing accessibility of AI tools presents unprecedented opportunities for SMBs to harness transformative technologies that were previously the domain of larger enterprises. By methodically tracing their problems, businesses can select the most appropriate AI solutions, ensuring a higher likelihood of success. Contrary to prevailing notions, SMBs do not necessarily require a data scientist to effectively utilize AI tools. Schreiner addresses the historical intimidation factor associated with AI for smaller businesses with limited IT resources. He encourages SMBs to commence their AI journey by ensuring their data is in optimal condition since an AI model's performance is directly tied to the quality of the data it processes. Additionally, SMBs should prioritize data security as they leverage AI tools to extract insights from their data. Safeguarding data is essential to shield businesses from potential liabilities stemming from unauthorized access or inadvertent public exposure. Looking ahead, Schreiner envisions advancements in AI enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support tools, particularly chatbots. These AI-powered chatbots will facilitate more streamlined and personalized customer interactions. However, Schreiner does not foresee them entirely replacing human support staff. AWS remains steadfast in its commitment to assisting SMBs in harnessing AI tools for their business growth. By providing accessible and secure solutions, AWS aims to empower SMBs to disrupt and thrive in their respective industries.

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Calix Enables BSPs To Protect Small Businesses From Cyberthreats With New Security Capabilities for SmartBiz

Businesswire | August 10, 2023

Calix, Inc. announces expanded security measures in Calix SmartBiz™, the industry’s only solution purpose-built to enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to seamlessly serve their small business markets. With 43 percent of all cyberattacks targeting businesses with fewer than 250 employees, small and medium business owners need powerful and affordable cybersecurity solutions tailored to their needs. The annual global cost of cybercrime is predicted to reach $8 trillion this year and grow to $10.5 trillion by 2025. SmartBiz enables BSPs to address the unique productivity challenges of the 36.5 million small businesses across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. New security capabilities like increased network protection with user-specific authentication and content restrictions enable BSPs to further enable small businesses in their communities to thrive. With SmartBiz, Calix-partnered BSPs can easily offer the right solutions that small business owners need—from secure connectivity to business productivity applications. Plus, they can leverage the same end-to-end platform they use for residential markets to service their small business subscribers. As a fully integrated managed service for the Calix broadband platform, SmartBiz enables BSPs to catalyze small business growth in their communities while driving new revenue. Calix has expanded security options in SmartBiz so BSPs can further support small businesses from industries like retail, hospitality, and professional services that require advanced security features. These security capabilities enable BSPs to: • Empower small business owners with more network controls. Small business owners can manage and isolate wired and wireless point of sale (POS) devices on the same systems they use to run their business. They can also apply security policies based on the network type—specifying different policies for primary network users, staff, POS, and even customers. • Protect small businesses and their customers from cyberthreats. New network-specific content filtering in SmartBiz gives BSPs more flexibility to protect small businesses and their customers from malicious content and cybersecurity threats. • Enable secure staff onboarding without changing passwords. Now small business owners can manage staff accounts easily when they join or leave the business. They can also apply network access hours and content restrictions to staff networks. • Expanded security for mesh Wi-Fi. Small business owners can now rely on added encryption between gateways and satellites. Information previously vulnerable to hackers is now encrypted for more secure connections throughout small business networks. “We are in a golden age of what we can offer subscribers and how we can deliver the best experience,” said Paul Hauer, president and general manager of DirectLink. “We are a cooperative with 120 years of experience serving our community. Thanks to innovation from Calix, we have never had so many options to deliver new value to our residential and business subscribers. SmartBiz simplifies small business connectivity by enabling us to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of all types of small businesses. By leveraging our investment in the Calix broadband platform, we can deliver a broadband experience to small business owners in our community that supports and protects their path to success. Calix continues to iterate on what we can offer subscribers and makes the launch path easy. We can’t wait to see what is next.” SmartBiz is composed of SmartBizWorx™ productivity software and the CommandWorx™ mobile app. CommandWorx is integrated with award-winning Calix Wi-Fi systems and Calix Support Cloud to enable self-service access to SmartBiz and its features. As a result, small business owners can monitor and manage SmartBiz from anywhere with one easy-to-use app built for their needs. “We built the SmartBiz managed service to enable small and medium business subscribers because our customers identified that enterprise solutions do not scale down to meet the needs of this market segment,” said Michael Weening, president and chief executive officer at Calix. “Enterprise solutions are too complex and costly. They frustrate the business owner, who lacks the IT staff to handle the complexity of running them. With SmartBiz, the BSP can provide small and medium businesses with a comprehensive solution that is fully managed while protecting the business, employees, and their customers from cyberthreats. At the same time, the BSP can offer wireless redundancy and an intuitive management experience for the business owner. Additionally, SmartBiz opens opportunities for the broadband provider to securely extend their SmartTown Wi-Fi coverage to downtown. That way, they delight the community with Wi-Fi roaming that enables education, community services, industrial IoT, and mobile roaming. The result? The BSP can align with community leadership. These latest enhancements to SmartBiz are an important step in helping broadband service providers of all sizes expand well beyond a legacy competitor while transforming the communities they serve through the power of the Calix broadband platform and our fully integrated managed services.” Read the e-book, “How Broadband Service Providers Can Become the Catalyst for Small Business Growth,” to learn how BSPs can deliver secure connectivity that helps small businesses in their communities thrive. About Calix Calix, Inc. Broadband service providers of all sizes leverage the Calix platform and teams to simplify their business and excite their subscribers to grow the value of their business and for their communities for generations. The democratizing power of the platform and portfolio of managed services enables them to operate efficiently, acquire subscribers, and deliver exceptional experiences. Calix is dedicated to driving continuous improvement in partnership with our growing ecosystem to support the transformation of our customers and their communities.

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