5 Mobile Trends That Are Changing the Way Business Is Done

NINA ZIPKIN | April 13, 2015

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Also anticipate more mobile apps from businesses designed to be used around special events throughout the year, for everything from Mother’s Day to March Madness.



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5 ways Artificial Intelligence can help small businesses

Article | June 24, 2020

The most remarkable aspect of the 21st century's technological revolution is how many of the technologies once considered beyond reach are accessible even to the general public. It would be an understatement to say that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is changing how we did business. It is altering the decision-making strategies for enterprises, helping retail chains in finding the best routes in mobilizing their supply chain, etc. Artificial intelligence is helping businesses in ways unimagined.

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Business Technology Trends 2020: What is the SMB buyer buying?

Article | February 19, 2020

Where are businesses spending their pretty penny these days? Enterprises, SMBs alike have successfully hopped on the current technology bandwagon. As technology keeps advancing forth, it is changing the business ecosystem. When we say infrastructure, it roughly translates to a new technology adopted by business for a great ROI. Disruptors, advancements, up gradations, there are many ways we see the digital world seamlessly merging with the business world. 44% businesses worldwide will increase their tech spending in 2020 according to Comptia

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4 Questions to Ask — and Answer — Before Starting a Side Hustle

Article | July 6, 2021

Starting a side hustle requires doing a bit more than deciding you will monetize your interests. You can explore a hobby or activity that you are passionate about through a side hustle. This hustle may also allow you to carve out a space for pursuing natural talents, such as the ability to bake cakes or sew clothing. Typically, a side gig is pursued on the side in addition to full-time employment elsewhere. Side hustles may not be your full-time line of work, but that doesn’t mean they do not receive any less attention. Starting a side hustle requires an investment of time, energy, focus, and dedication. This ensures that you may pursue what you love, learn by doing, create and establish a working business plan, and, ideally, set yourself up to build a loyal customer or client base that enjoys and invests in your offerings. Starting a side hustle also means being able to ask, and answer, tough questions to ensure you’re ready to commit. Before you start, make sure you can confidently answer the following questions to ensure a healthy lifecycle for your side gig.

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9 Types of Apps That Will Streamline Your Small Business Tasks

Article | April 8, 2020

Small business apps automate a range of straightforward tasks, leading to fewer wasted resources and a direct boost to revenue and profits. Employees often save dozens of hours every week after a business has transitioned to a new tech stack. Yet many small business owners still rely on outdated and time-sapping manual systems and legacy software. And they’re needlessly losing money in the process. Modern apps designed for small companies enable business owners to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and focus on what’s most important.

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